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Phenomenom of memorials as places of memory between 1945 and 2015
Hartmannová, Johana ; Stehlík, Michal (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis' topic deals with building process and development of selected memorials between 1945-2015 in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, that are preserved until nowadays or they are built newly. In this thesis are memorials seen as places of memory, that mediates historical point of views of wider society. This view is not static and "afterlife" of places of memory is dynamic according to political and social changes.
Conditions of the Czechoslovak Germans in the first half of the 20th century in the Region Šluknov
Kumpfová, Kristýna ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the status of the citizens of German nationality in the region Šluknovsko from the beginning of the 20th century in the framework of Austria - Hungary, in the time of newly established Czechoslovak republic, during the time of the occupation, specifically after the joining to the Third Reich and in the period after the liberation of Czechoslovakia. Šluknovsko was a relatively unique region with a significant German settlement, economically and cultural self-sufficient. The joining the Third Reich had great influence over the lives of the local people which will be represented by real life accounts of people from that time. Following change of the population after the world war two had significant economic and social and cultural consequences for this region. The target of the thesis is to describe the changes of the position of German people in the concrete region during the stormy half-century - from ruling nation during the Austro - Hungarian monarchy, to tolerated minority in the Czechoslovakia, to superior race in the Third Reich, to being exiled from their own territory.
Extraordinary People's Court Tribunal Chairmen in Jihlava (Trebic) and Their Role in Retribution Process (1945-1947)
Hanák, Zdeněk ; Michela, Miroslav (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
( in English) In this Diploma Thesis the activity of Extraordinary People's Court in Jihlava during the first phase of restitution period (1945-1947) is investigated via the means of a case study. Todate investigations of retribution courts have been focused on the analysis of retributive judgments. This thesis differs from the earlier ones namely in the angle of view on retribution court's activity. The research is concentrated on the administrative operation of the retribution court in Jihlava (i.e. on the activity of retribution court head and their deputies) and on the role of individual retribution senate heads. The decision making of retribution court is not looked at only as a result of court's operation, but individual court senates' operation is subject of analysis here. Particular criminal cases are taken into account only when there is an assumption that they help to uncover day-to-day working habits of judicial officers, or, potentially, they are related to the person of the head of senate, or the filed material in its content gets beyond standard retribution proceedings at Jihlava retribution court. The thesis has used mainly sources of official origin filed with the Regional Archive in Brno, the National Archive, and the Security Services Archive.
Batelka, Michal ; Stehlík, Michal (referee) ; Kolář,, Karel (referee) ; Cigánek,, Jindřich (referee) ; Adámek, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with issues aimed at the possibility of treating the material which has not been used yet – coal tailings. The work includes among others the production, its optimalization and utilization of a new type of lightweight artificial aggregate in the process of production of concrete. The possibility of manufactured the artificial aggregate is dealt with the principle of self-burning of the raw material's batch at the agglomerative grate. The optimalization of the burning process was performed both with the homogenous and the layered batch. Further part of the work focuses on the fabrication of diverse types of concrete and determination of their parametres. This section is significantly extended with the comparison of basic physical and specific properities of the new type of concrete with those of the commonly produced types. The last part of presented work deals with the ecological - economic situation of these issues. The proposed solution points to the possibility of utilization of the coal tailings which are put to the tailings heaps. It was managed to optimize the burning process and to find the most convenient system for storing the raw material's batch at the agglomerative grate. Next, it was proved that the types of concrete produced with a new sort of aggregate are also suitable for fabricating the construction concrete with the strength above the border of 50 MPa, which are applicable even in harder conditions. These sorts of concrete also have a lower volume weight and very good bending properties. The major finding, which underlines the contribution of this work, is that the up to now unused material is suitable for fabrication of relatively high-quality and thermally stable aggregate of strength on the border of 5 MPa, which can be use for fabricating concrete with very good results even in this field. Another great contribution of this work can surely be the fact, that a preliminary economic balance of the manufacturing pr
The role of film in culture politics of Czechoslovakia 1945-1948
Danko, Marek ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
(In English) This bachelor thesis is focused on the film in the period 1945-1948 and its relationship with cultural policy in post-war Czechoslovakia. The aim of the thesis is to find out how film production (films, selection of movie themes, negotiation and reasoning of specific works) corresponded to the political and social relations of the post-war republic. I will analyze the speeches of representatives of cultural policy and cinematography, the press, as well as professional literature and archive materials that will confirm or not theses and voices in public space.
Inner Pantheon at Vranov Castle in Malá Skála
Mojsl, Antonín ; Stehlík, Michal (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
The Pantheon at the Vranov Castle in Malá Skála and its surroundings is created by many sanctuaries, memorials and inscriptions which refer to historical figures and events. The bachelor's thesis deals with one of its parts - the so called inner Pantheon which was built inside of the castle ruins. The project of the local Pantheon was created thanks to the initiative of Franz Zacharias Römisch (1757-1832), who was the owner of the Malá Skála Manor between 1803 and 1832. After a short chapter concerning the development of the Vranov Castle, the thesis focuses on the life of this businessman and noble. The main target of the thesis is to describe the inner Pantheon according to the guided tour which is currently designed for the visitors at the castle. The Pantheon as a place of collective memory is introduced from the main gate with the portal, over the Memorial of the fellowship of the nations and the struggle for the liberation of Germany and Europe, the Memorial of Charles IV. to the hermitage and the rock altar. Consequently, the summer residence that was opened in 1826 and represents the dominant feature of the Vranov ridge is described. The thesis also outlines the influence of romanticism, German nationalism or provincial patriotism on the construction. The final chapters concern the...
Preliminary survey and assessment the building before renovation
Bartoň, Vojtěch ; Stehlík, Michal (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the construction and technical survey of a masonry building with cast iron columns. Construction-technical survey was carried out, due to the planned conversion of the building into a apartment building with public services. The thesis contains description of construction and technological survey and diagnostic methods, which includes evaluation of essential characteristics of masonry structures and cast iron columns. The practical part contains processing of diagnostic survey. Its result is determination of material and geometric characteristics of the structure.
Action Pláteník
Svobodová, Klára ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis is going to be about "Akce Pláteník", one of the political trials during 1950s in Czechoslovakia. The main part of this action took place in Jindřichův Hradec. At the end of this action in December 1951 State Court in Prague accused 16 people mainly from the middle class and former members of National Social Party from crimes in law number 231/1948 Sb. and sentenced them. The main events took place between years 1950 and 1951 but there are some overlapses in years 1949 and 1952, when some of the appeals were discussed. The main source of the information will be period documents, such as records written by State Security (StB) and court records. Notices of appeal and applications for rehabilitation are included in these records as well.
The Transfer of German Speaking communities from the village Lučany nad Nisou
Buriánková, Tereza ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
TITLE: The Transfer of German speaking communities from the village Lučany nad Nisou AUTHOR: Bc. Tereza Buriánková DEPARTMENT: Institute of Czech history SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Jan Randák, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: This diploma thesis is dealing with the expulsion of German speaking citizens from Lučany nad Nisou municipality after the year 1945. It focuses not only on mapping the expulsion process, the various stages and legislation that allowed it, but also on possible conflict of nationalities and acts of individual or group violence. Last part provides an outlook on the issue of certain contemporary stereotypes and describes the co-existence of Czech and German communities with newcomers as well as with original inhabitants. The thesis research is based mainly on archive documents of central and local provenance, secondary literature and contemporary press. KEYWORDS: Transfer, displacement, expulsion, Czech German, Transfer of German, Germany, Lučany nad Nisou, German speaking communities, individual and collective violence
Stanislav Špaček and his american experience
Weiss, Max ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis is focused on the topic of sending Czechoslovak engineers and industry workers on practical training and study to the United States during the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. The guarantor of the project was Masaryk's Academy of Work, but the iniciator and organizator of the project in the USA was Dr. Stanislav Špaček (1876-1954). Špaček worked as a technical attache of the Czechoslovak embassy in Washington and later, because of the so called "Washington Affair", as a high construction executive at the Ministry of Public Works. The thesis is firstly focused on his own American experience and later on experience that he mediated for engineers that were sent to the USA. The engineers were then able to spread the experience in Czechoslovakia. The experience of the engineers is adapted from correspondence between the engineers and Špaček. The correspondence is from the fund of Stanislav Špaček in the Masaryk Institute and Archive of Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. With regard to the amount of letters in the fund there is correspondence of four engineers with Špaček processed in detail in this thesis. The four are engineers Emanuel Šlachta, Ludvík Helwich, and Joseph John Stanley Hlobil and the graduate of industrial high school Otto V. Drtina.

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