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Czech Translations of French Litterature in the second decade of the 20th century
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Belisová, Šárka (referee)
KEY WORDS Translation into Czech, Czech Literature, French Literature, Literary Reception, Translation History, Czechoslovakia ABSTRACT This MA thesis focuses on translation of French literature into Czech in the period between 1918 and 1929. The thesis is based on a corpus of bibliographic data, which is submitted to analysis from both quantitative and qualitative perspective. The main aim of this study is to describe the spectrum of Czech translations of French fiction published in the second decade of the 20th century. Firstly, the thesis identifies the most often published authors as well as the most influential Czech publishers and describes their major areas of interest. The translated works are classified by genre and literary movement with reference to the prevalent classification in today's referential works on French literary history. Secondly, the thesis summarizes the principal tendencies in the reception of French literature in Czech translation during the period in question.
Pharmacological and metabolic influence on liver mitochondrial functions
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Červinková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kuncová, Jitka (referee) ; Žurmanová, Jitka (referee)
Liver mitochondria play a crucial role in intermediary metabolism and main metabolic pathways. We evaluated the pharmacological effect on liver mitochondria in vitro using two novel anticancer drugs: 3-bromopyruvate and α-tocopheryl succinate. Metabolic influence on liver mitochondria was performed in vivo by high fat and high cholesterol diet. Toxicity of both drugs was evaluated in cell cultures of hepatocytes isolated from rat and mouse liver. The effect of anticancer drugs on liver mitochondrial functions in vitro was studied on suspensions of isolated liver mitochondria, tissue homogenate and permeabilized hepatocytes. Mitochondrial respiration was measured using high-resolution respirometry. 3-bromopyruvate caused morphological and functional damage of primary rat and mouse hepatocytes in cell cultures; this toxic effect was accompanied by an increase of reactive oxygen species production and mitochondrial dysfunction. 3-bromopyruvate decreased the oxygen consumption of mitochondria energized by substrates for complex I and complex II. α-Tocopheryl succinate caused a decrease of succinate-dependent respiration in all experimental models both in coupled and in uncoupled states. The most pronounced effect of α-tocopheryl succinate was apparent in isolated mitochondria and the least pronounced...
Analýza nízkonákladové letecké dopravy
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Vaško, Martin (advisor) ; Kvítková, Zuzana (referee)
The thesis deals with low cost air transport. In general terms, it is divided into both theoretical and empiric part. The theoretical part consists of three chapters. The first chapter outlines transport in tourism in general. The second one describes air transport and the third one focuses on the low cost air transport. The empiric part, as in the end of the third chapter, opens up with an overview of the low cost carriers who use GDS. The fourth chapter focuses on the low cost carriers in all of the world regions and analyzes them based on the amount of destinations, revenues, amount of transported passengers and market value. The fifth chapter describes low cost carriers which offer long-haul flights. The final chapter compares low cost airlines with full service airlines using market value and amount of transported passengers.
The Chouans in Victor Hugo's novels
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Pohorský, Aleš (advisor) ; Šarše, Vojtěch (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the depiction of Chouans and the Vendée wars in Victor Hugo's novels. We concentrated on his novel Quatrevingt-Treize. On the basis of current historical knowledge, we made a comparison of the version given in Hugo's novel. Then we focused on the significance attributed to Chouans by Hugo with refference to his political views. In the first place, we described in short the circumstances of the creation of Quatrevingt-Treize and its place in the context of the author's life. Then we outlined the character of the Vendée rebellion. Afterwards we compared Hugo's version of combats in Vendée region with its possible historic inspirations. In the second part of this thesis, we analysed the principal Chouan characters. We examined the significance of the Vendée rebellion represented by Lantenac's character in light of Hugo's political beliefs. We came to conclusion that in Hugo's approach they are not seen uniquely from a historico-political point of view. They are depicted as an integral part of the historical evolution of mankind and therefore are not mere defendants of feudal order. The key element is Lantenac's capacity to neglect the historical and political conditions of his own existence. Victor Hugo thus includes Chouans in his vision of future social conciliation.
Usage of OSS/FS in enterprise network
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Hošek, Jiří (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes propose and realization of a new evidence/reclaim system. It uses only software with an available source code – licensed as Open Source or Free Software. Main purposes are to streamline and simplify common processes in service department, for example inserting, printing, editing and listing of reclaims, creating reports, automatic executing of repeated operation and etc. Among other aims of this thesis rank accessing to the reclaim database via internet and application of security rules for an access to and work with system. MySQL server was chosen as the database system, as the HTTP server was chosen Apache. Programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL were used for development. Theoretical observation are mentioned first followed by analyzation of the former state in the service department and sumarization of found problems. Next key part contains detailed steps solving these problems and resulting benefits.
Design of CNC control system
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Tůma, Jiří (referee) ; Houška, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis describesthedesign of a controlsystemfor CNC applicationswhich do not requiresynchronizedmotionofseveral axis atonce. Thegoaliscompatibilitywith G-codethatallowsyou to controlthedevicewith a Cartesiancoordinatesystem. Withthe use ofthenormal PC to run thesystem and communicate via serial line.
Automation of the indexing device TOS DU 250
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Vetiška, Jan (referee) ; Houška, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor deals with the possibilities of automation divider TOS DU 250. The aim is to design affordable management with accurate position sensing and braking of spindle. Diveder control is formed through the control panel which sets the absolute value of rotation.
Survey of Audio Guide Use in the Czech Republic
Sobotka, Ondřej ; Jarolímková, Liběna (advisor) ; Vaško, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with an audio guide service. In general terms, it is divided into both theoretical and empiric part. The theoretical part consists of two chapters where the first one outlines tour guiding while the second one describes city tourism. The empiric part, as in the third chapter, opens up with an overview of some of the major companies providing the audio guide service in the Czech Republic. A list of prices of the actual price of each item is also included. The following chapter provides a comprehensive list of tourist sites as in which the audio guide has already been successfully put in use. The thesis concludes with the last chapter featuring a survey which primarily aims to find out whether the service has generally sunk in or not and what the general public awareness of the phenomenon actually is.

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