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Seasonal changes of water quality in reservoirs of the Litovecko-Šarecká cascade
Stegarescu, Rodica ; Komínková, Dana (advisor) ; Benešová, Libuše (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with monitoring of water quality in the reservoirs which form the Litovicko- Šárecká cascade. It is a cascade of ponds, waterworks and retention reservoirs situated on the Litovicko-Šárecký stream and is composed of 9 major reservoirs. These reservoirs have different functions: from landscaping, retention, biological as well as recreation: fishing and swimming. Many of these reservoirs flow through human settlements, which have a negative impact on the quality of water within the whole cascade. The goal of this thesis is to monitor physical and chemical indicators of water as well as to determine the composition of phytoplankton populations, assess the state of water depending on the human activities in the basin and also to monitor how has the water quality changed in time and what are the main pollution sources. The water quality was determined from 11 samples collected with monthly intervals during March 2012 to May 2013. Samples were collected on all the reservoirs from the inflow, in the middle and at the outflow for chemical analysis and only from the middle for biological analysis. The following indicators were monitored: temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, indicators of neutralization capacity (ZNK8.3 a KNK4.5), hardness, CODMn, the concentration of...
Cleaner production
Stegarescu, Rodica ; Benešová, Libuše (advisor) ; Tonika, Jaroslav (referee)
Preventing negative impacts on the environment is better than fixing it afterwards. From this argument the field of cleaner production has developed, which is the continuous application of an integral strategy to processes, products and services to increase the overall efficiency and reduce the risks to humans and the environment. For production processes cleaner production defines more efficient use of raw materials and energy, elimination of toxic, hazardous materials and preventing waste and emissions at source. For products (goods and services) cleaner production strategy focuses on reducing their environmental impact, and across their entire lifecycle, from development to their use. This strategy was firstly implemented in the United States, in the 3M company from Minnesota and after obtaining positive results, it spread all over the Word, in Europe though, pioneers were the Swedes. Many international organizations have created programs for the promotion and development of cleaner production in as many countries as possible, mostly through the National Center for CP, which were established in the early nineties by UNIDO and UNEP. These centers were created to provide services for businesses, governments and other participants and to assist with the implementation of methods, practices,...

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