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Adaptive Control of Electromechanical Actuators using Multiple Model Adaptive Feed forward Compensator
Sova, Václav ; Křivánek,, Václav (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (referee) ; Grepl, Robert (advisor)
This thesis deals with the derivation of novel adaptive feed forward compensator, which will be used for the control of the electromechanical actuators used in automotive industry. The electromechnical actuators are an electronic throttle valve and an EGR valve. The introduced adaptive compensator is derived from an existing multiple model feedback control method. This work describes the derivation of this method and simulation and experimental verification. In addition, the most well known digital filter differentiators are presented and summarized in this paper because the feed forward compensator needs them for its operation. From these filters, one specific is chosen, whoose coefficients for the specific setting leads to integer multiplication and an integer implementation of the filter. This will be used to implement this filter to the FPGA and then we prove, that this implementation saves a lot of FPGA resources compared to filters implemented using fixed or floating-point arithmetic.
Control of ABS educational model
Kubisz, Jan ; Spáčil, Tomáš (referee) ; Sova, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with renewal of education model for ABS braking simulation, determination of parameters of this model and following aplication of those parameters for simulation model compilation. Second part is to create two types of regulation with known speed of roadway and with unknown speed of roadway. Created regulators are then tested on real system to verify their funcionality.
Design and implementation of encoder unit
Kirchner, Tomáš ; Sova, Václav (referee) ; Spáčil, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to implement an absolute magnetic encoder unit as a sensor measuring the angle of rotation of a DC engine on a ballbot, which is part of the BB-8 project at the mechatronic laboratory. It describes the principals and limitations of a magnetic encoder technology, also the design of printed circuit board for the sensor and the engine housing. Testing functionality of the encoder at Raspberry Pi was part of the work as well as creating SPI communication with a master microcontroller PIC. Furthermore an accuracy of the angle of rotation sensing was measured for different inaccuracy of a magnet position to the sensor.
Levná stanice pro chytrou domácnost
Mach, Sebastián ; Sova, Václav (referee) ; Matějásko, Michal (advisor)
This project is about creating a smart home station that will control its external peripherals. The station will communicate with the camera and sensors, download the necessary data from internet, and communicate with the cloud, where are the calculations made.
Implementation of kinematics algorithms for the four legged mobile robot
Králík, Jan ; Appel, Martin (referee) ; Sova, Václav (advisor)
The goal of the work is restore a quadruped walking spider-type robot named Jaromír. Part of the work is a body design that is then printed on a 3D printer. Another part is the design and creation of a new control board, which’ll include sensor equipment appropriate for robot operation. Subsequently, the thesis deals with the design of the tactile sensor’s and their fitting on the legs. The final part is implementation of the algorithm for robot control. The goal was to put the model to a state where it could be used for learning and presentations.
Comparison of MATLAB and Python with Respect to Mechatronics
Rabčan, Jakub ; Appel, Martin (referee) ; Sova, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of instruments Matlab and Python. The aim of this bachelor thesis is comparison of these tools in the diferent areas with regard to utilization in mechatronics. And demonstration task will then be created for these areas.
Design of complex sensor node for LoRa network
Obrtáč, Tomáš ; Sova, Václav (referee) ; Chalupa, Jan (advisor)
This thesis covers development of complex sensor for LoRa network. The thesis is extended by theoretical section, which explains basic properties of Lora network. Theoretical section also covers analysis of software and hardware products on market. The practical part of thesis is focused on creation of complex sensor and development of complete server for its operation. In the hardware part is described method of choosing the right sensors, designing the PCB and description of important parts. Software development is described from acquisition of network server, through creating the computer application, to programming the MCU.
Design and implementation of educational mobile robot
Suchý, Jakub ; Sova, Václav (referee) ; Bastl, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and realization of a wheeled robotic chassis which will serve as an extension for the EduKit learning platform. It contains a brief introduction to the problematic of expanding this platform, the description of the selection of suitable components, the design of mechanical parts and printed circuit boards, the assembly of the chassis and the verification of some of its functions by a demonstration task.
Control of Linear Inverted Pendulum Exhibition Model
Vávra, Patrik ; Sova, Václav (referee) ; Brablc, Martin (advisor)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to create robust linear inverted pendulum control. After system identification comes the creation of regulators from which the most suitable is chosen for the final control of the pendulum. Another point of thesis is to develop a swing-up controller that takes care of swinging the pendulum into an unstable position and swing-down controller to stabilize the pendulum as quickly as possible in a stable pendulum position. The following sections of the thesis include the design of the control structure, safety measures and evaluation of the performed testing.
Extending the Laboratory Educational Kit PIC Edu Kit with a Set of Wireless Sensors
Hanuš, Tomáš ; Najman, Jan (referee) ; Sova, Václav (advisor)
This thesis describes the design and implementation of extension of laboratory training model PIC Edu Kit. It is about set of wireless sensors. These sonsors have to measure temperature and deformation. Mesure of temperature was realized by temperature resistive sensor Pt100 and deformation by resistive tenzometr. These wireless moduls comunication on protocol Wi-Fi. In this work is introduced propose of measuring dictucts for measure of temperautre and deformation. There is evidenced their realization, showed software for receiving dates on PC and programme for the microcontroler.

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