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Rationalization in the Czechoslovak pharmacy practice in the 20th century
Babica, Jan ; Rusek, Václav (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee) ; Ambrus, Tünde (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy Candidate Mgr. Jan Babica Supervisor doc. RNDr. PhMr. Václav Rusek, CSc. Title of Doctoral Thesis Rationalization in the Czechoslovak pharmacy practice in the 20th century In the 20th century, the efforts to the development and application of rationalization and standardization approaches were observed in the Czechoslovak pharmacy. They were, among others, reflected in the founding of institutions which dealt with given issues. Between 1920s and 1930s, there was the group for pharmacy in the Commission for Rationalization and Standardization in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Pharmacy (FS RANOK) and from 1955 to 1992, there was the Pharmaceutical Development Centre (RLS). So far, however, there is no current work from the pharmacy history focusing on those institutions in detail. The aim of the doctoral thesis was to focus on the phenomenon of rationalization of Czechoslovak pharmacy in the previous century and its institutionalized form. In the case of FS RANOK, as the first institution of this kind, the aim was to understand the broader context of its establishment, the expected content of its activities, and the causes of its failure in the implementing of rationalization ideas. Out...
Retrospective Analysis utlilization of Lipid Modifying Agents
Bartas, Robert ; Kolář, Jozef (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee) ; Urbánek, Karel (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy Candidate PharmDr. Robert Bartas, MBA Supervisor Doc. RNDr. Jozef Kolář, CSc. Title of Doctoral Thesis Retrospective analysis utilization of lipid modifying agents Lipid lowering agents have been repeatedly the objective of studies analysing their utilization and costs. The objective of this study was to evaluate the structure and development of consumption of hypolipidemic agents. Material and methods. Data concerning utilization of individual hypolipidemic drugs from 2002 to 2009 were obtained from the State Institute for Drug Control database and General Health Insurance Company - Karvina district database. Utilization of hypolipidemic drugs were stated in DDDs in correspondence with the ATC Classification, and the costs in CZK. Information on utilization is expressed in the number of DDD per 1,000 inhabitants per 1 day (DID). Results. The utilization of fibrates slightly decreased, while statins an increase from 13.55 DID (2002) to 60.10 DID (2009) was observed. The total utilization of hypolipidemic drugs in DID has been continuously increasing (32.34 DID in 2002, 76.30 DID in 2009). Hypolipidemic drugs take the 5th place in the Czech Republic from the standpoint of expenses....
Study of Medicinal Products Prepared in Pharmacies
Charvátová, Ivana ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee)
STUDY OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS PREPARED IN PHARMACIES Author: Charvátová I., Hospital Pharmacy, St. Ann's University Hospital in Brno Tutor: Kotlářová L., Dept. of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Introduction: The aim this study was to analyze the current preparation of medicinal products in pharmacies. Aim of study: The principal aim was to analyze a file according to the following aspects: the frequency of occurrence of MP during the year, the complexity of MP, the composition of MP, incidence of proprietary medicines, kind of preparation, dosage form, quantity of MP and specialization of prescribing physician. Another objective was to find relations between the dosage form and others above mentioned aspects. Methods: I carried out the research in a Pharmacy Vltavínská from 1. 9. 2002 till 31. 8. 2003. I gathered data at intervals of a month. I focused on prescribtion drugs. I monitorid the composition in most occurring MPs, other aspects in the whole file. I analyzed monitored criteria for two views - with regard to individual formulas and to all of MPs where the formulas could be repeated. I described ocular, vaginal and rectal medicines separately. I analyzed the electronic database using contingency tables. Results:...
Historical Evolution of Pharmacy Practice in Selected Localities of the Svitavy Region
Klodnerová, Iva ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy Student: Iva Klodnerová Thesis supervisor: Doc. PhDr. František Dohnal, CSc. Name: Historical Evolution of Pharmacy Practice in Selected Localities of the Svitavy Region Objective: Mapping the historical events of pharmacies in the towns Svitavy, Polička, Moravská Třebová and Březová nad Svitavou from its begginings to the present. Thesis is oriented to chronological overview of particular pharmacies and their staff. The final part of thesis deals with changes from 1989 until today. Methodology: The following sources provided me basic orientation in the research: textbooks, monographic materials on the history of pharmacy, historical publications of particular cities and healthcare, printed sources of archivals from the Czech Phar- maceutical Museum in Kuks. Very important role in the research had interviews with witnesses, questionaries for pharmacy owners (or representatives) and study of sources from internet. Results: Svitavy have pharmacy since 1519. Second pharmacy in the town has been established in 1910. After the Second World War was second pharmacy closed. In the 1988 has beeen established another pharmacy. Currently there are six pharmacies. Pharmacy "U Zlatého...
The elderly and drugs
Kašparová, Veronika ; Práznovcová, Lenka (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee)
The elderly and drugs Thesis Veronika Kašparová Charles University in Prague, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové, Department of social and clinical pharmacy This thesis is focused on the problems of seniors and their pharmacotherapy. Firstly, I describe typical features of an old age, treatment of seniors, social demography and the strategy of a senior care. In the practical part of my thesis I compile questionnaires in a form of tables and diagrams. There are basic information about respondents (a sex, an education, a financial situation, an age, etc.), over the counter and their additional charges in different connections (an age, a sex and a financial situation), confidence in a doctor, a pharmacist and commercials. In a discussion I analyse questionnaire results. They show that the seniors spend on over the counter 180 Czech crowns per a month on average. We can also see that there are not significant differences between men and women, between seniors and working people. A certain dependance is noticeable in a relation to an age. The seniors trust the doctor, they trust less the pharmacist and partly trust the commercials.
The elderly and drugs
Andrlová, Jana ; Práznovcová, Lenka (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee)
THE ELDERLY AND DRUGS Author: Andrlová J. Tutor: Práznovcová L. * * = Dept. of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Background: Old people use more than third of charges for remedys. Aim of study: This extended essay determines contemporary senior's farmacotherapy with a view to a height supplementary charges for prescription remedys and its dependence on different factors. Methods: Questionnaires were completed with 300 pharmacy's customers (60 years old and older seniors; 190 female and 110 male). Results: Descriptive statistics determines significant dependence of height supplementary charges for prescription remedys on age's rank by female's and male's sex, but significant difference is only among seniors 60 - 64 years old and seniors older to 75 years old. Confidence in a publicity on remedys is independent of age. Confidence in a pharmaceutical with higher age falls. Confidence in a doctor with higher age rises and influences height supplementary charges for prescription remedys. Conclusions: With higher senior's age rises also height supplementary charges for prescription remedys.
Graduate Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove
Janů, Vladana ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee)
POSITION OF GRADUATES OF FACULTY OF PHARMACY IN HRADEC KRALOVE ON A JOB MARKET Author: Janů V. * Tutor: Kotlářová J. ** *= Modřanská lékárna, Prague, Czech Republic**= Dept. of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove (FaF), Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Background: Beginning young man with practical life and choosing his first profession is one of the most important moments in life. It is essential for graduate which working conditions will make him his first employer for acquire full job satisfaction. Aim of study: Identify by the help of questionnaire survey (practise in 2000-2007) possibilities of application graduates from faculty of pharmacy in practice. Graduates notions and opinions were monitored in the time period of graduation. These are stilled in longitudinal advancement. The results are compared with others theses, lucidity and applicability are explored in the questionnaire. Methods: The questionnaire was anonymous and had seven questions. There were two identification questions, 2 questions respected choice and reason of selection a career, 3 questions identifying pharmacy as expected workplace. Year by year the questionnaire data had been processed in the Microsoft Excel database and the data are analysed in three categories (Sum, Men and...
Pharmacy in the Czech Lands between 1929-1938/9
Valášková, Ladislava ; Rusek, Václav (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee) ; Drábek, Pavel (referee)
11. ZÁVĚREČNÉ SHRNUTÍ Ve sledovaném období je důležité vyzvednout hlavní vývojové momenty, které jsou určovány vzájemným poměrem dvou složek lékárnického stavu, majitelů lékáren a jejich zaměstnanců. Vnější a vnitřní podoba lékáren se začala modernizovat nejen pod vlivem časopisu "Praktický lékárník", který kladl důraz na racionální zařízení lékárny. To znamenalo vybavení jednoduché a zároveň funkční i estetické. V této oblasti se uplatnila řada významných architektů, především Václav Kubík, který byl autorem návrhů pro přibližně 40 lékáren. Úroveň práce lékáren v receptuře a lékárenské výrobě podporoval kontrolní systém representovaný Ústavem pro zkoumání léčiv, který byl založen v roce 1918. Přesto, že se potýkal hlavně s prostorovými a personálními potížemi, a přesto, že aplikace jeho výsledků nebyla pružná, přispěl svou činností k zlepšení úrovně lékárenské receptury. Určitou mezeru v systému kontroly se snažila vyplnit od r. 1934 "Experta - první společnost pro vědecké a racionální hodnocení léčiv". Její příspěvek je mj. ve snaze vyzvednout kvalitu domácích, továrně vyráběných LP, zvláště zavedením jejích biologické kontroly a v podnětu k zavedení zákonem regulované biologické kontroly LČ a LP. V sociální oblasti vystupoval problém platového zabezpečení kondicinujících lékárníků. Ti se domnívali, že...
Drug policy - prices, settlements and participation
Davidová, Jana ; Solich, Jan (advisor) ; Foltán, Viliam (referee) ; Hartlová, Stanislava (referee)
ve Value in Health Participation on drug costs in the elderly in the Czech Republic Davidova, J.; Praznovcova, L.; Vlcek, J. In: Value in Health, Vol. 8 Issue 6 Page 615-A242, Supplement to ISPOR 8th Annual European Congress, Florence, Italy. November 2005 OBJECTIVES: Analysis of participation on drug costs in seniors in the Czech Republic in connection with seniors' social status (e.g. financial, household conditions). METHODS: Quota-sampled questionnaire-based interview with 450 respondents visiting pharmacy; Ratio men:women approximately 1:2; Age 60 years old and elder; 3 regions of the Czech Republic RESULTS: Most of respondents (60 %) live in households with their partners. Respondent's income was retirement pension in 80 %. Its average level was between 5001 and 7499CZK. Respondents used together 1651 medicines on physician's prescription in last four weeks. Overall co-payment for medicines was 31944CZK, e.g. 70CZK per patient. Only 27 % of respondents used fully reimbursed products. Respondents used together 273 OTC drugs in value of 12900CZK, e.g. 29CZK per patient. Average respondents spent on medicines 100CZK in last four weeks, e.g. between 2 and 1.3 % of their income. There were respondents, about 10 %, searching for the level of co-payment in several pharmacies and 8 % of respondents,...
Registration of medicines
Šubová, Irena ; Solich, Jan (advisor) ; Portych, Jiří (referee)
Marketing authorization of medicinal products Mgr. Irena Šubová Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy Hradec Králové, Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy Marketing authorization of medicinal products is process when the quality, safety and efficiency of product are checked based on submitted documentation. Registration in the Czech Republic is according to law No.79/1997 and No.473/2000 and it is harmonized with directives and regulations of European Union. A generic drug is medicinal product which has same qualitative and quantitative composition, as for active substances and same dose as the original formulation and whose bioequivalence with the original formulation has been proven by relevant studies of bioavailability. Structure of documentation describing medicinal program have been given united format, so called Common Technical Document (CTD). Documentation is divided in to 5 modules. Module 1 includes Administrative Information and Prescribing Information and its content is given by national drug regulatory agencies, Module 2 includes Common Technical Document Summaries, Module 3 includes Quality data, Module 4 includes Non-clinical study reports and Module 5 Clinical Study Reports. Important part of Module 1 is Summary of Product Characteristics, which is approved summarized...

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