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The indebtedness of Czech households in 2000-2015 and its macroeconomic context
Sovička, Lukáš ; Ševčík, Miroslav (advisor) ; Pekárek, Štěpán (referee)
The thesis is focused on the analysis of the macroeconomic relationships of the growth of indebtedness of Czech households in 2000 - 2015. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find the main causes of household indebtedness growth and to identify the influence of this process on selected macroeconomic variables. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with money creation, monetary and fiscal policy, the role of money in economic cycles and economic theories of household consumption. The practical part focuses more closely on debt development, its structure and sociodemographic structure of indebted households. The thesis describes the causes of household indebtedness growth, impacts on selected macroeconomic variables, ability of households to meet their financial obligations and, last but not least, international comparisons with selected EU countries. The diploma thesis brings a comprehensive view of the debt of Czech households in the period 2000 - 2015. At the end of the thesis, it explains the main causes and consequences of the growing indebtedness of households, together with the international comparison and the sociodemographic characteristic of indebted households.
Monetary reform 1953 in Czechoslovakia
Sovička, Lukáš ; Dufek, Pavel (advisor) ; Chalupecký, Petr (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the monetary reform in Czechoslovakia in 1953. Aim of this thesis is to analyze the monetary reform and the answer to the question whether the reform has been implemented successfully and achieved all its objectives. The thesis is divided into three thematic chapters. The first part focuses on the economic and social development of Czechoslovakia before the monetary reform, that summarizes the situation of Czechoslovakia after World War II., the Communists revolution and, last but not least, is describing the transformation of the Czechoslovakian economy. The second chapter of the thesis is dedicated to the monetary reform and its causes, process and principles. Among others, here are explained preparations and secrecy of the monetary reform. The last part of the bachelor thesis focuses on the economic, social and political and also international consequences of the monetary reform.

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