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Tackling Primary Music School Students'Practicing Issues Using Contemporary Piano Teaching Methods
Hu, Beibei ; Stevanovič, Ena (advisor) ; Gregor, Vít (referee)
Presented master thesis tackles common piano practicing issues among students at the first stage of piano learning. The main purpose of the study is to investigate the difficulties that block students' progress, and analyze proper approaches that improve students' musical capabilities. The practicing issues are scientifically categorized into three categories: technical, interpretative and general practicing and performing issues, and are further analyzed from physical, psychological, and most importantly, educational perspective. In addition, contemporary piano teaching methods from various countries are explored and various methodologies and teaching philosophies are investigated and presented. Effective approaches, suitable strategies and practicing suggestions are provided in the study for both teachers and learners. Chinese piano educators can use this study to enrich their teaching methodologies and to develop new piano teaching methods.
Music Performance Anxiety and Its Prevention in The Education System
Stevanović, Ena ; Váňová, Hana (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Nedělka, Michal (referee)
Music performance anxiety (MPA) is one of the most frequently reported problems among music students and professional musicians. It can potentially cause severe performance impairment and distress. Possible contributing characteristics are low musical self-efficacy, low self-esteem, inadequate preparation and previous performing experiences. The aim of the theoretical part of this study was to explain the phenomenon of MPA from various perspectives and with all its manifestations; to describe its psychological, social and educational contributing factors and to offer an analysis of coping strategies that could be used in the education system. The aim of the research project was to investigate the relationship between MPA, self-esteem and self-efficacy; to examine possible differences in the levels of MPA, self-efficacy and self-esteem between music students studying in three different higher education institutions, and to determine whether such differences could be attributed to their different educational experiences. Surveyed participants were 53 (quantitative study) and 10 (qualitative study) music students studying in the Manhattan School of Music in New York, the Music Academy in Prague and the Music Academy in Zagreb. Research data were collected using both quantitative (Rosenberg Self-Esteem...
Music Performance Anxiety and Its Prevention in the Education System
Stevanović, Ena ; KRAJNÝ, Boris (advisor) ; KLÁNSKÝ, Ivan (referee)
Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) is a specific type of anxiety that appears in musicians when they are called to perform in front of others. Mayor causes of MPA are competitive nature of this profession, desire to reach perfection in interpretation, presence of critics and the audience and strong need to control those mental functions that are affected the most by stage fright (such as memory, concentration and muscle coordination). Many authors believe that cognitive factors are the most important for explaination of MPA, especially negative automatic thoughts that appear shortly before the performance. Those dysfunctional thoughts are deforming reality. They are emotionally disturbing and they are affecting performance artistic value. The most effective solutions for this problem are psychological treatment and counceling (identification of emotions and thoughts) and short-term and long-term practicing organization. Education system emphasizes importance of correct ways of memorizing and development of notions and music conception.

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