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Fraud in clinical trials in terms of ethics and law
Jedličková, Anetta ; Haškovcová, Helena (advisor) ; Prudký, Libor (referee) ; Strnadová, Věra (referee)
The subject of my dissertation is fraud in clinical trials in terms of ethics and law. The aim of my research was to analyze the frequency of fraud in clinical trials of a given sample of data collected, identify the main fraudsters and to analyze the causes that led participants in clinical trials to commit fraud. In the theoretical part of my dissertation I defined the concepts of clinical trials, deception, ethical issues and the relevant legal framework. The practical part contains the results of the data analysis of the incidence and causes of fraud, the main actors of fraud and conception of recommendations, which appears to be essential for the prevention of fraud in clinical trials. The data analysis and participant observation show that during 107 GCP (Good Glinical Practice) audits conducted during the period of 2008-2013 in 22 countries, 14 revelations of fraud in clinical trials were identified, which represents 13.1 %. Most often fraud was committed by investigators, a total of 47.6 % of all observed groups of cheating clinical trial participants. The main causes that led investigators to commit fraud represent a lack of eligible patients, financial gain and personality traits. Based on the results obtained during my research I highlighted in the practical part of my dissertation the ethical...
A person with hearing impairment in the role of a patient
Pisingerová, Dana ; Strnadová, Věra (advisor) ; Dršata, Jakub (referee) ; Herdová, Stanislava (referee)
Title: A person with hearing impairment as a patient The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis introduces basic notions related to the acousticequilibrium apparatus, characterizes hearing diagnostics, describes types and levels of hearing impediments, explains communication means of people with hearing impairments, presents assistive devices for them, elucidates personality of these people and outlines care of patients with hearing impairment in hospitals. The empirical part is based on a questionnaire investigation among hearing impaired persons of age over 18 years old. It is aimed at mapping of type and level of their hearing loss, communication means used in daily life, at the general practitioner and in hospitals. The questionnaire examines if the people with hearing impairments understand written messages or need an interpreter and what experience they have with hospital stays. The questionnaire for medical workers with high school education or university degree traces their experience with nursing of hearing disabled, if they are aware of interpreting service possibilities for these patients, how they perceive communication with people with hearing impairments, and if the nurses welcome new information on this area. The thesis concludes with a comparison of subjective perception of the...
Audiovisual Media in Relation to the Hearing Impaired
Beránek, Ondřej ; Borovan, Pavel (advisor) ; Strnadová, Věra (referee) ; Salzman, Vladimír (referee)
The Master?s thesis ?Audiovisual media in relation to the hearing impaired? seeks to list the possibilities of the hearing impaired to perceive the audio part of audiovisual media by special visual means of communication, such as captions, interpreting with sign language etc. It describes the status quo and the legal basis of these means of communication. It considers the possibilities offered by new digital technologies and suggests the creation of a special AV center for the hearing impaired. The Master?s thesis is structured according to basic chapters: A description of the situation and needs of the hearing impaired, their relationship to television broadcasting, film distribution, DVD distribution and special website and an AV center for the hearing impaired. The entire problem is seen from the point of view of a person active in the audiovisual media. It tries to find resources and ways, that help to evolve audiovision with no barriers.

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