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Children's books from the Baobab publishing house for pre-schoolchildren and their role in the development of the reading literary
Smutná, Petra ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the uniqueness of the Baobab publishing house books for pre-school children and to find out what is the opinion of parents and pre- school teachers on selected books from this publishing house, on their content and on their graphic design. In the theoretical part I describe and explain the basic concepts of the reading literacy. I also devote to the contemporary situation in the book market for children, especially pre- school children, mostly non-readers. I focus on a small alternative publishing house called Baobab, its book production for children in general, and on its awarded books. In the empirical part I interviewed parents (41 returned questionnaires altogether) about their awareness and opinion on the Baobab publishing house and on selected books published by Baobab, namely Jak zvířataspí (How Animals Sleep), Šmalcova ABECEDA (Šmalec's Alphabet) and Z domu a zahrady (From the House And the Garden). I also interviewed 7 pre- school teachers to find out about their awareness of the Baobab publishing house and about their opinion on the selected books. Unlike the parents, all teachers had known the publishing house. It was proved that although the publishing house was awarded several prizes for its children's books (especially for the graphic design), the...
Water-use efficiency of winter wheat under heat and drought stress
Hlaváčová, Marcela ; Klem, Karel ; Novotná, Kateřina ; Rapantová, Barbora ; Urban, Otmar ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Smutná, P. ; Horáková, V. ; Škarpa, P. ; Trnka, Miroslav
Because such extreme weather events as dry spells and heat waves are expected to occur more frequently\ndue to climate change, the issue of appropriate water management for sustainable agricultural production\nis increasingly important. This study focuses on wheat, the second most widely grown cereal in the world\nand the most common cereal in European countries. The study assesses the effects of short periods (3 and\n7 days) of high temperatures (26°C as a control, 32°C, 35°C, and 38°C as daily temperature maxima from\n12:00 to 14:00) and drought stress at different developmental stages (DC 31 – beginning of stem elongation,\nDC 61 – flowering, and DC 75 – early grain filling) on water-use efficiency (WUE) in winter wheat\ncultivar Tobak. This cultivar is one of the most widespread winter wheat cultivars in Czech Republic fields.\nThe analysis of WUE showed that the cv. Tobak plants were able to withstand drought stress conditions\nthrough increased WUE. In contrast, wheat plants were stressed more markedly if exposed to higher temperatures\nand drought in combination. Generally, the wheat plants were most sensitive to drought at DC\n31.

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