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Complex of methods for effective entrepreneurship of SMEs in the cultural sector
Dostál, Petr ; Kislingerová, Eva ; Pešek, Ondřej ; Horný, Stanislav ; Surynek, Alois ; Jarošová, Eva ; Srpová, Jitka ; Misař, Jan ; Svobodová, Ivana ; Boukal, Petr ; Vávrová, Hana ; Scholleová, Hana ; Mullerová, Jana ; Sieber, Patrik ; Sieber, Martina ; Vondra, Zdeněk
Základním cílem předloženého souboru metodik je poskytnout sektoru kultury nástroje, které umožní zlepšit řídící činnost především malých a středních organizací, ale zároveň se zlepší i možnosti trvalého a systematického rozvoje a transparentnost v komunikaci kulturních organizací, památek, orgánů státní správy a samosprávy, donorů a dalších, které jsou cílovými skupinami metodiky.
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Values and job satisfaction
Gelnarová, Tereza ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Lorencová, Hana (referee)
Main topics of this bachelor thesis deals with working values, which are examined through job satisfaction surveys. The goal of this thesis is to analyse working values and their relation to other life values and meaning of life. At first, theoretical part aims at current knowledge of values and afterward it focuses on working values. Practical part is focused on secondary analysis of relevant data. The result of interpretation is generalities in working life. The conclusion comes up with answers about job position in human values hierarchy, defining the most important values at work, but also points out relation between values and job satisfaction.
The impact of modern communication and social networks on the placement of young people in the labor market
Wagnerová, Hana ; Hubinková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Surynek, Alois (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the use of modern communication and social networks an their impact on young people in the labor market. In the theoretical part of the thesis, these networks are characterized, defined by their representatives and I speak here about possibilities of their use by young applicants, personnel and employers and also about the risks associated with their use. The theoretical knowledge is used as the background for the practical part of the thesis. In order to identify the attitude towards the networks and the most common purpose of use, I have set 2 hypotheses for my research project. I used the questionnaire method to find out the attitude of young users of modern communication and social networks towards these networks. In the primary analysis the questionnaire is evaluated, the secondary analysis describes results of the related professional researches simmilar to this topic and also contains the comparison of the data from both parts and then there is confirmation or refutation of the selected hypotheses. At the end of the thesis the knowledge from the theoretical and practical part is summarized and the individual conclusions are described.
Cultural relativism in expats time management in DHL Maastricht
Yuzkiv, Viktoriya ; Procházka, David Anthony (advisor) ; Surynek, Alois (referee)
The ability to manage time in todays modern world is a key skill that determines our professional and personal success. To learn how to manage our time firstly we need to understand what influence our perception of time, our motivation, and our goal setting. This topic we are discussing in this bachelor thesis. In a theoretical part, we describe different cultural aspects, that influence out time management. In a practical part, we are analysing interviews that we made with respondents from 10 different countries and base on it we are trying to appoint if culture indeed influence out time management. Then we created the categories, small groups of respondents that had similar opinion on certain issue. Base on our analysis we discovered that cultural factor has quite small influence on time management and that there are many other factors like age, phenomenon of gender equity, personal experience that also influence our time management.
The influence of media on children
Phamová, Tra Giang ; Horová, Olga (advisor) ; Surynek, Alois (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with influence of media on children in age from 10 to 15 years. In theoretical part there are defined terms media, functions and types of media, how media influence hobbies and free time, how they affect behaviors, customs and how dangerous they can be. The aim of practical part is to compare differences of children living in Prague and Pardubice region, in order to find out if children living in Prague are more influenced than children living in smaller town and what is the cause of this. The research was carried out in a form of a survey technique
Internal communication in the international company
Horák, Patrik ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Mikulová, Magdaléna (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to analyze the current state of internal communication in an international company, identify weaknesses in communication channels with respect to intercultural differences and propose remedial actions to ensure the effective flow of information within the whole organization. For this purpose, the thesis is divided into two systematic parts. The theoretical part is devoted to the introduction of basic terms like communication, communication flow, intercultural communication and internal communication. The empirical part is focused on the analysis of internal communication in the selected international company, and on the implementation of the two proposed changes related to digital communication channels. The second part is focused on the questionnaire research which was used as a basis to identify intercultural differences and also uncover weaknesses for further recommendations.
Work and employment on the ranking of human values
Ondruš, David ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Kašparová, Eva (referee)
This bachelors thesis is focused on human relation with their job and employment and how much they realize the importance of work for their lives. The goal is to find out how high is work placeed on the imaginary ranking of human values. Theoretical part describes primary concepts connected with work and its creation, essence, human needs and their motivation to work. In the application part is carried out research trough questionnaire. This investigation examines more detailed understanding of human work from view of human values of respondents. Questions are formulated by way to connect them with another one. At the end of this bachelors work are summarized obtained results from questionnaire and effort to comment on the cause of these effects. Also the autor wants to verify his hypothesis which he set out before his research.
Efficiency of communication channels in a group of external employees.
Rogos, Jan ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Kolářová, Jana (referee)
This Master thesis describes the internal communication in the group of external employees and focuses to the analysis of the effectiveness of two main communication channels in particular department of the organization. At first it describes internal communication in the field of virtual teams. Then it looks at the situation in the department of content in specific internet market. The main part is the study of efficiency of the communication channels, especially of the changes in the effectiveness after four-month hiatus in use. To perform the investigation the company internal data analysis was used. At the end, the thesis evaluates the phenomena studied.
Man's ethics at work
Roušal, Jan ; Surynek, Alois (advisor) ; Vlček, Luděk (referee)
In this bachelor's thesis is dealed about man's ethics at working environment. Goal is to find out, what kind of unethical behaviour is occuring on selected workplaces and which kind of consequences this behaviour has. Theoretical part of this work contains explanation of basic terms, explanation of corporate social responsibility and importance of management in question of ethics at workplace. In practical part is used qualitative research and to find out possible experiences with unethical behaviour at workplace. People in research work in the Czech republic. Their experiences are added by negative consequences at proper running of those organizations. The most occured problem with ethics is about bad behaviour in social relationships at workplace.

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