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Economic Implications of Turkish Accession to the EU: Advantages and Disadvantages
Gurbanov, Rashad ; Strielkowski, Wadim (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
The European Union has long established itself as the world's most powerful regional supranational formation, which is achieved thanks to its economic results, geopolitical influence, and military might. European integration offers countries with an opportunity to boost their development and have greater impact in the international arena. However, the EU accession criteria are quite hard to meet, and many countries face significant difficulties in this respect, which is the case of Turkey. Since 1987, when Turkey officially applied for membership in the EU, the country hasn't completed its integration in the European community yet. This thesis investigates the main economic advantages and disadvantages in the context of Turkey's prospective accession to the European Union as a full-fledged member state.
Facial Coding as a tool in neuromarketing research of emotional response
Picková, Barbora ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
Bachelor's thesis is devoted to the topic of neuromarketing research of consumer behaviour. It focuses specifically on one research tool, belonging to this category, called Facial Coding. The introduction part presents the theoretical foundations on which this technique is based, especially the psychology of emotion and its background. It describes the six basic emotions, which are measured by this tool. The founder of the Facial Coding research method, Paul Ekman, is then introduced and his studies of human face are recounted. The third part of the text describes the modern form of Facial Coding, its advantages and disadvantages and the applications of this tool in marketing research, which are illustrated by few practical examples.
Brand building of Gorillaz and its specific image within the music market
Všelicha, Mikuláš ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The work deals with marketing theory of brand building, which is then applied to a specific example of a virtual music group Gorillaz. The aim was to determine whether its activities are in accordance with this theory, and whether the success of this unconventional group could be explained using the marketing theory of brand building. To answer these questions, I tried to search for intersections of brand building theory and activities of the music group Gorillaz. For a theory I used works by leading marketing experts in the field of brand and also several books dealing with the specifics of the music market of the 21st century. Description of the activities and strategy of Gorillaz is based on analyzing books and studies that have been published about the group, their websites, profiles on social networks, interviews with its creators and Internet articles about the band. The work demonstrates that the way Gorillaz music brand was built largely corresponds to the recommended practices of brand building marketing theory. Although no marketing teams were involved in its development and one cannot say that it is a result of marketing strategy, Gorillaz still can be considered a good example of proper brand building. I see the benefits of this work in examining the relationship of music and marketing....
Communication activities in tourist industry in 2014: compatative studies of cities Madrid and Prague
Nguyen, Quyen ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The bachelor`s thesis Communication activities in tourist indursty in 2014: comparative studies of cities Madrid and Prague discusses the possibilities of marketing in tourism, particularly city marketing. Definition of the concept of tourism marketing is followed by a description of the marketing tools of the marketing mix, with the emphasis on the methods of marketing communications. The thesis includes specific description and analysis of the various tools which are applied in communications of cities. Next sections consist of a description and analysis of marketing activities of the two European cities - Madrid and Prague. The aim was to compare the promotional activities of cities - via the information centers, as well as via outdoor advertising, internet promotion and public relations. Powered by TCPDF (
The Determinants of International Tourism Demand
Vencovská, Jana ; Strielkowski, Wadim (advisor) ; Fišerová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on identifying the key factors affecting international tourism demand. Additionally, it provides an assessment of the economic impact of tourism, which is followed by an overview of possible interpretations of the terms "tourism" and "tourist" and their evolution in time. Based on a review of existing literature, the next part discusses the meaning of the term "tourism demand", the ways how this demand can be measured and on its main determinants. The last chapter of the thesis is dedicated to an econometric analysis of the determinants of the demand for tourism to the Czech Republic from thirty-eight different countries. The data on the number of guests registered in collective accommodation establishments collected by the Czech Statistical Office was used as a measure of tourism demand. The period between years 2000 - 2012 was investigated. The model was specified in a dynamic form, which allowed us to account for the Word-of-Mouth (WoM) effect and to reflect the importance of tourists' loyalty. The Arellano-Bond generalized method of moments (GMM) estimation method was used to estimate the model. One of the main conclusions of the analysis is that 31% of the tourist arrivals are attributable to habit formation and the WoM effect. The results further show that tourism...
Natural Gas Consumption and Economic Growth in European Union
Balitskiy, Sergey ; Strielkowski, Wadim (advisor) ; Mikolášek, Jakub (referee)
"Natural Gas Consumption and Economic Growth in European Union" by Sergey Balitskiy Abstract: The objective of this Master thesis is an evaluation of relationship between natural gas consumption and economic growth in Europe. The sample includes panel time series data over the period from 1997 to 2011 for 26 EU member states (countries of the Euro zone). Based on neoclassical growth model, a multivariate model including gross fixed capital formation and total labor forces of a country as additional explanatory variables was created. Using recent econometric techniques: panel cointegration tests and error correction modeling, it was found that there existed long-run relationship between economic growth, natural gas consumption, labor and capital. In addition, it was investigated that in the short-run there existed bidirectional causality between natural gas consumption and economic growth. It appears that the causality between economic growth and the natural gas consumption is positive. On the other hand, the reverse causality (a relationship between natural gas consumption and economic growth) appears to be negative.
Communication activities of Czech Tourism agency for increasing incoming tourism
Skalník, Jan ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Communication activities of CzechTourism agency for increasing incoming tourism" describes the current situation of an incoming tourism to the Czech Republic and promotion of the destination abroad in 2013 focused on the most important source markets, namely Germany and Russia. Major emphasis is placed on the project "Land of stories" and rebranding, which CzechTourism came through in 2012. On the example of the Czech Republic, I will describe some specifics of destination marketing, which is undergoing a rapid development. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the success of marketing strategies and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The first part deals with the theory which emphasizes the importance of marketing for tourism. This is followed by a description of Czech Tourist Authority and situational analysis which deals with the role of the Czech Republic in the tourism market, the SWOT analysis and characterization of chosen key markets. The next parts describe the specific activities and campaigns through which the Czech Republic is presented on the individual markets. The end of the thesis includes a summary of the research and my final conclusions.
Communication Activities of Company Berliner Stadtreinigung in Years 2010-2011. Case Study with Regard to Perception of Brand Pražské služby
Kotvová, Lenka ; Dolanská, Nora (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The thesis deals with the case study of Berlin's public cleansing company Berliner Stadtreinigung which communication campaign has changed the modern history of German marketing communication. The first chapter describes characteristic features of this long-term campaign as well as its historical development and integration into the complete advertising, medial and creative strategies. To verify the declared effectiveness of the campaign the author carries out an own survey presented in the second chapter, It examines the knowledge and perception of both BSR's brand and communication activities. The secondary goal of the survey is a situational comparison with the Czech market, resp. the company Pražské služby. Its selected communication activities are introduced and evaluated it the third chapter, too. Finally, the thesis comes up with recommendations how to improve the existing communication of Pražské služby in order to maximize its effectiveness.

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