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Complexation Properties of Aza[n]phenacene Ligands.
Váňa, Lubomír ; Žádný, Jaroslav ; Storch, Jan ; Církva, Vladimír
This work is aimed at the synthesis of new aza[n]phenacenes 2 (n = 4 or 5, Ar = phenyl or 2-pyridyl), where [njphenacenes 1 with ö-lactam ring are used as starting material. The resulting compounds are subsequenttly investigated in terms of their complexation properties with transition metals (Cu, Ni, Co, Pt, Ir) due to their potential application as photoluminescent complexes.
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Synthetic Pathways Leading to Novel Types of Phosphahelicenes.
Beránek, Tomáš ; Sýkora, Jan ; Žádný, Jaroslav ; Storch, Jan
The goal of this work is to explore possible synthetic ways leading to these new members of the helicene family.
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Visible Light Promoted Derivatizations of Helicenes.
Jakubec, Martin ; Storch, Jan ; Ghosh, I. ; König, B.
We developed new reductive and oxidative approaches to late-stage derivatization exploiting intrinsic photochemistry of helicenes with emphasis on the use of very simple and readily available bromo- and aminohelicenes.
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Modification of Metal Surfaces by Optically Active [7]Helicene Derivatives for Molecular Sensing.
Walaská, Hana ; Kalachyova, Y. ; Elashnikov, R. ; Storch, Jan ; Žádný, Jaroslav ; Lyutakov, O.
New derivatives of 9-(pyridylethynyl)[7]helicenes were firstly prepared and fully characterized in this study. Consequently, they were successfully separated to their (P)- and (M)-enantiomers using a preparative HPLC with chiral stationary phase. These optical antipodes were advantageously used for modification of silver plasmon active nanogratings suitable for a SERS-based detection of (bio)molecules. Properties of such nanostructures were studied using different spectro- and microscopic techniques. As proved by UV-Vis spectrometry, a change of plasmon resonance wavelength position and intensity was observed and indicated the appearance of chiral surface plasmon polarization.
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Photochemical Derivatization of Helicenes.
Jakubec, Martin ; Ghosh, I. ; Storch, Jan ; König, B.
This work is focused on the use of simple helicene derivatives as substrates for modern photochemical methods. Halogen containing substrates are transformed in the reductive pathway to helicenyl radicals, before being trapped by different radical traps. In the oxidative pathway, activated alkoxyhelicenes undergo photoredox catalyzed reactions, yielding various carbon-carbon, as well as carbon-heteroatom containing compounds.\n
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Synthesis and Functionalization of Phenacenes Containing δ-Lactam Ring.
Váňa, Lubomír ; Církva, Vladimír ; Pfleger, Jiří ; Storch, Jan
This work is aimed at the development of a new efficient methodology towards the synthesis of various aza[5]phenacenes containing δ-lactam ring in their structure. Possibilities of their functionalization or derivatization are also discussed, along with complexation properties of suitable aza-derivatives as ligands in transition-metal complexes. The resulting compounds are investigated in terms of their material properties, especially for the formation of thin film structures capable of an efficient semi-conductivity or their potential application as photoluminescent complexes in OLEDs.
Synthesis of Steroid Derivatives for In Vitro Diagnostics.
Kos, Martin ; Váňa, Lubomír ; Žádný, Jaroslav ; Storch, Jan
This work is focused on the synthesis of novel steroidal androgen derivatives consisting of a steroidal skeleton, a spacer and imidazole ring or a primary amine functional group. The starting material for the synthesis is represented by commercial available hydroxy-androgens, which are further modified. First, the hydroxyl group is attached to the spacer and then connected to the desired imidazole or the protected primary amine. The above described derivatives will be utilized for development of analytical kits for a determination of the free steroid hormone.
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