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Entropy Measurement in Internet Communication
Stejskal, David ; Bartoš, Václav (referee) ; Puš, Viktor (advisor)
This work focuses on entropy measurement in Internet protocols. It explains a way of measuring entropy and its application on protocols and their fields. Results are listed and discussed. Also an effort is made to try and identify current trends in communication.
System of On-/Offline temperature measurement based on Lab View
Stejskal, David ; Hammer, Miloš (referee) ; Prostredník, Daniel (advisor)
The objective of this thesis was to create a LabVIEW-based program for temperature measurement using a personal computer. The program allows reading and post processing of digital signal from a measuring device. This device consists of a sensor type PT100, a measuring transducer and an analog-to-digital converter with USB output. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with resistance temperature sensors, signal analysis and methods for signal processing. The practical part is conceived as a guide to the created program. This part introduces vital sub-elements of the program and describes their principle, practical use and also the operating instructions. As required by thesis assignment, practical part includes verification of the measuring device, which was performed in laboratory of Czech Metrology Institute in Brno.
Breathing simulator
Stejskal, David ; Jedelský, Jan (referee) ; Lízal, František (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis was to create realistic breathing cycles for breathing simulator and than to verify the functionality of the simulator. The first section of this thesis was conceived as an general introduction to problematics of breathing. This section describes the construction of the lungs, the breathing mechanism and lung volumes. The subject of this study were also important factors that affect human respiration. Processing of acquired data and creation of breathing cycles for breathing simulator is described in the second section of this thesis. Five specific breathing patterns were created. The experimental verification of the breathing simulator functionality is part of the second section.
Concept of AC as an Effective Recruitment Tool in the Financial Institution
Trepková, Dana ; Stejskal, David (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
The goal of this study is to propose a concept of Assessment Centre as an effective recruitment tool for a personal banker in the financial institution. The theoretical part describes general process of a recruitment and a Assessment Centre method. The effectivity of this method is compared with other recruitment methods. It also depicts the objectives of the method and mentions utilized methods. Attention is paid to particular AC stages, from finding out demands and requirements of the Assessment Centre up to evaluation of the data, which had been obtained during AC. The aim of the practical part is to bring a concept of AC for a recruitment of a personal banker in particular financial institution and to assess whether the AC method is suitable for recruitment in that case, together with economic evaluation in comparison with classic recruitment method.
The use of carpentry joints for the repair of historical structures
Kloiber, Michal ; Kunecký, Jiří ; Hasníková, Hana ; Sebera, V. ; Tippner, J. ; Fajman, P. ; Růžička, P. ; Stejskal, D.
The conservation process describes the way of using prosthesis lap scarf carpentry joints for reconstruction of historical timber structures. This new scarf joint makes use of the strutting effect of inclined contact faces where the forces are transmitted through wooden coupling elements - wooden dowels or keys. The process consists of several chapters describing the diagnostics of original wood and the repaired structure, the design of the joint and execution of the joint. It also includes examples of succesful reconstruction made with according to this conservation process.
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Electronic banking
Krivjanská, Lucie ; Schlossberger, Otakar (advisor) ; Stejskal, David (referee)
Dissertation purposes Analysis of electronic banking concerning the pricing policy of Czech banks. The banks with long-term history are compared with "new" banks that are still not so stabilized on the market. The dissertation is focused especialy on the monthly fee that the client has to pay when using the services of these banks. Methods Presentive analysis is used in all of this dissertation which interprets data obtained by an interview and bank's databases. Comparative method is used in the analytical section to clearly interpret processed data. Results The comprehensive analysis of six Czech banks and it's pricing policy of electronic banking is the outcome of the dissertation. The conclusion and data interpretation can be used for the clients when choosing a new bank. The analysis is based on the monthly fee that the clients have to pay in every selected bank with respect to their requests.

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