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Maintaining the positive effects of physical exercise programs for elderly several months after its completion
Smutná, Kateřina ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Title: Maintaining the positive effects of physical exercise programs for elderly several months after its completion. Aims: The main aim of this thesis is to detect, if the level of physical activity of seniors remain in existence even when the organized exercise program within the study EXODYA ends. Another aim is to discover a benefit of two exercise programs within one year in several selected areas. The last aim is to find out, whether the three months long exercise program will have a positive impact on physical and mental state of seniors. Methods: This is an empiric-theoretical research thesis. Three ensembles took part in a mixed qualitative-quantitative research. The muscle strength, flexibility, level of depressive signs and the state of short-term memory was tested with the ensemble I. (N=7) before and after an organized three months long exercise program. The testing of the ensemble II. (N=4) was held during the whole year (2018) within two exercise programs. The measuring of aerobic fitness and physical weight were added. The ensemble III. (N=31) were the alumni of the study EXODYA and they participated in the self-designed survey, where they were asking about the recent level of physical activity. Results: Positive effects were noticed during the three months long exercise program....
The Risks of Premature Start of the Sexual Life of Women
SMUTNÁ, Kateřina
My thesis is called {\clqq}The Risks of Premature Start of the Sexual Life of Women``. This thesis has two parts, a practical one and theoretical one. The theoretical part describes the anatomy and physiology of woman´s body and its development. The start of the sexual life is an important part of women´s life and i tis influenced by many factors that can have both the positive and negative influence and these factors can be cultural, related to health or social. It is very important for young women considering starting their sexual life to have enough information about thein body and process going on in it and prevention of risks arising from unsuitable behaviour in adolescence. For a healthy sexual life it is important to be informed how to care for your body and health and in connection with it also for the reproductive health, a good sexual education is important too as well as biology at school connected with educational programmes for young people. I described the legislative conditions for starting the sexual live in the Czech Republic in theoretical part as well. I try find out in the practical part what risks are known to young women and what is their opinion as for their prevention. I chose the form of a qualitative research for my investigation and I thought of poll questions for this purpose and made a questionnaire and a set of questions out of it. There were two categories questioned, the first category were mothers whofilled in the questionnare, the second category were daughters who I had a standard conversation with. I tried to find out about the reproductive health and the sources of the information in this field the women use. I was trying to find out too whether women know the rsk factors influencing their sexual life. The end of my thesis is a list of enclosures.
The Institute of Green cards as a tool for legal labor migration in a political debate in the Czech Republic
SMUTNÁ, Kateřina
In my thesis "The Institute for Green cards as a tool for legal labor migration in a political debate in the Czech Republic" I analyse the concrete circumstances of the adoption of the Institute for Green Card in the Chamber of Deputies. I tried to place this issue into the context of the situations that surrounded the adoption itself. I believe that the issue of legal immigration will be becoming increasingly important on the political scene and therefore it is important to know how the political parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies approach to this issue. To my work I also included the opinions of NGOs dealing with problems of legal or illegal immigration. My thesis is trying to be a coherent set of attitudes and opinions and comprehensively grasp the problems with receiving of the Institute of Green Card from the perspective of both government agencies and non-governmental companies.

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3 SMUTNÁ, Kateřina
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