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Vliv režimu práce zážehového motoru na jeho tepelnou bilanci
Studený, Petr
The diploma thesis presents a topic The Influence of the Mode of Work of a Petrol Engine on its Heat Balance. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first one is focused on the characteristics of combustion engines and on individual components of a spark-ignition engine, which are closely related to a measurement of the heat balance. Second part of the presented thesis describes methodology of the heat balance measurement on a spark-ignition engine at the motor testing institute of Department of Technology and Automobile Transport of Mendel University in Brno. It is primarily focused on change of the individual heat flow components during different loading modes and graphic representation of them.
Changes in the Anterior Segment after 25G+PPV
Kopecký, Adam ; Pašta, Jiří (advisor) ; Baráková, Drahomíra (referee) ; Studený, Pavel (referee)
Univerzita Karlova 1. lékařská fakulta Studijní program: Zobrazovací metody v lékařství (P5150) Studijní obor: Zobrazovací metody v lékařství (5103V000) MUDr. Adam Kopecký Změny na předním segmentu po 25G+ PPV Changes in the Anterior Segment after 25G+ PPV Abstract Vedoucí závěrečné práce/Školitel: doc. MUDr. Jiří Pašta, CSc., FEBO Praha, 2019 Abstract: Pars plana vitrectomy is a dominant surgical method in posterior segment surgery of the eye. The principle of this method is the surgical approach via the pars plana anatomical region. With this approach, surgeon performs the posterior segment surgery without directly affecting the anterior segment of the eye. Short-term effect of pars plana vitrectomy on the anterior segment of the eye has been repeatedly proven. That might be an important factor both in assessing the complications of this method and planning the surgery in complicated patients. Generally, it is presumed that we do not observe long-term effects on anterior segment after pars plana vitrectomy. The aim of our work is to evaluate the long-term changes in the anterior segment after the uncomplicated 25G + PPV with gas tamponde. The group of 20 patients was selected according to strict indication criteria. Using a series of examinations, we examined specific parameters such as: intraocular...
Posterior lamellar keratoplasty
Studený, Pavel ; Dotřelová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Pašta, Jiří (referee) ; Filipec, Martin (referee)
110 9. SUMMARY Introduction The endothelial dysfunction and related corneal oedema with decreased transparency id still the main indication for keratoplasty. Method of posterior lamellar keratoplasty, which is popular in oftalmology in last few years, is suitable method because we exchange just the affected part of the cornea. Nowadays there are more surgical ways and modalities of the technique, but the best way has not been established yet. Purpose Purpose of our study was: to evaluate and analyze the efficacy of new technique of lamella preparation, to evaluate new method of lamela implantation and to analyse anatomical outcomes in experiment and clinical outcomes in practice. Materials and methods Group 1 involves 71 eyes of 55 patients, who underwent posterior lamellar keratoplasty with implantation of a hybrid lamella DMEK-S using a hydroimplantation. In group 2 were enrolled 27 eyes of 22 patients, who underwent posterior lamellar keratoplasty with implantation of a hybrid lamella DMEK-S using glide. In the postoperative period, we evaluated corrected and uncorrected visual acuity and corneal endothelial density. We analyzed and compared clinical outcomes of both groups and we focused especially on the method of implantation. Student t test and Bonferroni test were used for all statistical analysis....
Interactive Foreground/Background Segmentation on Mobile Phone
Studený, Petr ; Szentandrási, István (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis deals with the problem of foreground extraction on mobile devices. The main goal of this project is to find or design segmentation methods for separating a user-selected object from an image (or video). The main requirement of these methods is the image processing time and segmentation quality. Some existing solutions of this problem are mentioned and their usability on mobile devices is discussed. A mobile application is created within the project, demonstrating the implemented real time foreground extraction algorithm.
Indicator of Thunderstorm
Studený, Pavel ; Sekora, Jiří (referee) ; Chmelař, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is a theoretical analysis of thunderstorms, lightning and their detection. The theoretical description then gradually moving towards designing their own detector. The detector will operate so that when a lightning activity captures pulses which generate lightning. Lightning will register using the attached counter. After the storm could be due to information from the counters to evaluate how strong the storm was.
Interest Points Tracking in Video Sequence of Non-stationary Camera
Studený, Pavel ; Davídek, Daniel (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
The thesis deals with the issue of tracking feature points earned from videosequences of hand helded camera. The work is focused on the case of moving camera and static background, and events that are associated with this case and can occur. There is studied the movement of the camera, which is given its direction and speed. The aim of this work is the election and the subsequent implementation of three fundamentally different methods suitable for tracking feature points in case of moving camera and their comparison according to set criteria. On the basis of comparison will be under pre-defined conditions chosen algorithm that is best able to deal with tracing these points.
Innovation of Uniform Marker Fields for Allowing Better Scale Freedom
Studený, Petr ; Zachariáš, Michal (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This work introduces innovations to the Uniform Marker Fields which cover a~large-scale planar area and are composed of mutually overlapping partial markers. The goal of this work is to enable marker field detection from various camera distances, thus increasing the camera movement freedom. Several marker field designs were experimentally created and their detection properties were tested. A new solution to marker field design is introduced. For this solution a~synthesis algorithm of the marker field is described and implemented. Changes to an existing Uniform Marker Field detection algorithm are proposed, so that the detection algorithm can be used with the marker fields introduced in this work.
Korozivzdorné oceli a jejich využití
Studený, Petr
Presented bachelor's thesis is aimed to research into properties and application of corrosion-resistant steel. There are briefly described types of corrosion and methods, how to protect machines against them, in theoretical part. Thesis is also focused on qua-lities and classification of this steel. In the practical part of thesis there is thorough description of manufacturing pro-cess, which leads to origination of product made from corrosion-resistant steel in Schwer fittings s.r.o. This company have worked at this field since 1998.

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