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Proceeding of Action against Decision of Administrative Authority
Kozelka, Pavel ; Prášková, Helena (advisor) ; Mates, Pavel (referee) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
Proceeding of Action against Decision of Administrative Authority Abstract The subject-matter of this dissertation thesis is the analysis of the legislation providing protection to public subjective rights in proceeding of action against the decision of an administrative body defined in Code of Administrative Justice, and assessment as to whether the protection provided to public subjective rights by the legislation is sufficient, including certain recommendations of possible changes. The basic method applied consists of the logical methods in combination with the normative approach, involving a detailed analysis and synthesis of the existing legislation and empirical examination of the offered protection in the problem areas on the basis of past judicial proceedings and also comparison of the discussed concepts with foreign legal regulations. The first model was the "traditional" German administrative justice legislation, which is the legislator's usual source of inspiration. In relation to this issue, one must not also disregard the newly adopted legislation on administrative justice in Slovakia. Even though stemming from the historical roots of the judiciary of the First Czechoslovak Republic, the Slovak approach to a number of concepts is different. The administrative justice system by far exceeds the...
Regulation of prices and reimbursements of medicinal products
Hric, Tomáš ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Regulation of prices and reimbursement of medicinal products Abstract Medicinal products are essentially part of every human life. It is therefore desirable to ensure that they are offered on the market at a fair and affordable price, precisely through price and reimbursement regulation. The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyse how the regulation of prices and reimbursements applies to human medicinal products in the provision of outpatient health care, the price and reimbursement of which is decided by the State Institute for Drug Control in administrative proceedings. In order to achieve this goal, the thesis is divided into four parts. The first part defines the basic concepts needed understand the meaning and purpose of the system of price and reimbursement regulation, such as a medicinal product, price or reimbursement. Furthermore, this part is devoted to the types of administrative acts occurring in the field of price and reimbursement regulation and introduces the Ministry of Health and the State Institute for Drug Control as the most important administrative authorities operating in this field. The second part analyses the legislation effective until 31st December 2007. The forms of administrative activity then performed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance are analysed in more...
Agreements on planning and land development
Chudárek, Jakub ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
Thesis title: territorial development contracts The topic of this diploma thesis is territorial development contracts. This term includes contracts for planning and assessment of the owners of the public transport and technical infrastructure resulting from Building Act and contracts not regulated by the law, concluded as so-called innominate contracts according to Civil Code, which are referred to as "cooperation agreement with person interested (investor) in construction". The essence of these contracts is the effort to adjust the financial participation of the person interested in the realization of the building project in the municipality on the costs incurred by the municipality caused by construction. In particular, it is mostly about compensation of the funds that the municipality must spend to ensure its functioning as a result of the increase in population and their entitlements. The beginning of thesis is dedicated to the definition of basic concepts and subjects. Furthermore, it outlines the reasons and general basis leading to the conclusion of territorial development contracts. Following is a closer analysis of contracts under the Building Act, on which the idea of the responsibility of the person interested in the construction of the costs associated with the construction is based. In...
Price regulation of preparations for medical treatment
Beutlová, Lenka ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Price regulation of preparations for medical treatment Abstract The present master thesis describes and analyzes the system of medicinal product's pricing regulation in the Czech Republic after the year 1989. The aim is to execute an analysis of the current legal regulation in the context of previous regulation, of particular phases of the process of regulation of medicinal product's prices and to provide a summary of the principles and recommendations as well as to attempt a proposition of future development possibilities. The thesis focuses on Czech legal regulation, decision-making by the judicial bodies, public bodies' activity, as well as on European legislative and jurisdiction. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter involves the system of pricing and reimbursement regulation of medicinal products into pharmaceutic legislation. The second chapter is divided into two sub-chapters. The first presents the current legal regulation of pricing and reimbursement regulation of medicinal products in the context of international legislation, European legislation and European jurisdiction, as well as domestic legislation. The second chapter also considers public bodies - the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the State Institute for Drug Control - and their activity regarding this...
Privilege against self-incrimination of legal entity in administrative proceedings
Švásta, Pavel ; Prášková, Helena (advisor) ; Průcha, Petr (referee) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of privilege against self-incrimination of legal entity in administrative proceedings and in offence proceedings. The following reasons led me to the choice of this topic. First of all, it is a multidisciplinary topic involving criminal law, criminal administrative law, constitutional law, and private law, especially the regulation of legal entities. Furthermore, with the exemption of decision-making praxis of courts, and a few academic essays, attention hasn't been paid to this topic in its complexity. For this reason, this topic has offered novelty and the possibility of observing the progressive development of judicature, especially the decision-making praxis of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic as well as the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and the European Court of Human Rights. The first part deals with the historical origins of privilege against self-incrimination and development of the criminal proceedings over the centuries. Special attention is paid to the fact, that privilege against self-incrimination was originally part of criminal proceedings until the 12th century, when this privilege was removed from the canon law and replaced with the inquisitional process which was linked with the...
Joint procedure to grant planning and building permission
Souralová, Natálie ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with joint procedure to grant planning and building permission. The thesis' aim is to summarize the legal development of the joint procedure to grant planning and building permission between the years 2007 and 2018 and to focus on its problematic aspects, which are relevant in legal regulations, and subsequently to describe the possibilities for their appropriate solution. The sub goal of this thesis includes the outline of possible changes in connection with an envisaged recodification of the Czech Public Construction Law, in which the joint procedure to grant planning and building permission plays a key role. This thesis is divided into four main chapters aiming to cover the joint procedure to grant planning and building permission. The first chapter covers an introduction to the joint procedure to grant planning and building permission and focus on the relationship between the Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Act, as amended and the Act No. 183/2006 Coll., on Town and Country Planning and Building Code (Building Act), as amended. This chapter further aims at defining the basic principles which are necessary for the joint procedure to grant planning and building permission. The purpose of the second chapter is to provide a general comprehensive overview of the legal...
Expropriation of buildings and land
Leová, Nikola ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
Expropriation of buildings and land Abstract The represented thesis aims to completely analyse the institute of exproriation of buildings and land as it is governed by the Expropriaton Act. Expropriation as a traditional institute of Czech law is considered as the most severe interference with the property right and, as a result, the property right or right corresponding to the easement to the land or the building is deprived or limited. The diploma thesis starts with a general treatise on expropriation, especially by including this institute in the Constitution and related property right and its protection. The basic legal acts governing expropriaton are described. The definition of the term expropriation and the analysis of the objects and subjects of expropriation are also included in this part of the thesis. The second chapter deals with the individual conditions of expropriation that must be cumulatively fulfilled in order to expropriate. The conditions under the Expropriation Act are, among others, the public interest in achieving the puprose of expropriation, subsidiarity and proportionality of expropriaton, and compliance with the objectives and tasks of spatial planning. Another condition, which is the purpose of the expropriation stipulated by a special act, is the subject of the third chapter of...
Legal framework for activities of socalled alternative schools in the Czech Republic
Kaczor, Jan ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
222 Legal Framework for Activities of So-Called Alternative Schools in the Czech Republic Abstract This thesis describes the legal aspects of providing primary and secondary education at so- called alternative schools in the Czech Republic. Firstly, the thesis outlines what an alternative school is and how it can differ from a traditional school. Some examples are given below. Then it explains legal provisions of international human rights law and constitutional law concerning the right to education. A state's obligation to respect parent's philosophical, religious, and other beliefs and rights of individuals and organizations to establish and run private educational institutions lies within the scope of the right to education. The author clarifies why, under these provisions, any quantitative restriction limiting number or capacity of private schools is unacceptable. As a result, some current administrative practices of the Ministry of Education not allowing private schools to be established is labeled as unlawful. Secondly, the author thoroughly describes the general legal framework provided by Education Act nr. 561/2004 Sb., especially its aspects concerning private and alternative schools. This thesis concludes that providing education in schools needs to be seen as an act of the so-called "other"...
Construction of buildings and their alterations
Ondra, Martin ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Construction of buildings and their alterations Abstract This master's thesis is concerned with the analysis of the primary regulation of realization of structures and their alternations, which is a part of the public construction law. The topic of this thesis is up-to-date because of adoption of the second major amendment to the Building Act. The proclaimed goal of this amendment is a simplification and an acceleration of the processes and procedures. The main goal of this thesis is to identify problems associated with the current legal regulation of realization of general structures and their alternations, which, in selected cases, is followed by the effort to find their solution de lege ferenda. The secondary goal of this thesis is a critique of the second major amendment to the Building Act from 2017 and the identification of what problems it has brought including the assessment of whether is actually fulfilling its stated goal. The master's thesis is composed of six chapters. Chapter one deals with the sources of law and the fragmentation of implementing statues. Chapter two analyzes the basic concept of structure as well as other basic concepts related to the topic of this thesis. Chapter three contains an analysis of the organisation of building offices, selected issues related to the performance of...
The position and activities of the Czech Medical Chamber
Klůfa, Jaroslav ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the position and activities of the Czech Medical Chamber. Its aim is to analyze the role and purpose of this professional chamber in the Czech Republic. I have chosen this particular topic because I mean that although the self- government of professional associations, especially the Czech Medical Chamber, belongs to very important institutes of the legal order of the Czech Republic; the literature addresses this issue only marginally. The next reason for my research is the fact, that just the Czech Medical Chamber is very questionable professional chamber. The thesis is composed of five chapters; each of them describes particular aspects of Czech Medical Chamber (CMC). Chapter One is introductory and is trying to explain the notions self-government and public corporation. The last part of this chapter deals the political, economic and sociological aspects of the CMC. Chapter Two consists of two parts. Part One surveys historical development of the CMC from year 1891, when the Habsburg monarchy issued a law on the establishment of medical chambers, to the present. Part Two look at medical chambers in other countries of Central Europe and endeavours to compare these organizations. Chapter three is subdivided into two parts. Part One focuses on functions of the CMS and...

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