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Strategic Approach to an Entity Setup: Designing a Process-based Organizational Structure
Stříteský, Vladimír ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Geršl, Adam (referee)
The focus of this thesis is to provide a complex framework for design of process-based organizational structure, which is currently lacking in the academic literature. Thesis starts with development of a complex process improvement framework, continues by developing process/activity owner assignment framework and connects the process management with design of organizational structure. The developed framework consists of two parts, the "As Is" analysis, capturing the current state of affairs and the "To Be" design developing an optimal arrangement. A basic evaluation tool is provided to assess the effects of changes to the process structure. Practical part applies newly developed framework in a business entity. The process improvement is used to design new process-based organizational structure, which in terms of efficiency surpasses the current matrix organizational structure. JEL Classification L1, L22, L25, M12, M13 Keywords Organizational structure, Process-based organization, Process improvement, Process management, Process mapping, Strategic management Title Strategic Approach to an Entity Setup: Designing a Process-based Organizational Structure Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Outsourcing: Benefits and Costs for Businesses
Stříteský, Vladimír ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Hausenblas, Václav (referee)
The focus of this work is to summarize outsourcing literature and bring it up-to-date with current business trends. Whole conception of outsourcing is embedded into strategic framework to benefit managers. Knowledge about and approach to outsourcing is analyzed in sample of Czech managers. For the purpose of analysis, managers filled the questionnaire. Theoretical knowledge in full scale is present in the sample despite low number of observation. Yet the knowledge is significantly fragmented and no manager holds complex knowledge. Based on findings, the guideline is presented for Czech managers to make professional sourcing decisions and achieve peak efficiency outsourcing.
Onboard computer for electric scooter
Stříteský, Vladimír ; Burian, František (referee) ; Kříž, Vlastimil (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is clarify construction of onboard computer for electric scooter. There is description of components, from which the electric scooter is built. Within this thesis a computer simulation of accelerating scooter is created. Based on the simulation three possible ways of controlling the electric drive were proposed. Then thesis describe parts from witch control system is composed. Onboard computer and support circuits are described in more detail and explained their functions. Description of the created software is in the final part.
Mobile robot navigation with obstacle avoidance
Stříteský, Vladimír ; Burian, František (referee) ; Žalud, Luděk (advisor)
Thesis deals with automatic guided mobile robot focused on obstacle avoidance during ride on planned route. There are summaries of usually used obstacle detecting sensors and algorithms used for path finding. Based on this, own solution is designed. It uses waypoints changes to pass obstacle. MATLAB simulation is created for tests of new designed method. This method is implemented to real robot for real world testing. Reached goals and upgrade possibilities are summarized in bottom of thesis.
Česko-vietnamské obchodní vztahy s přihlédnutím ke kulturním odlišnostem
Hoang, Phuong Nhung ; Müllerová, Františka (advisor) ; Stříteský, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis tries to analyze the Vietnamese cultural customs and their impact on trade cooperation between the Czech Republic and Vietnam. The first chapter deals with the basic characteristics of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, where particular attention is paid to its foreign trade. The second chapter focuses on basic characteristic of Czech-Vietnamese relations. The third final chapter is devoted to cultural backgroung of Vietnam.

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1 Stříteský, Václav
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