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Theoretical investigation of novel two-dimensional materials with application potential
Lyu, Pengbo ; Nachtigall, Petr (advisor) ; Maurin, Guillaume (referee) ; Straka, Michal (referee)
Electron confinement due to the two-dimensional (2D) nature of layered materials accounts for their fascinating electronic properties and for their applications in new-generation electronic devices. Moreover, the large specific surface area of 2D materials also enables their use in surface-related applications, such as catalysis and adsorption. In addition, these 2D materials are promising photocatalysts thanks to the shorter migration distance of photogenerated electrons and of electron holes. The research reported in this thesis aimed to provide atomistic insight into 2D layered materials, particularly into their structures, electronic properties and potential applications in the field of catalysis, photocatalysis and alkali metal ion batteries. Our findings are not only theoretically relevant but also open new research avenues for our experimental collaborators to improve specific properties and activities of their materials. The main results from this thesis, for five different classes of 2D materials, are summarized below. 2D covalent organic frameworks (COFs). CTF-type COFs with similar topology but different nitrogen-to-carbon ratios were investigated for their potential in photocatalytic water splitting. More specifically, torsion and bending effects on structure stability were investigated in...
Socioeconomic passportization of immovable cultural heritage
Kouba, Vojtěch ; Lindner, Milan ; Vořechovský, Jan ; Dostál, Petr ; Pátek, Zdeněk ; Dianová, Markéta ; Titelbachová, Šárka ; Tyslová, Irena ; Straka, Michal ; Zelený, Martin ; Kubaš, Mario ; Hanzlík, Jan ; Vančurová, Alena ; Vond, Zdeněk
Předkládaná metodika je výsledkem aplikovaného výzkumu a je zaměřena na ekonomiku památek, resp. nemovitých objektů prohlášených kulturními památkami České republiky. Jejím cílem je vytvoření pasportů ekonomických hodnot pro jednotlivé památkové objekty, v případě využití metodiky orgány veřejné správy i pro soubory památek určitého druhu či soubory památek na vymezeném území.
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The Comparison of the Operation and Performance of Two Non-Prague Multi-ensemble Theaters
Stoklasová, Adéla ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Straka, Michal (referee)
The Bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the activities and financing of two multi-ensemble theatres. These theatres are The Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre in Pilsen and The F. X. Šalda Theatre in Liberec. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the brief history of Czech theatre after 1945, the ways of running theatres in the Czech Republic with focus on state-funded institution and their financing. The practical part provides basic information about the analysed theatres and the areas, where theatres are situated. The most important point of this part is the analysis of artistic activity and possibilities of financing of theatre's running of the mentioned regional theatres.
Evaluation of cultural events and theirs impacts on tourism based on the example of selected events within the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.
Nizamova, Kristina ; Dianová, Markéta (advisor) ; Straka, Michal (referee)
In my bachelor thesis I deal with selected cultural events, that took place within the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV. Using them I try to evaluate economical and socio-cultural impacts of events on tourism and on the locality itself. At the same time, I want to poit out the importance of cultural events and its evaluation in the context of tourism. Impact assessment is based on interviews with six organizers of cultural events related to the anniversary. The conclusions of this work could serve both the cultural institutions that organize such events and the representatives of the public admonistration who decide on the funding of thse cultural projects.
Quantum chemical study of the electron properties of various platinum(IV) complexes and their reaction mechanisms
Šebesta, Filip ; Burda, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Straka, Michal (referee)
It has been proven that platinum complexes are active in anticancer treatment as well as several other transition metals complexes. There is an effort in recent medicine to replace cisplatin complexes by drugs with smaller side effects. This work focuses on the reaction of 5'-dGMP (2'-deoxyguanosine-5'˗monophosphate) and cGMP (cyclic 2'-deoxyguanosine- monophosphate) with a platinum complex PtIV (dach)Cl4 (dach=diaminocyclohexane). In these two cases the Pt(IV) complex is only reduced in the presence of 5'-dGMP. The first part of the explored mechanism is the substitution reaction where a coordinate-covalent bond between platinum and nitrogen N7 of guanine is formed. In the next step oxygen of phosphate group is transferred to the C8 site. Subsequently the Pt(IV) complex is reduced. The final products represent 8˗oxo˗GMP and PtII (dach)Cl2, which are active in anticancer treatment in comparison with the kineticly inert reactant. The substitution of a chloride anion ends the reaction path for cGMP forming PtIV (dach)Cl3(N7-cGMP) complex. The structures were optimized at the DFT level with B3LYP functional in the basis set 6-31G(d) and PCM/UA0 solvation model. The energy parameters were computed at the B3LYP/6˗311++G(2df,2pd) level in the IEFPCM/sUAKS solvation model. Finally, the rate constants were...
Accurate multireference calculations of electronic states and their selected properties for organic and bioinorganic molecules.
Chalupský, Jakub ; Havlas, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Straka, Michal (referee) ; Nachtigallová, Dana (referee)
Presented thesis is focused on the investigation of the lowest electronic states and some of their properties in the molecules lacking in closed-shell configuration. Thesis is divided into two parts - first part deals with biradicals, second with transition-metal compounds. In the first part, we show that the so far rarely observed inverse heavy-atom effect could be in methylcarbenes achieved by changing the substituent. While bromo substitu- tion of methylcarbene strengthens the spin-orbit coupling between S0 and T1 states, the presence of germyl group decreases SOC. According to our results, a decrease in SOC caused by the germyl group should reduce the probability of both radiationless and ra- diative S0/T1 transitions. We ascribe the qualitatively different effect of the substituents to absence of the lone pairs of GeH3 group and we show that the contributions of heavy atoms are mainly caused by interactions of their p orbitals. Moreover, inverse heavy-atom effect seems to be additive and multiple substitutions may lead to its strong enhance- ment. We further suggest new approach to possible measurement of the parity-violation effects in chiral molecules based on the electronic-energy shifts of the components of the lowest triplet of a biradical. It seems that the best candidates among systems studied...
The pressure measuring using LTCC technology
Straka, Michal ; Řezníček, Michal (referee) ; Kosina, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the problems of the pressure sensor made on a low temperature co-fired ceramics. The pressure sensor converts the measured physical quantity to the electrical signal. The strain-gauge, capacitive and optical sensors are used for scanning of the pressure. It is possible to construct the multilayer sensors with holes and cutouts, through the use of the 3D structure on LTCC sensors. The passive parts can be applied on this layer through the thin-layer or thick-layer technology, which creates conductible paths and contacts for parts and outlets. In the practical part of the work, a few construction types of pressure sensors are designed, implemented and measured. Emphasis is given to strain-gauge strip sensor and possible problems during its manufacture, lamination and deformation of burn-out.
Type project of electrical system for family house making use of photovoltaic system
Straka, Michal ; Bátora, Branislav (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with electro instalation with using photovoltaic system. First we explain the principle functions of photovoltaic panels, the basic concepts and issues of photovoltaic systems. Next, we define the various components of photovoltaic systems. The result of this work will be implemented own proposal for electricity and photovoltaic system on the roof of a house.
Software support of the enterprise processes
Straka, Michal ; Jelínek, Petr (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
Master’s thesis solves the problem of design and implementation of the management information system directed on monitoring productivity of labour in the company. It’s main goal is to – based on the analysis of the actual state - create new, automated, identification and registration software system, which will serve to production leaders as a support for operative management. Project solves the problem of automation of data processing, automation of creation of continuous analyses and monitoring the productivity of labour in the key process of the company – the process of assembling of packages – with the ability to determine instant working performance and productivity of an individual worker.
Laser diode soldering
Straka, Michal ; Holík, Milan (referee) ; Stejskal, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with the laser diode soldering. The theoretical part summarizes general and acquired findings about soldering technology and materials that occur in this process. It also describes factors that affect the reliability of solder joints. It is closely focused to the shaping of the solder joint and structure of intermetallic layer. The practical part of this work is focused on the design of equipment for laser diode soldering and subsequent shaping of the samples. The quality of soldered joint is compared against the quality of joint created using re-flow technology - remelting in in-line smelter. The structure and thickness of the intermetallic layer, the number and shape of the voids in the solder joints are compared.

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