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Preparatory problems from environment Parquet for children entering the first grade of primary school
Šmídová, Kateřina ; Slezáková, Jana (advisor) ; Jirotková, Darina (referee)
The aim of the submitted diploma is to refine tasks of manipulative environment Parquets for Preschool Children. These tasks then apply to preschool and school children. Not only observe how they cope with these activities, but also how they think, explain their actions, and how they communicate with each other. Observe myself, as a researcher, how do I work with children, how do I communicate with them and how do I submit them the tasks. The theoretical part defines the individual stages for the preschool and pupils in terms of the development of psychology, they are constructive concepts of teaching mathematics with reference to the RVP ZV and RVP PV. The tasks from the environment of Parquets for the first and second year of primary school were registered with reference to didactic potential. I searched the relevant didactic games and described their didactic goals. By the end of the thesis, the extent of the aims fulfilling is reflected. KEYWORDS environment Parquets, constructivism, 2D geometry, didactical games, Ubongo
Learning motivation of pupils at primary school
Panáčková, Pavlína ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
Pavlína Panáčková Učitelství pro první stupeň ZŠ 5. ročník ABSTRACT (MOTIVATION OF PUPILS FOR LEARNING AT PRIMARY SCHOOL) The master thesis deals with motivational quality of semantic support during teaching at first grade at primary school. The theory section consists of four parts. The first part concerns motivation and its sources and motivational problems at school and at the same time it is about communication. The specifics of learning pupils at primary schoo are in chapter 2. The last part deals with the didactic justification of the evocative and motivational function of semantic support for learning. At the same time we are looking for an answer to the question. Does semantics have more meaning in some subjects depending on the type of learning? The aim of the practical part is to find the answer to the question: How does the using of semantic supports influence the pupils' knowledge and their relation to learning? The research contains interviews of the teachers with main topic of semantics and its application during teaching. At the same time, the questionnaire survey is applied to pupils of the third class which compares three types of Mathematics - classical mathematics, Hejny method with semantic focus and Hejny method focused structurally. The thesis contains results evaluation of...
Pupils'work with building blocks during breaks
Chvátalová, Šárka ; Jirotková, Darina (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with a free play with building blocks during breaks. The aim of this work is to find out how the free play with building blocks is beneficial for pupils at primary school. The whole work is divided into 3 chapters and each of them is concerned with the importance of the play in one specific area. The first part deals with the benefits of the play for the development of pupils' mathematical skills, the second part deals with the benefits of the play for the development of social skills among pupils. The third part is then aimed at the value of observing pupils during the free play for teachers. The research was conducted using observation during which photographs and video records of pupils' play were made. The photographs and the video records were consequently analyzed from the perspective of all 3 categories mentioned earlier. Key words building blocks, math, geometry, social skills, communication, cooperation, school break
The environment Biland in teaching mathematics in primary school
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Slezáková, Jana (advisor) ; Jirotková, Darina (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of a didactic mathematical environment Biland. The theoretical part is concerned with the definition of two opposite educational styles, transmissive and constructivist, and their comparison. Within the constructivist educational style, it is also focused on The Hejný's method, and it defines the two basic pillars of this conception. The first pillar is the personality of the teacher and the other one is the mathematical content, which is provided by different mathematical environments. This diploma thesis introduces the environment Biland, describes on which mathematical basis it stands on and shows why should be Biland included into the teaching of mathematics. It answers the question of importancy of teaching also non-base ten systems and therefore it describes the history of place-value system. It also studies the tasks in contemporary textbooks of mathematics for primary schools by Hejný et al. published by publishing house FRAUS. The practical part includes the preparation and implementation of experiments in which the new environment Biland was introduced to the pupils. The experiments were recorded into protocols, followed by analysis. Another aim of the practical part was creation of worksheets for the pupils which were handed out after the...
Mathematical potential of activities in the classes of physical education in elementary school
Šíp, Ondřej ; Slezáková, Jana (advisor) ; Jirotková, Darina (referee)
This thesis is concerned with exploration of the interdisciplinarity of school subjects, specifically the link between mathematics and physical education. The educational goals and content of these subjects, as they are taught in majority of schools, are described in the theoretical part. The subsequent chapters analyze the form of interdisciplinarity in the current educational system, with the focus on the interdisciplinary relation between mathematics and physical education. The practical part of this thesis consists of case reports of students who took part in physical education with activities focused on rhythm in mathematics. This intervention was administered in two fourth grade classes, that were compared with two different fourth grades that took part in regular physical education. The differences between these classes were investigated by examining the students' attitude towards mathematics and physical education, as well as students' mathematical knowledge, which was assessed by administering tests before and after the physical education interventions. Additionally, the thesis contains the collection of the exercises that the students took part in, and which can be used to improve rhythmical and mathematical abilities. KEYWORDS mathematics, physical education, interdisciplinary relations,...
Attitudes towards teaching mathematics focusing on fractions
Moulisová, Martina ; Jirotková, Darina (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with the attitude towards teaching mathematics focusing on teaching fractions. The first part pays attention to the attitudes towrsd teaching and specifies two different styles, classical and constructivism. In case of constructivism, I also pay attention to the term genetic constructivism in connection to Hejný's methodology. After that I present teaching methodology and roles of teacher. The other part of this piece of work engages in fractions especially in children pre- concepts and developing activities which lead to understanding fractions. This piece of work answers the question on how to cope with pre-concept knowledge and in which way it should be developed. I present different kinds of models of fractions and how to work with them in practical part of this thesis. The aim of the practical part is to map the attitudes towards teaching fractions and work with pre-concepts of beginning teachers which is made by interviewing 4 teachers and observing their lessons. Those interviews are analyzed in practical part and the answers of respondents are compared to each other as well as to my expected answers. The reflection of observing the lesson is full of activities which may lead to understanding fractions. At the end I summarize the results of the analysis of...
The idea of additive triad in primary school
Mottlová, Karolína ; Slezáková, Jana (advisor) ; Hejný, Milan (referee)
This thesis is focused on the idea of an additive triad in the 1st year of elementary school. Specifically, it addresses the problems of additive operations, their reading and writing, the commutative law, and the transition to an inverse additive operation. The objectives of the diploma thesis are two: - to find and to characterize the cognitive phenomena that occur in solving the tasks of addition and subtraction of small natural numbers, thus contributing to mapping the area of the pupil mental scheme of the additive triad. - to describe my own development in the field of research and experimentation. The content of the theoretical part is the research of professional literature, the commentary on the tasks in textbooks for the 1st year of three publishing houses and the description of the new didactic environment in Hejný's Method - Abaku. The practical part is devoted to the recording and description of cognitive phenomena, which appear in solving problems focused on additive operations in the work of pupils from the first years of three different elementary schools, and to a description of my mistakes that occurred during experimentation. The result of this diploma thesis are denominated and commented cognitive phenomena, which appeared in the solving strategies when solving the problems of...
Teaching mathematics with the support of outdoor elements
Smetanová, Eliška ; Jirotková, Darina (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with outdoor teaching of mathematics at primary school level. It develops the current interest in outdoor teaching using current innovative learning methods. Its focus is to serve as an inspirational resource for teaching mathematics in the area where a pupil grows up and, on the contrary, to learn about his surroundings through teaching mathematics. It relies partly on teaching via schema-oriented education, but seeks to demonstrate the benefits of outdoor teaching regardless of the style of teaching. It describes and analyzes the specific features, benefits and challenges associated with outdoor learning. The work uses Czech and foreign sources to familiarize the reader with the basic phenomena that arise in connection with the learning process. Their role is pointed out on specific outdoor activities. Detailed analyzes of these activities work in the broader sense as examples of how to lead pupils to enjoy understanding mathematical laws in a non-school environment.
Elements of logical thinking at children aged form 5 to 6 year
Oupicová, Jana ; Kaslová, Michaela (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
The master thesis deals with elements of logical thinking of children aged 5 to 6, which means the přes-school age. The main goal is to finf out the conditions under which the pre-school children are able to apply elements of logical thinking when solving exercises of the zebra type using the manipulation method. Next goal is to investigate on which of the characteristics of the task depends the success of its solution. The partial hypotheses focus on whether children aged 5 to 6 can successfully solve at least half of the assigned tasks, whether they are able to solve them individually and, last but not least, explore zebra formation after experience from the previous graduated six series. The theoretical part focus on the areas of development that the zebra solution of the child relies on: motor development, thinkig development, logical and prelogic thinking and the possibility of solving activities. The practical part contains scenarios compiled from draduated tasks that will be solved by three groups of four children. It also contains a series of tasks solved individually by children. In the end, neww groups will be built on the succes rate of previous activities, which will prove the ability to develop tasks from previous experience. In addition to the direct observation method,...

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