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Does the Parliament Respect the Constitutional Court?
Staněk, Michal ; Syllová, Jindřiška (referee)
The key concern of the thesis is whether the Parliament has been respecting the Constitutional court. In order to answer this question, the theoretical part resolves the very existence of the Parliament's obligation to follow the Court and its decisions. The empirical part provides two points of view on the subject. First, the role of the Court and its decisions in parliamentary debates is being discussed. Second point analyses the reactions of the parliamentaries in response to Court's findings abolishing a law or its part during the VII. election period of the Chamber of Deputies.
Civil service according to the Civil service Act and its changes due to annual systemization
Staněk, Michal ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
The new Civil service Act № 234/2014 Coll. came more than three years ago into full effectiveness. The period before the full effectiveness described the author already in his diploma thesis named Civil service Act - Development and result. Therefore this thesis aims to describe and analyse the idea of Civil service as defined in the Civil service Act and focuses to its changes due to implementation of the annual systemization. Importance in the first part of the thesis is given to general introduction to the Civil service idea according to the Civil service Act. The ongoing novelization tendencies affecting various aspects of the Civil services are described, including the problems with application of passive voting right to the head of departments in the regional governments. The second part of the thesis describes the selected aspects of the change of the Civil service due to change of the systemization according to the § 17 of the Civil service Act. The attention is given to the description and analysis of the legal aspects of the systemization and its consequences to the changes of the Civil service of the head of departments. Introduction to the possibilities of defence against such changes of the Civil service in the framework of administrative law is given, including analysis of the issued...
Civil service Act - Implementation and effectiveness
Staněk, Michal ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
Civil service Act - Implementation and effectiveness Abstract The new Civil service Act (CSA) № 234/2014 entered more than year ago into full effectiveness. This thesis will introduce readers to period before the effectiveness, which the author already described in his diploma thesis named Civil service Act - Development and result, but mainly this thesis is focused to description and analysis of period of implementation the CSA into praxis and pointing out the main problematic issues which occurred during the implementation process. Importance is given to governmental activities, which are significant during implementation process, Parliament, which adopted dozens of changes, which technically, but also systematically, changed CSA already during its first months of effectiveness. As well offices under CSA are mentioned as the last part of the chain in the implementation process. Special attention is given to functionality of Section for CSA by Interior ministry, issuing bylaws important for implementation. In practical effectiveness part of this thesis focused author his interest to first problematical issues which occurred during the process of implementation the CSA into praxis. Especially diplomatic service issues and Energetical regulatory office affair are described. Another issue mentioned is...
Dependency on environment, border situation and strategies of survival - the case study of Czech NGO
Staněk, Michal ; Šťovíčková Jantulová, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Dohnalová, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the topic of civil society organization dependency on its environment (on resources taken from the outside). The paper is focusing three areas - understanding and manifestation of this dependency on the resources of the civic society organization, on so called border situation which occurs during the meantime between projects and last but not least on the strategies which the organization proceeds, either willfully or not, on the reaction to its dependency on the resources and to its border situation. This paper is grounded in the resource dependence theory, developed by Jeffrey Pfefffer and Gerald Salancik, and in already executed researches from abroad. The research design used in this work is a single case case study. Data were acquired by the methods of semi-structured interviews and by the analysis of the documents.
Damages in Investment Disputes
Stanek, Michal ; Balaš, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šturma, Pavel (referee)
I Summary Master's thesis "Damages in Investment Disputes" concentrates on some of the current and controversial questions in this field. The aim of the thesis is to set light to the system of investment disputes and to elaborate on burning questions that arise within its scope. This concerns namely questions about its status under international law as such, but also questions connected to the nature of investment disputes which concern one private party and one sovereign party. Moreover, the aim of this thesis is to present an overview of the law of damages that forms the key remedy sought by investors. This concerns questions about the forms of remedies available as well as limitation of the amount of damages due to legal or factual reasons. It deliberately leaves out discussion on methods of calculation of damages as this discussion, even though important for assessment of final amount of damages for a particular investor, is not essential for the functioning of the system of international foreign investment law. In the first part (Chapters 1 - 4), this thesis concerns itself with the functioning of the system of investment disputes and analyses its historical as well as current context. After setting the system into its context, it presents (shortened) analysis of the nature of this dispute settlement...
Civil service Act - Development and result
Staněk, Michal ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Millerová, Ivana (referee)
Civil service Act - Development and result Abstract The new Civil Service Act (CSA) is a significantly amended version of the previous Civil Service Act № 218/2002 that never came fully into force. This thesis briefly describes the main principles and reasoning behind the proposed legislative measures, taking into account specific socio-political context and reflecting previous practice of public employment in the Czech Republic. During 21 years of its existence, the Czech Republic was governed by 13 different governments. In average, the state witnessed change in its leadership every 18 months. This political instability left a significant mark on the Czech public administration that continuously suffered from excessive political interference. In connection with the accession to the EU, the Civil Service Act approved by the Commission was adopted in 2002. Its entry into force, however, was five times postponed by numerous Czech governments, allegedly because of high budgetary demands of the implementation (the reason that has never been proven). The employment of state employees was based on the Labour Code and they did not enjoy any special legal protection. Frequent changes of top and middle management of the administrative bodies that usually followed after each political change led to the loss of...
Design of the Production Planning and Control System
Staněk, Michal ; Vondálová, Anna (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
Modernizing of current information systems. Implementation of simpler and more practical systems for all processes of production control. Achievement of better comunication of staffs.
Switched power supply with current limiting
Staněk, Michal ; Brančík, Lubomír (referee) ; Kubíček, Michal (advisor)
This thesis is focused on design and construction of switched mode power supply with continuous regulation of output voltage and current. The Power supply is designed as a switching power supply to reduce its weight and dimensions. To reach better parameters, it consists of two separate converters. The first one is isolated step-down controller with transformer. It supplies output the second controller (adjustable) and the measuring section with stable voltage. Input converter is designed as a simple single-transistor flyback converter. The TOPSwitch circuit was selected to reduce number of components. Output bench power supply is non-isolated buck converter with single transistor. For second converter the TL594 was selected as a control circuit, which typical aplication was modified to fulfill requirement of the bench power supply. Processor ATmega16 was used to show both required and actual values of current and voltage on a display.
Design of a forming machine for production of a stainless steel cup with follow die
Staněk, Michal ; Pavlík, Jan (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
My dissertation describes the procedure and results of designing a single-purpose machine, which is designed for forming a stainless metal product from an initial semi-finished product. This semi-finished product is a 0.28mm-thick stainless-steel plate. The introduction of my dissertation outlines the evolution of the pulling technology in the Czech Republic and abroad and describes its further details. This research part also includes an overview of individual machines according to the CSN. The practical part is then further dedicated to the exploration of individual issues and requirements for designing the machine itself as well as designing the machine according to the requirements of the final pulled product.

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