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A Tool for Post-Mortem Debugging
Kapičák, Peter ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
The goal of this work is checking specific properties in trace which program should meet or which it shouldn't meet. Properties and their description are basis of this tool for post-mortem debbuging. Properties are transformed to deterministic finite automaton for checking in trace and their description is important for searching events in trace. Events are pass to automaton as input. Output of a tool is report if properties are meet or not. Solution provides check of properties regardless of log format and shows events that preceded violation of the properties.
Automated Synthesis of Tree Structures from Real Data
Želiar, Dušan ; Fiedor, Tomáš (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This masters thesis deals with analysis of tree structure data. The aim of this thesis is to design and implement a tool for automated detection of relation among samples of read data considering their three structure and node values. Output of the tool is a prescription for automated synthesis of data for testing purposes. The tool is a part of Testos platform developed at FIT BUT.
Checking of Temporal Properties of Finite Traces of Programs
Sečkařová, Petra ; Češka, Milan (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
Correct behavior of programs can be defined by their temporal properties. One of the options for formal specification of such properties is  linear temporal logic - LTL . This master's thesis describes design and implementation of a tool for automatic checking of temporal properties of programs, that are specified using Past-Time LTL formulae. The trace of a given program is analyzed in run-time and any violation of given formulae is reported in details to help to find the code location with a root cause of the bug.
Generating of Testing Models from Source Code
Kraut, Daniel ; Malík, Viktor (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
The aim of the masters thesis is to design and implement a tool for automatic generation of paths in source code. Firstly was acquired a study of model based testing and possible design for the desired automatic generator based on coverage criteria defined on CFG model. The main point of the master theis is the tool design and description of its implementation. The tool supports many coverage criteria, which allows the user of such tool to focus on specific artefact of the system under test. Moreover, this tool is tuned to allow aditional requirements on the size of generated test suite, reflecting real world practical usage. The generator was implemented in C++ language and web interface for it in Python language, which at the same time is used to integrated the tool into Testos platform.
Generator of Test Runs over GUI
Sojčák, Juraj ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
Graphical user interfaces represent significant part of computer systems. This causes an increase of demands for their proper behavior, which can be achieved by a proper testing during development. This thesis describes the principles of model based testing for automated generation of test cases. In this way, the productivity of test teams can increase. The thesis defines model for modeling the most common GUI elements, algorithm for obtaining such a model from the GUI, and a tool for definition of coverage criteria.
Test Case Management with Support of BDD
Bložoňová, Barbora ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis focuses on test management tools and automated testing. The project covers analysis of existing open source tools and proposes its own BDD orientated test management tool in the form of a web service. The project aims to specify and design this application based on the process of Behaviour driven development. The resulting application TestBuDDy allows for test library management. Changes on the test library are projected onto a remote repository of software under test (SUT) and triggers a test run (the test library is being run against SUT by the BDD framework). TestBuDDy is able to save the test run results, parse them into a report and generate and group found issues. The application also allows requirement management and user management. The application is integrated with the CI/CD tool Gitlab CI, the BDD framework JBehave and the issue tracker JIRA. The application is designed to help testers during their work and also to be expandable within the open source community.
Automated Detection of Types in Data Structures
Oháňka, Martin ; Hruška, Martin (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with data structure synthesis for software testing. In particular, the thesis focuses on analysis of real data in order to detect data types for further test data generation. Data analysis is performed in two layers: a control system for scheduling and invoking partial detections, and a set of data detectors. The thesis deals with analysis and implementation of tool consisting of set of data type detectors over tree structured data like JSON, YAML, or XML. The goal of the detectors is to determine a semantics of values of analysed structure and dependencies between data. The set can be easily expanded as needed, to detect even more complicated meanings and dependencies. The results of these analysis can be used to generate new test data for software testing.
Static Analysis Using Facebook Infer to Find Atomicity Violations
Harmim, Dominik ; Smrčka, Aleš (referee) ; Vojnar, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to propose a static analyser that detects atomicity violations. The proposed analyser Atomer is implemented as a module of Facebook Infer, which is an open-source and extendable static analysis framework that promotes efficient modular and incremental analysis. The analyser works on the level of sequences of function calls. The proposed solution is based on the assumption that sequences executed atomically once should probably be executed always atomically. The implemented analyser has been successfully verified and evaluated on both smaller programs created for testing purposes as well as publicly available benchmarks derived from real-life low-level programs.
Generating Structured Test Data
Olšák, Ondřej ; Holík, Lukáš (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
The goal of the bachelor's thesis is to create a tool for generating files with structure data content. The purpose of these files is to be used as test data conforming to testing of program input space. This thesis focuses on tree-structured data. The tool integrates tools implemented previously within Testos framework for generating test data in order to satisfy user-defined coverage criterion. The tool is able to generate a set of files in JSON or XML format containing test data satisfying ECC, BCC, or PWC coverage criterion.
Front-End for Generator of Test Data
Naňo, Andrej ; Křena, Bohuslav (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design and development of the Dataster web applica- tion which provides data generating functionality for use in the testing of software. Web application is a part of the Testos platform which supports automation of software testing. Aim of the project was to create a web and application interface for the existing application dbgenx which is also part of the platform. Provided solution fulfills specified goals and is suitable for the deployment to a production environment.

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