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The "völkische Weltanschauung" of the German Gymnastic Unions and the Strategies of its Propagation
Klement, Martin ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Skřivan, Aleš (referee) ; Kaiserová, Kristina (referee)
In the Austrian-Hungarian, ethnically German gymnastic unions of "Deutscher Turnerbund" and "Turnkreis Deutsch-Österreich", between the late 1880s and 1918 there was an officially propagandized set of racial, nationalistic and religiously-ethical opinions known in the German literature as the "völkische Weltanschauung". This propaganda was also seen after the World War I in the Austrian union of "Deutscher Turnerbund 1919", in the union of "Deutscher Turnverband" which used to exist in the Czechoslovakia and in some segments of the German union of "Deutsche Turnerschaft". Using the newest search results, archival sources and until now predominantly ignored literature (e.g. unions periodicals, educational booklets and novels), this dissertation applies the analytic-synthetic and comparatively orientated method to answer the questions, which ideas the "völkische Weltanschauung" was consisted of, who formulated them and how they have been developed over time. Special attention is payed to the principles and effectiveness of the educational institutions (the so- called institution of the "Dietwarte"), fiction literature, periodicals and festivities in the process of the indoctrination of the young and old gymnasts. For the breadth of themes and the distinction between the official unions...
Efforts for the formation of the civil society in the Russian Empire at the turn of the 18. and 19. century.
Hrebiková, Anežka ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Picková, Dana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is the analysis of russian educated society - the intelligentsia without difference in the origin - in the period when gained its own identity, delimited its ideological grounds and imperatives and had fragmentary tendentions to create the civil society. By institutionals and individuals examples from noble- and raznochintsy intelligentsia is analyzed at the first private and then public socializing. It is related to describe of the creation of beginnigs of the public space and related public opinion. The thesis is therefore concerned with particulars social platforms, in which russian intelligentsia was engaged at that time, especially masonic lodges, salons and clubs. The result of thesis should be the analysis of the development of the educated russian society in the time before Decembrists uprising, the analysis of intellectual potential of this society, its mental emancipation and its diverse activities. The thesis draw from unpublished archival sources, editions and from the latest specialized literature. Methodologicaly, the thesis is based on concepts of social, cultural and intellectual history on background of biographical method and with marginal use of concepts of history of mentalities and gender history. Key words The Russian Empire, intelligentsia, civil...
Hundred Days Empire of Napoleon I.
Dudzik, Michael ; Skřivan, Aleš (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
This diploma thesis studies in depth the progress and endings of both Napoleon's reigns in 1814 and 1815. The first chapter deals with belligerent campaigns in the beginning of 1814, with the first Napoleon's abdication and his deportation to Elba. His exile there is examined in the second chapter which shows his living on a small island in the Mediterranean sea. The third chapter takes place on the Continent again and describes Bonaparte's escape and his sequential armament within France including the view on Allies' forces and problems in Naples. The fourth chapter is genuinely military for it examines number of forces on both sides and mentions all three important battles. The last, fifth, chapter looks at the second Napoleon's abdication, at interlude since his departure for the South, entrance of Allies into Francie and return of Louis XVIII until Bonaparte's final embarking on a British vessel and his deportation to the island of Saint Helena. Key words: Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor, abdication, Elba island, The Congress of Vienna, Quatre Bras, Ligny, Waterloo, Gebhard von Blücher, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, Joseph Fouché, Louis XVIII
Spain during the Reign of Charles III of Spain, 1759-1788
Vencálková, Bára ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the situation in Spain during the reign of Charles III of Bourbon, the Spanish king from 1759 to 1788. As a King of Naples, he first had to abandon his Italian throne in order to become the Spanish king after the death of his half-brother Ferdinand VI. During his almost thirty-years rule, Charles III and his ministers aimed to implement a set of political, administrative and economic reforms in Spain as well as in her colonies. Although the reforms did not always reach success, Spain flourished. Charles III also got involved in foreign affairs, especially in the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions. However, his foreign policy did not bring many long-term benefits.
The Czechoslovak Legion and the civil war in Russia from the perspective of Jan Syrový
Smelík, Jakub ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
This work deal with the operations of the legions in Russia from the perspective of one of the most important commanders of the Czechoslovak Družina Jan Syrový, then from his attitude on the civil war in Russia to his move to the port in Vladivostok. The study is not aimed directly at the sight of one character only, but also on the views of peers and volunteers coming in contact with Syrový and their insights on the General. The study should focus on the ordinary lives of Legionnaires during their journey through Russia, their solution of their everyday duties and rest. I would like to concern with the career procedure of Jan Syrový. As the main source for the study of work will serve archival materials (magazines, letters), but also the recent literature, to illustrate the situation should serve testimonials in the period press and materials written in the time of Russian march by Syrový's contemporaries. Powered by TCPDF (
Ročeň, František ; Tumis, Stanislav (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
The work focuses on the issue of revisionism of Soviet history in Anglo-Saxon historiography. The aim is to analyze the causes and circumstances of Revizionism, its origins and the character of the dispute between revisionist and totalitarianist interpretation of Soviet history. It also deals with the question of whether one of the interpretations has achieved dominance in its field. Key Words Revisionism, totalitarism, historiography, Cold War, Soviet Union
The Portrayal of the Czechoslovak coup d'état of February 1948 in Contemporary Press
Bartůňková, Eliška ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the representation of the Czechoslovak February 1948 coup in Rudé právo and Svobodné noviny. Its aim is to find out the difference between the periodicals and the possible change of Svobodné noviny after the replacement of the editor-in-chief during the coup. Using Krippendorff's quantitative content analysis, I find out that before the editor- in-chief's exchange, the newspaper differed. While Svobodné noviny were objective, Rudé právo contained engaged journalism. After the exchange, the differences faded away. The plurality of opinions was no longer present in Svobodné noviny, and the opposition was displayed negatively, as was the case of Rudé právo.
The British-French Rivalry in India in Years 1756-1763
Šanc, Josef ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
The primary aim of this Bachelor's thesis is to analyse the British-French rivalry in the years 1756-1763. The causes of this contention are analysed, as they are crucial to understanding of the clash to follow. Focus is set primarily on the British conquest of the Bengal, the main clash in the Carnatic, the results of the Treaty of Paris and influence on the following development of the Indian subcontinent. Aid of maternal countries in the context of the Seven Years' War is analysed as well.
Russia in Photographs at the Turn of the 19th and the 20th Century
Uriková, Lucie ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
In my thesis I intend to analyse developement of russian documentary photography in years 1839-1917, in other words in period since the birth of photography to the downfall of tsarism. We may divide documentary photography into few categories - photography of landscape, architecture, objects, events and people. This general division helps to outline the worldwide develpement, which will be introduction to the main theme of this thesis. I will analyse russian documentary photography in contexts of its birth, contributions of foreigners who worked in Russia, photographical societis, organization of technological, scientific and photographical exhibitions and national (Volga river) and imperialist (Central Asia) symbols of the Russian Empire. I will analyse works of photographs Maxim Petrovitch Dmitriev and Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky, who dedicated their lifes to photograph Russia, in detail.
Great Britain and Hannover under the rule of George III.
Rampas, Jan ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Stellner, František (referee)
in English language: This work pursuits the evolution of the so-called Hanoverian factor in British politics of the 18th and early 19th centuries, with particular regard to the specific interests of George III. to this territory. From the perspective of Great Britain and Hanover are shown key events which affected the functioning of the personal union between these two states, as well as is discussed the role played by the British monarch George III. regarding his status as Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. Using published sources and literature, the work seeks to show the change in attitude of George III. to Hanover between the years 1760-1807, as well as to show security of Hanover from France and Prussia as important factor shaping British policy of this previously mentioned period. On the events of the Seven Years' War (in Europe from 1756 to 1763), the formation of Fürstenbund (League of Princess) in 1785, the beginning of the revolutionary turmoil in France and the subsequent progress of the French armies in the territory of the Reich work shows the changing relationship of George III. to its North German Electorate. Unfortunately for Hanover, it had often served as a tempting target for enemies of Britain and were thus in permanent danger, to which the elector had to respond. Althought it is...

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