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Changing spatial pattern of land use in the Czech Republic and its driving forces
Kabrda, Jan ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee) ; Spišiak, Peter (referee)
Jan KABRDA: Changing spatial pattern of land use in the Czech Republic and its driving forces The main objective of my.dissertation thesis is to analyse changes of spatial pattern of land use in the Czech Republic since the mid-19'n century. My secondary aim is to discuss advantages and limits of various methods that can be used for this research. The text is divided into two main sections. The first one includes an overyiew of literature on the given issue. The second one comments six attached articles that constitute the main body of the thesis, representing main results of my research. The first section of my thesis consists of three chapters. In the first one I discuss the term,,land use" itself; importance and practical applicability of its research; and theoretical approaches used throughout the world to explain patterns and changes of land use, and to create schemes for its;;search. Chapter Two includes an overyiew of methods and data sources used in land use research, especial|y of quantitativ" ón.,, in the whole world in general, and in Central Europe in particular. In the third chapter I summarize the main processes of land use changes - of current changes at global level, and of changes during last two centuries within the Central European context. The six attached articles represent...
Social metabolism in Czech and Czechoslovak territory in historical perspective
Kušková, Petra ; Jeleček, Leoš (advisor) ; Kupková, Lucie (referee) ; Spišiak, Peter (referee)
This dissertation is based on the conceptual framework of social metabolism and it applies methods of Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint. It studies interactions between human activities and natural environment in Czech/Czechoslovak territory from the historical perspective (after the division of Czechoslovakia for Czechia and Slovakia together). The term of social metabolism is a metaphor inspired by biology. Society or human economy similarly to a living organism which extracts materials from the earth, processes biophysical materials to maintain itself and emits its wastes back. So the economic system functions in an analogy to a living organism and those processes are called "social" or "industrial" metabolism. This dissertation comprises seven individual empirical studies: (I) An introduction to a research topic covered in following articles. It is based on the work of leading world environmental historian and it interprets selected Czech realities within the context of the world environmental history. (II) The historical series of MEFA indicators together with ecological footprint. (III) An article which applies the ecological footprint method on the ecological farm in comparison to conventional agriculture in the context of more foreign studies on this topic. (IV) An...
Multifunctional agriculture in Czechia after accesion to the European Union: conceptualisation, development and regional differentiation
Hrabák, Jiří ; Jančák, Vít (advisor) ; Spišiak, Peter (referee) ; Novotná, Marie (referee)
8 Abstract The dissertation deals with the concepts of multifunctional agriculture in the context of transformations of Czech agriculture in the post-communist era. In general, the study mainly wanted to discuss the concepts of multifunctional agriculture, known for over three decades, especially from the Anglo-Saxon environment, and to analyse the development of Czech agriculture as well as application of multifunctional agriculture especially in the period after Czechia's joining the European Union, including the perception of multifunctional activities by farmers. The initial part of the study discusses the concepts of multifunctional agriculture as non- commodity production (OECD 2001) and an integral part of rural development (Van der Ploeg, Roep 2003) on the one hand and of agricultural multifunctionality (Wilson 2007), on the other. The empirical part of the work was based on a quantitative assessment of regional differentiation of multifunctional agriculture in Czechia, the territorial concentration of multifunctional activities and dependence between the variables that influence its implementation. The evaluation of the perception of multifunctional activities by farmers has resulted from a field survey, or interviews conducted with farmers in three areas of interest of various types (municipality...

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