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Pesticide glyphosate and possibilities of its determination
Stará, Kristýna ; Mravcová, Ludmila (referee) ; Řezáčová, Veronika (advisor)
This bechelor thesis deals with determination of glyphosate employing capillary isotachophoresis technique. The literature review is devoted to pesticide, their distribution and use, properties and methods for the glyphosate determination, capillary zone isotachophoresis and its use. Experimental part focuses on the application of capillary isotachophoresis for determination of glyphosate, for determination of glyphosate in commercial preparations and testing of glyphosate sorption in soil.
Edit the text for reading comprehension for pupils with hearing impairment
Stará, Kristýna ; Hádková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
The work focuses on the problems of hearing impaired pupils, their education, describing teaching methods and editing texts for reading comprehension. The practical part was the presentation of texts in four genres, namely short stories, drama, poetry and scholarly article, verifying understanding of one of the selected modified texts in one classroom at an elementary school in Ječná and based on this experience, further develop the methodological process of creating these texts. Method of work was to analyze the available literature, further observations in the sample lesson of Czech language and literature at the end was to verify understanding through inspection questionnaire with open questions. Based on this verification, it was found that the adjusted texts help pupils better in the text or characters or navigate example to understand complex sentence parts units. But verification must be performed in several ways. Unable to rely on regular testing for pupils with hearing people using open questions. Neither the texts modified are not always definitive and must continue to work with them, as for every pupil must be treated individually. KEYWORDS hearing impairment, reading, education, text editing, testing of pupils
Changes in BCM in children in dependence on age
Stará, Kristýna ; Malá, Lucia (referee) ; Bunc, Václav (advisor)
Defining a term: BCM- Body cell mass characterizes the amount of cells that are able to exploit oxygen, as well as cells rich in calcium and cells which are able to oxidise sugars. There are cells of bone tissue, muscle cells, cells of heart muscle tissue, and cells of internal organs (gastro-intestinal tract mainly) involved. The main components of cell mass are particularly ICV - intra cellular water and ECW - extra cellular water. Intra cellular water contains 40 % of the adult man body weight, while extra cellular water contains of 20 % of the body weight, from which 15 % is eligible for tissue humour and 5 % for blood plasma. The approach: The work has been made for four children groups aged from six to fourteen, who are members of the handball team "TJ Sokol Nove Veseli". The first, the youngest group is presented by "prep-team"- there are children born in 2003-2000 years. Very young pupils, who are children born in 1999-1998 years, present the second group. The third group includes younger pupils, who were born in 1997-1996 years, and the fourth - the last - the oldest group is made up by older pupils, who were born in 1995-1994 years. For these children groups the measurements are made at the end of sport season, later during the preliminary season, and at the end of preliminary season. The aim of...

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