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Obstructive sleep apnea detection using polysomnography
Smrčková, Markéta ; Mézl, Martin (referee) ; Králík, Martin (advisor)
This thesis attempts to find an alternative method for automatic detection of sleep apnea using polysomnographic data. The first part is focused on introduction to lungs anatomy and physiology of breathing, sleeping and cardiac system. The second part describes the process of sleep examination and particular components of polysomnographic data. The third part is focused on realization of specific method for sleep apnoea detection, application on real data and results evalutation.
Hybrid Composites Combining Short Deformable Fibers and Particulate Fillers in Polymeric Matrix
Smrčková, Markéta ; Pavelka,, Vladimír (referee) ; Poláček, Petr (advisor)
In this work, the effect of adding short deformable polyvinylalcohol fibers into dimethacrylate resins on mechanical properties of composite materials was investigated. Furthermore, micro- or nano-fillers were added into the matrix. The effect of filler/short fibers combination on mechanical properties of so-called hybrid composites was studied. Composites were characterized by differential compensation photocalorimetry (DPC), termogravimetric (TGA) and dynamic mechanical (DMA) analysis. The fracture surfaces were examined using scanning electron (SEM) and confocal laser (CLSM) microscopy. Elastic modulus and strength, the critical value of stress intensity factor and strain energy release rate and the viscoelastic properties of composite materials were measured. The mechanical properties of composite materials are affected not only by the type of filler/reinforcement, but also by properties of the matrix. These properties also depend on the way of network formation during photo-initiated polymerization. For this reason, heat of polymerization, degree of conversion and the maximum polymerization rate of mixture of dimethacrylate monomers were determined.
The Polymerization and Copolymerization of e-caprolactone using Organic and Organometallic Catalysts
Smrčková, Markéta ; Vojtová, Lucy (referee) ; Hermanová, Soňa (advisor)
Aliphatic polyesters due to their both biodegradability and biocompatibility appear as a class of promising candidates for biomaterials. Nevertheless, their utilization in practical biomedical systems relies on reproducible synthesis of defined products with the absence of residual toxics giving rise to undesired immunological response in human host. The literature review aim at reporting on the initiators/catalytic systems and synthetic strategies of polycaprolactone preparation. The experimental objective of this work was to verify the presence of catalytic residues based on organic carbenes and organometallic complexes of aluminium in prepared polyesters. A series of polycaprolactone (PCL) samples was purified by re-precipitation in methanol at -10 °C. The presence of catalytic residues in PCL after each purification step was monitored by 1H NMR (Bruker Avance). The residual amount of aluminium was determined by means of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS).

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