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Youth athletes training
Stoklasová, Lucie ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Komínková, Linda (referee)
Athlete in basic and special period of training Objectives: The aim of subject bachelor thesis is try to find the starting point of future vocational career, based on the selfreflexion of author's life story. The starting points should determine life direction and vocational career of author which can be used in coach practice. Methods: This work uses methods of analysis, autoanalysis, comparison and selfreflexion. Results: The aims has been fulfilled. On the base of recapitulation of life story, the author realized the direction of future vocational career. Keywords: track and field, basic and special period of athletic training, child development, developmental psychology, psychosocial development of child, training, general training
Erosion control geotextiles on slopes along roads
Stoklasová, Lucie ; Kalibová, Jana (advisor) ; Petrů, Jan (referee)
The thesis is focused on erosion control on steep slopes along roads, primarily using erosion control geotextiles. The first part of the thesis provides a review on water erosion. Next, the thesis emphasises the importance of erosion control and describes possibile methods of mitigation or elimination of soil erosion on steep non-productive slopes using geotextiles. Another chapter is focused on the classification of geotextiles and how to use them in practice. The second part of the thesis presents three specific projects where erosion control geotextiles and geocells have been applied. In the end, the author discusses the suitability of methods applied in the examined projects and suggests a chronological classification of individual geotextile-products according to their effectiveness. This ordering may serve as an useful tool during the decision-making process when designing erosion control measures on steep slopes along roads.
Soils in Africa as source of mineral nutrition for large herbivores
Stoklasová, Lucie ; Hejcmanová, Pavla (advisor) ; Pavlů, Vilém (referee)
Abstract The aim of this study under the topic, Soils in Africa as source of mineral nutrition for large herbivores was to analyze soil in two reserves in Senegal. The first one was the Bandia reserve and the second one was the Fathala reserve. At these reserves a concervation program of Western Derby Eland (Taurotragus derbianus) is been run by Czech university of Life Sciences in Prague. The purpose of this research was to find out if these soils can be used as source of minerals for large herbivores practicing geophagy. This phenomen of deliberate ingestion of soil is well documented among wild animals and also among humans. The animals were observed eating soil in the past and in Bandia reserve artifical mineral licks are provided. They are many important factors that are considered for animals which eat soil. Three major ones that were tested include mineral concentrations, pH and clay content. Mineral concentrations were tested by the use of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy analysis, pH was tested by soil pH meter and clay content was established by particle size distribution analysis. Suitability of soil was fulfilled just in two of the factors which are clay content and pH. Mineral concentrations were found to be too low to supply animals needs. It was also proved that there is signifiant difference in soil characteristics between different habitats (dry and wet) and reserves.

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