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Graphene doping by low-energy electrons
Stará, Veronika ; Kunc, Jan (referee) ; Čechal, Jan (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá dotováním grafenu nízkoenergiovými elektrony. Na křemíkový substrát pokrytý vrstvou SiO2 jsou pomocí litograficky vyrobené masky nadeponované kovové kontakty z titanu a zlata. Grafen vyrobený pomocí metody depozice z plynné fáze je přenesen na substrát a slouží jako vodivé spojení kovových elektrod, které vytvářejí kolektor a emitor. Na křemík je ze spodu přivedeno napětí, které tak vytváří spodní hradlo. Takto vytvořený grafenový tranzistor je ozařován nízkoenergiovými elektrony, které mění dotování grafenu. Z polohy maxima v závislosti odporu grafenu na hradlovém napětí lze vyčíst typ dotování. Toto maximum udává napětí, při kterém Fermiho meze grafenu prochází Diracovým bodem v pásové struktuře grafenu. Velikost hradlového napětí, primární energie elektronového svazku a proud svazku jsou tři parametry, které mají velký vliv na změny dotování. Při ozařování transistoru dochází ke změně typu dotování právě tehdy, když odpor grafenu v závislosti na hradlovém napětí dosáhne maxima. Vývoj této změny je zkoumán pro různé energie a proudy primárního svazku v závislosti na hradlovém napětí i v čase. Typ dotování je také prozkoumán při zastavení ozařování v různých fázích smyčky hradlového napětí. Dopování grafenu nízkoenergiovými elektrony je popsáno v teoretickém modelu.
Work with a group of beginners in drama education
Stará, Veronika ; Marušák, Radek (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses opening a world of drama education to a group of young learners who are unexperienced at DE. The theoretical part aims to prepare readers to understand a beginner class specifics same as working with aim planning for a particular group of students. In the practical part of the thesis I construct one semester plan of aims for concrete collective of students and assess if the plan was made appropriately, if the goals were achieved and what changes must have been done to adjust the plan to real conditions. Furthermore, the practical part offers tips of lessons and their reflections and it maps development of the study group. Overall aim of the thesis is to bring to a reader theoretical background of working with a DE class of beginners, plan of goals for concrete group and its fulfilling.
Testing of transdermal permeation of selected xenobiotics
Stará, Veronika ; Herink, Josef (advisor) ; Vopršalová, Marie (referee)
This thesis first briefly mentions the characteristics of the skin and contains a review of current knowledge on the in vitro permeation testing of drugs through the skin. It describes the basic data about nerve agents and the possibilities of prophylaxis poisoning warfare agents focusing on preventive transdermal administration. The experimental work is focused on in vitro testing abilities oxime HI-6 and posibly other reactivators enzyme acetylcholinesterase penetrate through pig skin. Experiments were conducted in static diffusion cells Franz type. The amount of test substance leaked through the skin is determined in the sample of receptor fluid by HPLC. Keywords permeation in vitro; transdermal; pig skin; Franz cell; substance HI-6; antidota; nerve agents; acetylcholinesterase
Depression, antidepressants and diabetes mellitus - does exist mutual relation?
Stará, Veronika ; Herink, Josef (advisor) ; Fikrová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor's thesis first briefly describes the relationship to the quality of life of diabetes. The main part deals with the mutual relationship between depression and diabetes including a basic pathophysiological mechanisms. A selection of clinical trials on the problem solving is followed. Finally, it provides a brief overview of the antidepressants in patients with diabetes and their side effects with special attention to the influence of body weight. Keywords diabetes mellitus; diabetic; depression; insulin; glukose; antidepressants
Epitaxial growth of cobalt islands via oxide mediated epitaxy
Stará, Veronika ; Kolíbal, Miroslav (referee) ; Čechal, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with preparation, growth and analysis of cobalt thin films. The films are formed on silicon (111) samples covered with a thin layer of native oxide SiO2. Cobalt thin films were prepared using oxide mediated epitaxy method with the effusion cell as a source of cobalt atoms. Composition and morphology of the resulting Co system was studied as a function of the annealing temperature. Another goal of this research was to determine the dependence of the final island shape on the amount of deposited material and substrate orientation. The prepared structures were analyzed using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. To determine the thickness of subsurface islands the samples were etched in buffered hydrofluoric acid and analyzed using above mentioned methods.
Sino-african economic cooperation
Stará, Veronika ; Němečková, Tereza (advisor) ; Adamcová, Lenka (referee)
A topic sino-african relations is in a Czech literature overlook. An idea that there are only few reasons for which China and Africa should maintain some important relations is misconception. The sino-african relations have a sixty years long history from a help during the national wars for independence, ideological belongings to a current economic cooperation which reflects a chinese industrial need for raw materials. The economic cooperation lays on a political agreement, an investment activity and a vast aid provided. Chinese demand for african raw materials increses revenue of african countries which are abundant in demanded raw materials and accelarate their development. Through all chinese statements it uses its stronger position against disunited african states which still look for a way how to gain from the sino-african cooperation in the future. China turns a blind eye and ignore critical situations in some african states and misuse non-democratical groups there for its own benefit. At the same time it is clear that it cannot long forever. China will have to participate in solving african problems to protects its own matters there.
Analýza zahraničních ekonomických vztahů České a Slovenské republiky
Stará, Veronika ; Štěňhová, Božena (advisor) ; Jirges, Tibor (referee)
Tato bakalarska prace je zamerena na analyzu vzajemnych zahranicnich vztahu (zahranicni obchod a prime zahranicni investice) Ceske a Slovenske republiky v letech 1993 - 2004

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