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Genesis of Russian propaganda as a serious security threat of the 21st century from the perspective of NATO and EU
Stejskalová, Jana ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
The thesis entitled "Genesis of Russian propaganda as a serious security threat of the 21st century from the perspective of NATO and EU" examines the phenomenon of contemporary Russian propaganda. Russia commonly uses propaganda as a tool of promoting its interests. Russian propaganda is very sophisticated, aggressive, and massive. Mainly due to the effective use of the internet and social networks, Russian online actors are able, in a short space of time, to successfully generate an information chaos, which is difficult to navigate in. Contemporary Russian propaganda has several key aspects, namely the anti-American and anti-European orientation, attacks on Western democratic values, and the mixing of truth with fiction. Thus, propaganda becomes an effective weapon in the information war that the Kremlin has initiated. The West is aware of these alarming issues and tries to respond. The thesis analyzes the development of the perception of the Kremlin propaganda by the Western international security organizations NATO and EU. At the same time, it attempts to identify the moment when Russian propaganda began to be perceived as a serious security threat. Whereas the key of the analysis is to interpret the perception of Russian propaganda, the concept of securitization was chosen as the theoretical...
M. S. Gorbachev's concept of Common European Home
Stejskalová, Jana ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Litera, Bohuslav (referee)
The bachelor study "M. S. Gorbachev's concept of Common European Home" highlights the pro-European oriented idea of Soviet Foreign Policy, which became popular in the middle 80's. The concept was a peaceful vision and a new Soviet openness towards the policy of the United States and the West in an era of the Cold War. This period was characterized by mutual distrust of two ideologically different blocks and by the real threat of nuclear conflict. There were many politicians who engaged with the European Policy in the past. The expansion of European ideas has a considerable historical background. And the expression of the Common European Home was already part of the external policy of Leonid I. Brezhnev. The Soviet concept, however, was first actively promoted by Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who is also attributed with its authorship. This bachelor study presents the origin, development and disappearance of this Soviet Policy. The work analyses the content of the idea in detail and also discusses its territorial legacy; including accompanying events and the attitude of Western countries. In addition to other key aspects, Gorbachev's Common European Home is associated with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
Návrh učebního textu pro obor Bankovnictví a pojišťovnictví SOŠ
Stejskalová, Jana
This Bachelor's thesis describes creating didactic aids for secondary schools which provide, conditional and improve course of the teaching process. Objective of the theoretic part is to classify and characterize didactic tools, describes the latest trends and demands for creating didactic aids and their subsequent use in teaching process. Sub-objective is to characterize and define demands for the ac-quisition of key competences of school graduates, especially communicative com-petences. Processing method of the theoretic part is study of specialized litera-ture, analysis, synthesis and comparison of these specialized literary sources fo-cused on material didactic resources, teaching documents and competences in education. The main objective of the practical part is creating teaching aid into practical teaching which provides students learning text for acquisition and con-solidation of communication skills and business communication. Part of the aid is also material for leading the teaching of the communication skills.
Financial analysis and financial plan Svitap J. H. J. spol. s r.o.
Stejskalová, Jana ; Marek, Petr (advisor) ; Škerlíková, Tatiana (referee)
This bachelor thesis "Financial analysis and financial plan Svitap J. H. J. spol. s r.o." analyses a financial situation of the company in the period 2007-2012. The financial plan for 2013 is outlined on the basis of this analysis. Methodical introduction represents the first of three parts of this thesis. We could find there described methods, ratio indicators and models used as the basis for a practical part. Second part introduces analysed company and subsequently the results of the analysis are evaluated. These results were obtained from the application of stated methods to the data of the company. Selected ratio indicators were compared with three Czech companies running their business in the same field and similar average values in a textile industry. The final part outline the financial plan for the year 2013, which is consisted of the planned statement of profit and loss account and a planned balance sheet.
Narrative Strategies in the Television Series. Adaptations of Classic Novel Types.
The thesis deals with the issue of narrative practices in television series, focusing on the adaptation of original novels of classic and canonized literary authors. In this context, the thesis focuses on the study of adaptation and narrative procedures used in movies and television series. Based on the comparison and analysis of the adaptation of a certain work, it focuses on specific issues concerning the serial narratives as compared to the original, and on features which are different in the adaptation of the television series from other serial or cinematographic works.
Versions of the legend about Oldřich and Božena in Czech chronicles
The objective of the thesis is to compare the various forms of rumors about Oldřich and Božena in selected Czech chronicles. The primary focus is the transformation of the legend in the Kosmas Chronicle, the so-called Dalimil Chronicle, and the popular Czech Chronicle of Václav Hájek of Libočany. We will also try to further highlight certain themes in relation to the given community and the culturally historical environment. Finally, we will compare the individual data from the rumors with documented historical facts, and we will also highlight speculations that arose around the rumors.
The Role of Nurses within the Nursing Care Provided for Pulmonary Embolism Patients in Subsequent Care.
Pulmonary embolism is a blockage of the main artery of the lung or one of its branches by a substance that has traveled from elsewhere in the body through the bloodstream. This results into the obstruction of the blood flow through the lungs leading to the failure of hemodynamics and ventilation. Despite great advances in the diagnosis and treatment, pulmonary embolism is still the third leading reason of death and number of people affected by this disease is increasing. The aim of this thesis was to investigate whether the nurse can influence patients in a way that they are instructed about the pulmonary embolism and also whether the people affected by this disease follow guidance in respect to minimize and prevent any complications. The thesis also focuses on the readiness of patients being treated for pulmonary embolism to be discharged from hospital into a care home.

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