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The storage furniture for preschool children
Slezáková, Kristýna
This work is focused on an issue of furnishing a public interior for preschool children. It's aimed mainly on the space of changing room and bathroom. The chosen topic was solved from the viewpoint of psychology, security, hygiene and materials. Resulting information was made into a study case, which was finally realized under the author's supervision. Single pieces together with decoration have made a very safe, comfortable and optimistic space for children and also for their staff. It was put into practice in the Primary and nursery school in Uherčice in years 2013 and 2014.
Slezáková, Kristýna ; STAVĚLOVÁ, Daniela (advisor) ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (referee)
Dissertation discusses the cultural phenomenon of Brazilian capoeira and its Czech and European form. The whole text is divided into two parts, historical and anthropological. After an introduction describing the primarily motivation to study Capoeira we find a treatise on the methods of research and its process, which is related to the linguistic definition of the use of Portuguese terms. The first part of the anthropological section gives the reader an image of historical context of the development of capoeira in Brazil, and subsequently in Europe. Informations in this section are primarily taken from written sources, ie are driven from already explored areas of the theory of capoeira. The description of the European context is followed by a part where the entrance of capoeira into the Czech Republic is described and where the findings from my own research begin to be processed. Text flows into the anthropological treatise on the processes accompanying implantation of the exotic phenomenon in European countries and the reasons that led to it. The last part of the thesis deals with the effects of globalization of capoeira and various influences that changed or evolved the art in the new environment. The work presents the latest findings from the history and present of capoeira in its native Brazil as well as in Europe and is also the first work on the subject in the country.
The choreography and the acting
Kupcová, Soňa ; Němečková, Elvíra (advisor) ; Slezáková, Kristýna (referee)
For my work, called choreography and acting, I chose the topic based on my own choreography and the first experience where I decided to use the combination of speech and dance. I mainly focused on the problematic situations that arise from the already mentioned connection. Thet I chose some influential personalities both from history and from today whose work is related to the spoken word and dance. The main objective was to try to answer some basic questions I have asked in the introduction of my thesis and I found at least partial answers to some of them. Finally I dealt with my own choreography called ?So come in, please!? and its analysis, where I tried to describe the work process itself and in particular to sum up all the problematic and crucial points.
Movement and actor
Slezáková, Kristýna ; Kubicová, Ivanka (advisor) ; Kazárová, Helena (referee) ; Pacek, Martin (referee)
My diploma thesis continues in the studies of the actor´s dancing movement, which I started in the bachelor thesis. This time I am taking focus on the creating of a concrete choreographic piece for an actor in the area of a drama or a moving theatre. There are certain differences between the work with a professional dancer and the work with an actor. I try to define these differences, give them names and search for some ways how to better the cooperation with an actor. In the first part I define the terms I use specifically, in the second part I shortly speak about the improvisation and in the last one I bring in a few exercises which support the work with an actor. All the exercises and recommendations came out from my personal experiences and whole the thesis is ment as a kind of a manual which helps to make the choreographic process easier.

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