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The Influence of Italian Cuisine on Food Culture in the Czech Republic in the 20th Century
Hendrych, Miroslav ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee)
(in English) The Bachelor thesis deals with a topic of food and food consumption in the history of mankind. The thesis is mostly concerned with the questions of diffusion processes, which influenced the diffusion of the Italian cuisine in the Czech Republic in the 20th century. It explores the changes in the structure of food consumption and in the approaches to food and eating and the impact of international, specifically Italian, cuisine on the Czech culinary culture. Not only these questions are discussed, the thesis investigates the bearers of traditions that have had an important distributing function as well. By accentuating the bearers, be it utensils, cooks, restaurants, shops, expositions or the consumers themselves, the thesis aims to demonstrate their unquestionable importance. Two data collection techniques have been used. The theoretical part of the thesis works with data collected from archival documents and historic period materials such as cookery books or magazines published in the 20th century. Another data have been collected from relevant foreign and Czech literature about national culinary cultures. The theoretical starting points having been explored, the next part of the thesis interprets data obtained from fieldwork. The conducted fieldwork was based on questionnaires...
Creative Economy and its Reflection in Public Policies in Slovakia
Zlatá, Denisa ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Zelenka, Miloš (referee) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
The dissertation is an attempt to culturologically view the development of cultural policy in the context of the knowledge society and the related socio-economic processes of the knowledge and creative economy that are part of the new economy. The new economy is a term that encompasses specific types of economies whose common denominator is a combination of a new form of organization and decision-making processes of economic subjects with links to technological and non-technological innovation as well as the development of human resources. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the development of cultural and creative industries concepts and their application to cultural policy and other related public policies. At the same time, the aim of this work is a case study on the current situation in the development of the concepts of cultural and creative industries in relation to the analyzed concepts and their reflection in public policies in Slovakia.
Symbolic dimension of break dance: anthropological perspective
Žáčková, Veronika ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee)
The subject of the bachelor thesis will be an empirical description and a theoretical analysis of break dance subculture from an anthropological perspective. Particular attention will be paid to the symbols, norms and values that members of this subculture share and present in their way of life. Through the empirical probe (qualitative interviews and participating observations) the relationship of members of the studied subculture to the bboys phenomenon will be examined. Also, changes in dancer's attitudes will be studied in terms of the amount of time spent in the dance subculture and the growth of their professional skills.
Rastafarians as a subculture in the Czech Republic
Marková, Pavlína ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Jakoubek, Marek (referee)
Rastafarianism, whether as a religion, movement or subculture, is often presented as a purely Jamaican phenomenon. This work is focused on the research of the Rastafarian community, which were originated in the territory of the Czech Republic. Based on the literature, its introductoryin with the origin and existence of the Rastafarian community at the site of its origin, in Jamaica. Based on the research conducted in the form of participating observations, the Rastafarian community in the Czech Republic is also presented. The aim of the research is to obtain information about the Rastafarian community, to compare with the original community represented by the sources and focus on the formation of Rastafarian identity in the Czech Republic.
Psychological aspects of acculturation with an emphasis on the impact of interpersonal relationships and social networks
Malá, Lenka ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The main idea of the dissertation is the question, what happens to a person when leaving boundaries of his cultural background. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the previous views on the acculturation and the gradual development of the reflections on the process of acculturation. Considering the individual conditions that can contribute to successful acculturation, the use of personality characteristics seems to be limiting and inadequate. Thus, the concept of competencies is introduced as a more relevant approach for research and applied psychology of acculturation. At the same time, family acculturation is presented in its conditions, strategies and results. Only limited attention in psychological research has been dedicated to this domain so far. The empirical part of the thesis further elaborates on the theoretical overview and deals with the question what distinguishes the successful humanitarian workers at the mission abroad in the organization People in need from those who fail and what role in this specific context the family, close personal relationships and social networks play. As a part of the study, there is a demonstration of the individual steps that can be taken when working with competencies outside of the specific case study and the presentation of a specific competence...
Maya Culture in the Perspective of Anthropology of Tourism
Součková, Kristina ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee) ; Poláková, Markéta (referee)
My thesis is based on a broader context of theories and categories of tourism and touristic experiences elaborated by authors belonging to a comparatively new subdiscipline of social and cultural anthropology - the anthropology of tourism. I focus on Mexico, the area of my interest and a part of el Mundo Maya (Maya World) through the eyes of tourism categorization of Valene Smith (1989). I specify two distinct (but yet similar) anthropological fields - one being Riviera Maya with fieldwork in Cancún, Tulum and Chichén Itzá and the other one Ruta Maya with fieldwork in San Cristobal de las Casas and the village of Chamula. I focus on the area of a popular beachspot and adjacent Maya ruins as a destination of historical tourism and also on the area of Chiapas highlands with an authentic Maya village which is a popular destination of ethnic or more accurately cultural tourism. My work is about the process of construction of the (English speaking versus Spanish speaking) tourist image of ancient Maya and the Maya of today. The conclusion of my fieldwork helps me illustrate the term monumentalization of the Maya (Canclini, 2005) or inventing the great Maya through touristic artefacts, experience and travellers' guides. Key words Anthropology of tourism, Maya tourism, Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Cancún, San...
Transformations of cultural identity in the context of intercultural communication
Manová, Andrea ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Poláková, Markéta (referee) ; Zelenka, Miloš (referee)
The subject of this dissertation is a theoretical and empirical analysis of the transformations of cultural identity in the context of intercultural communication. In the course of processing the chosen topic the author used the theoretical knowledge acquired by studying professional books and other relevant sources as well as the empirical data which were gathered by the author during her anthropological field research over her two-year stay in Berlin. The main objective of the dissertation was to describe, analyse and interpret the phenomenon of cultural identity in the context of migration processes, globalization and the European refugee crisis. Special attention was, therefore, paid to the situation of foreigners who find themselves in a new different culture and are going through a difficult process of adaptation to a new environment. Transformations of the foreigners identity and their relationship to the majority culture are also being studied in terms of different types of immigration policies in host countries. In the focus of the research interest were the questions of the efficiency of assimilation, integration and multicultural policy. Among the sub-objectives of the work are included the description and analysis of the processes of formation, reproduction and transformation of...
Polyamory in Czech Republic
Plecitá, Pavlína ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Vrhel, František (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of human sexuality and sexual identity, with an emphasis on the current issue of the new categorization of the term polyamory in the Czech society. The theoretical part of the thesis discusses besides the plasticity of human sexuality and individual socio-cultural constructions, from which the formal multi-partnerships could begin to form and their clear delineation as opposed to other non-monogamous clusters. The second part of the text is the result of field research focusing on the life of Czech polyamorics. Due to the controversy of non-monogamous coexistence, the present and the future of polyamorphic relations are discussed in almost exclusively monogamous Czech society. Part of the practical investigation is also a partial mapping of the views of this majority society.
The archetype of hero in superhero comic books
Laštovková, Lucie ; Janeček, Petr (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on options of study of superhero comics from perspective of popular culture studies, studies of cultural stereotypes and studies of archetypes based on research of comic books from the biggest publishers Marvel Comics and DC Comics. By using comparative method and drawing from studies of Lord Raglan, Vladimir J. Propp, Joseph Campbell and more a superhero is compared with hero of tradition and hero of folktales. There was also described a way of mythologizing the superhero. Moreover there was conducted a research focused on archetype of hero and was pointed out more possible archetypes appearing in superhero comics.
The golden age of coffee houses in Prague at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
Juřenová, Tereza ; Půtová, Barbora (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
The central topic of this bachelor thesis is the thriving of coffee houses in Prague in the late 19th /early 20th century, taking into account the historical context of the period including the of Prague's architectural evolution, the coffee bar subculture and its specific lifestyle. Presented are bars that are distinctive in their interior design and layout as well as the diversity of their guests and ways of entertainment. The aim is to contextualize these enterprises, within the scope of the continent, and observe their environment as a place akin to a public institution possessing a social influence, thanks to representatives of various social strata, including politicians, writers, scientists or artists, activities of societies, but also the city's galère and visitors of bordellos. Keywords cafeterias, lifestyle, coffee houses in Prague, coffee society

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