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Impact of the Financing of Health Care System on its Performance
Rambousková, Jana ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The main topic of the thesis is the performance of the health system and its financing as its possible influence. It is based on studies Éric Tchouaketa et al., which assesses the performance of health systems 27 OECD countries, the study states that the best rated countries Australia, Finland, France, Japan, Norway and Sweden, while the Czech Republic lags significantly and is ranked among the States with limited performance health system. The issue that these studies have not addressed is the reason for these differences. The paper summarizes the methods of financing health systems in Finland, Norway and Sweden, which are then compared with the Czech Republic. A further deals with the performance itself, the way it used studies measure the performance and the performance influence.
Managerial and economic analysis of the Emergency department of the Jindřichův Hradec Hospital, public limited company
Vančurová, Barbora ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The focus of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the implementation of Jindřichův Hradec Hospital's Emergency department taking into consideration mainly fulfilling the aims targeted when decision about foundation of this department had been made. There are determined four goals that are crucial for the management of the healthcare institution. Based on that, the hypotheses are built. This thesis provides information which could be used by the Jindřichův Hradec Hospital's management in the terms of deciding about quality monitoring or patients satisfaction assessment.
Cost Analysis of Pneumococcus Vaccination and Treatment of Pneumonia within Senior Population
Sedláček, Josef ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
Pneumonia is a common disease spread throughout the whole world. It appears within all age groups, however, the most endengered groups are the infants and seniors whose lives are more likely at risk. This final thesis compares direct costs of the preventative actions utilizing the Prevenar 13 vaccine and costs related to the ambulatory treatment and consequent care of the hospitalized patients. Calculations are based on anonymised data from an ambulant care and hospitalized patient treatments in hospital of Melnik town.
Health Care Quality with the Patient in selected Health-Care Organization
Růžička, Zdeněk ; Jankůj, Miroslav (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the quality of care in the department CHIR 1B in Hospital Jihlava with the patient's perspective and based on research and established facts to draw conclusions and propose recommendations for continuously improving the quality of health care.
Kvalita poskytované péče očima pacientů ve vztahu ke strategickému managementu ve vybrané zdravotnické organizaci
Maříková, Irena ; Jankůj, Miroslav (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to make the strategic analysis of the specific medical device in relation to quality of health care from the view of its patients. In this thesis are used selected analysis instruments of the strategic management. For finding of the quality of the health care, which the medical device provides, I used investigation through questionnaires. Information I gained through these questionnaires I have evaluated and analysed this data. The medical device I have chosen doesn't wish to be named in my thesis so I will respect the wish of its management. This hospital is located in The Central Bohemian Region, which is also its founder. This institution provides inpatient and outpatient care. The mail strength of the hospital is its employees and their human potential. On the other hand one of the serious weaknesses is the poor marketing productivity. My thesis will be closed with appropriate recommendations for the hospital which will be based on my analyses. The intention of these recommendations is to help the hospital in its future development. My thesis goes from the theoretical part (which explains the issue) and fallows with the practical part.
Strategic Analysis of a Health-Care Facility: Rudolf and Stefanie Hospital
Burianová, Michaela ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
Aim of this thesis is to create a strategic analysis. Rudolf and Stefanie Hospital is a medical facility whose founder is Jihočeskýkraj (Southern Bohemia county). The hospital provides complex health care that includes patient department, ambulance and diagnosis department. It has a crucial status on the market of the regionally defined catchment area. From geographical point of view, its biggest competitors are Prague hospitals. Its strengths are its human resources and provided healthcare. As its weaknesses, I would mark its economical situation, motivational system and marketing activities and bad shape of some of its facilities. Results of this thesis are internal and external analysis proposing suggestions that should be taken into consideration by hospital's management.
The Non-Compliance Phenomenon and the Diagnosis of L2x: Atopic Dermatitis
Hlavatá, Jana ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the prevalence of the phenomenon of non-compliance patiens with a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis using the questionnaire survey in two selected dermatology clinics in Prague. The result obtained were tested using standard statistics methods. The results suggest the non-compliance depends mainly on attitude of physisians.
Analysis of the Rate of Perioperative Complications after Hysterectomy
Brychová, Kateřina ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Střítecký, Rudolf (referee)
The thesis charts the rate of perioperative complications after removal of the uterus from non-malignant causes in two different medical facilities and compares them with the indicators in the DRG classification system to determine whether this is suitable for tool for the quality assesment of health care in health facilities.
Vztah administrativní struktury zdravotnického zařízení k jeho produktivitě
Bělej, Jaroslav Bc. ; Střítecký, Rudolf (advisor)
V mé diplomové práci jsem se zabýval srovnáním dvou zdravotnických zařízení (privátního a veřejného), která jsem srovnával z hlediska úspěšnosti hospodaření, poskytované kvality služeb a dosahované produktivity práce. Na základě analýzy obdržených dat jsem dospěl k závěru, že nemocnice JH (veřejné zdravotnické zařízení) je ekonomicky úspěšnější, a to především s ohledem na absenci konkurenčních zdravotnických zařízení ve spádové oblasti, soukromá pražská nemocnice Clinicum však dosahuje vyšší produktivity práce. Z hlediska poskytované kvality služeb jsou obě zdravotnická zařízení na obdobné úrovni.
Stanková, Katarína ; Střítecký, Rudolf (advisor) ; Lešetický, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis deals with health care and health systems in Slovakia. Aim of the study is focused on exploring the formation of supply and demand for health services in inpatient facilities in Slovakia and expected use of health care based on real demographic. Results of the analysis indicate that on current healthcare market in Slovakia is possible to characterize the supply, demand and elasticity only with data bias given by restrictions on the market.

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