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National Performance of the children's choirs
Lišková, Marie ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Stříteská, Leona (referee)
This diploma thesis is addressing the "National Performance of the Children's Choirs" in former Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic. It aims to map its beginnings in the early 1990s and follows its subsequent course and changes, primarily from an administrative viewpoint. Special chapters focus on propositions and repertoire of the attending choirs; index of the repertoire is attached as a supplement. Key words children's choirs, parade, festival, choirmaster, children's choir compositions
Educational programmes of orchestras in Prague
Cetlová, Alexandra ; Stříteská, Leona (advisor) ; Pecháček, Stanislav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with educational programmes of orchestras in Prague. Having dealt with two selected Prague orchestras, namely PKF - Prague Philharmonia and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the history of these orchestras is elaborated in the first chapter, followed by the chronological overview of already completed educational programmes. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the contemporary approach of the orchestras to this matter, their future vision and also the organizational aspects that lie behind the realization of the programmes. Part of the thesis is also a comparison of some selected factors of both orchestras and the results of a questionnaire survey among the orchestras'members. Keywords Education programmes Orchestras in Prague Orchestra history PKF - Prague Philharmonic Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Comparative Analysis of Interpretations of the St. John Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach
Kyjovská, Alžběta ; Stříteská, Leona (advisor) ; Hurníková, Kateřina (referee)
The main topic of the diploma thesis is comparison of selected interpretations of St. John's Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach. The part about life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach is followed by short analysis of libretto, choice of instruments and historic performances of St. John's Passion. The Final chapter deals with selected recordings of Bach's St. John's Passion - Karel Richter (1970), Nakolaus Harnoncourt (1985), Masaaki Suzuki (2000) and Raphaël Pichon (2013). The mail goal is to describe basic tendencies that influenced development of interpretation of Bach's music in the last fifty years. Powered by TCPDF (
Choral music in Albania
Rapaj, Mario ; Pecháček, Stanislav (advisor) ; Stříteská, Leona (referee)
The importance of this thesis (project) lies in the fact that it highlights Albanian choral music. How was it created and established? What political and historical influences are reflected in Albanian music? Who are some of the most important primary composers of choral music in Albania and what are their compositions? Which were the first institutions and how they were developed? During what period did the development of choral music culminate and flourish? What is the current situation of choral music, its composition and artistic life in Albania, as well as existing choirs and their related institutions? My thesis tries to answer all of these questions.
Prague Hlahol Choir
Dandová, Lenka ; Veverková, Jana (advisor) ; Stříteská, Leona (referee)
The introductory chapter of this Thesis describes the development of choir music in Bohemia, starting with unison singing, through polyphonic singing, proceeding to forming of literary societies, and, finally, the form of choir singing as we know it today. In the theoretical part, we use the most important historic and social moments of the Prague Hlahol Choir to illustrate almost 155 years of its existence. The following chapter reflects the most significant concerts, introduces the choir's repertoire and how it changed through times, mentions premieres of choir masterpieces, cooperation with other significant choirs and prominent musicians. In the practical part, we reprint the interviews with long-time choir members and personal experience of some of the artists who have cooperated with the Prague Hlahol Choir. To complete this Thesis, we used anniversary almanacs, annual reports, historic documents and photographs, etc. We also included personal views of the choir members, choir leaders and the prominent musicians who have cooperated with the choir. Based on the assembled data, we can evaluate the progress the choir has made, the changes it has undergone and also the impact it has made from the day it was established. The main contribution of this Thesis is that it brings the overview of the...
Boys Choir Pueri Gaudentes
Chytil, Jan ; Veverková, Jana (advisor) ; Stříteská, Leona (referee)
Theoretical part deals with the foundation of the choir and its history, describes the cooperation with The Prague State Opera, well-known conductors and corps, discography, participation in domestic as well as foreign competitions and festivals or concert tours and other important performances. Further it defines the system of the inner structures of the choir, repertoar, the leading members and new corps, which were connected with Pueri gaudentes at the time of their origin. Practical part is focused on the interviews with former members of the choir, who are still active in the musical area. Powered by TCPDF (
Present state of listening activities in elementary school music lessons, and didactic suggestions for the integration of these activities in school teaching
Poláčková, Marie ; Stříteská, Leona (advisor) ; Váňová, Hana (referee)
The present state of listening activities in elementary school music lessons, and didactic suggestions for the integration of these activities in school teaching The thesis looks into the employment of listening activities at contemporary Czech schools. Its primary aim is to boost the motivation of school children to listen to classical music by means of choosing their preferred pieces in music lessons. The thesis consists of two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part analyses available sources connected with listening activities, such as materials for teachers, and textbooks certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as one of possible tools. It looks into the place of listening activities in the contemporary Czech curriculum, and presents also information about listening from the music therapy point of view. The practical part analyses the present situation in the employment of listening activities at our schools. It detects spontaneous preferences of pupils in listening to classical music, and suggests how to use these spontaneous preferences to enhance the quality of music education at school, and build and encourage positive attitude of school children to classical music. The practical part is based on the interview and experiment methods. The...
Analysis of Jan Ryba's Selected Musical Works for Choir
Křivková, Ludmila ; Stříteská, Leona (advisor) ; Procházka, Karel Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis called "The analysis of selected choral compositions by Jakub Jan Ryba" deals primarily with his religious works. The introductory chapter briefly describes Ryba's journey to music and the activity of a composer and the text is also based on Ryba's own biography published in 2005 titled My Life and Music. The thesis concerns an extant autographic list of his works dated to 1801 and an autographic fragment of an incipit catalogue of compositions dated from 1774 to 1796 including an incipit of Czech Christmas Mass "Hey, Master!" dated back to 1795. Both lists were compared with two electronic music databases: the catalogue of the department of music history, National Museum - the Czech Museum of Music and the musical incipit catalogue of the National Library of the Czech Republic. The electronic databases were further compared with the thematic catalogue which is a part of the monography titled Jakub Jan Ryba published in 1963. The object of interest was also the quantity of autographs and transcripts and the prints of the works by Jakub Jan Ryba which have been issued from the beginning of the 19th century till present. Regarding the results of the research, it was proved that only a part of Ryba's work has survived up till now since Ryba himself presents 1083 compositions, both...

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