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Objective barriers and initiation of adults'recreational sport -case of Hradec Králové city
Svobodová, Iveta ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Kotlík, Kamil (referee)
Title: Objective barriers and initiation of adults' recreational sport -case of Hradec Králové city Objectives: The aim of the work is to find out the possibilities and offer in matter of sport activities and recreational sport activities of the adult population. The emphasis is on organised activities and their forms on the example city of Hradec Kralove. Also the aim is to find out the interest of the population in Hradec Kralove in both spontaneous and organised sport activities. Furthermore, another goal is to reveal the satisfaction of the target group in the offer of sports and at the same time to define possible obstacles that are mostly the reason for the adult population not to do sports at their free time. Methods: The research combines both quantitative and qualitative methods. In order to reveal the offer in sports activities an analysis was made. Sources of this analysis were mostly the accessible documents and the web sites of the organisations, in some cases also telephone questionnaire. In the second part of the research, which is focused on the interest of the population, an online survey was used. Results: The research carried out the evaluation of the offer of recreational sports for adult population in the city of Hradec Kralove. Furthermore, the questionnaire survey revealed...
Sport tourism in regional development
Soukupová, Lenka ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Novotný, Jiří (referee) ; Perlín, Radim (referee)
Title: Sport Tourism and its Influence on Development of Regions Objectives: The objective of the thesis is to introduce the sport tourism as a convenient tool for the regional development, to find out if the regions think about it in this way nowadays and how the sport tourism is incorporated in the strategic documents if so. The finding if the sport tourism is considered as a separate branch or if it is still divided into sport and tourism industry is also remarkable. This thesis sets the target to outline the different ways of the sport tourism application in a regional development and to determine certain recommendations as well. Methods: The methods used at research are qualitative content analysis and semi- structured interview. The analysis is used for the strategic documents of regions and the interviews are held with the regional representatives and the private institution agents chosen by a snowball sampling. Subsequently, a holistic analysis and an interpretation of discovered results are made. Results: I have revealed that sport and tourism are both part of the strategic documents of the regions, but no region uses the term 'sport tourism' in these documents. Sport and tourism are still two separate industries in the conception of the regions. Basically, it is possible to say that sport...
Fair play and the rules of sport
Vejpravová, Dominika ; Parry Martínková, Irena (advisor) ; Slepičková, Irena (referee)
Title: Fair play and the rules of sport Objectives: The main aim of this work is to define the concept of fair play in terms of formalism, and its detailed explanation, explanation of related concepts while using examples from practice, and subsequent critique of formalism in comparison with other concepts of fair play. Methods: The methods of compilation, analysis and synthesis were used. We used the compilation method to summarize the theme based on available literature. The method of analysis was used to understand concepts closely related to fair play as formalism and the method of synthesis to understand the whole theme through the synthesis of the explained parts. Furthermore, we used the method of comparison, for comparing fair play as formalism with other concepts of fair play. Results: The theme of fair play and its relationship to rules was explained. We identified some limits of fair play as formalism, based on comparison with other concepts of fair play. Keywords: Fair play, rules, virtues, cases of fair play conduct, education
Development of youth volleyball in Nachodsko region
Lipovská, Ivana ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Vorálek, Rostislav (referee)
Title: Possibilities of volleyball development in Náchod region Objectives: The primary goal of this thesis is to identify and analyze current problems of volleyball development in selected region of Náchod and also to propose possible solutions to the most significant issues. Secondary goal is to analyze current membership base, financial situation of volleyball clubs and other presumed problems preventing good development of volleyball sport in given region. Methods: The main method used in this thesis is a case study based on the analysis of primary and secondary data complemented by simple quantitative methods. Primary data was obtained from semi-structured interviews with local professionals. Secondary data were collected from the clubs historical materials, internet and other sources. To complement the case study there is also basic quantitative analysis of secondary data obtained from the statistics of membership base based on analyzing occurrence frequency and percentage reports for selected volleyball clubs. Results: There are main findings about membership base in Czechia which is constantly declining. On the contrary in the group of girl and boy pupils there is an opposite trend in recent years both in Czechia and in selected region clubs. This growth is happening thanks to the project...
The role of the civic organizations in the life of the small municipalities
Kubásek, Pavel ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Novotný, Jiří (referee)
Title: The role of the civic organizations in the life of the small municipalities Objectives: The main objective is to evaluate the relationship between civil society organizations and representatives of public administration in terms of their common aspiration to build cohesion in the former Association of Municipalities Neveklovsko. Defunct micro-region is also subject to consideration of future similar institutions. Methods: This multi-case study is based on analysis of data collected in selected community association Neveklovsko. The project will also draw information from public printed materials. This project will be based on semi-structured interviews with the mayors of municipalities and chosen representatives of civic associations. Results: We found that all municipalities of examined micro-region realize the importance and interest groups in the villages. Municipalities are trying to make these voluntary organizations to promote and ensure better social life of the inhabitants. Recently, the municipalities of the former micro-region worked together again in the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the eviction of Neveklovsko. Recreating of micro-region is not in a sight. Any municipalities do not agree with the financing and therefore they have no further interest in this integration....
History and the present of women football in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)
Dědinová, Aneta ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Waic, Marek (referee)
Title of bachelor thesis: History and the present of organized woman's football in the Czech Republic/ Czechoslovakia Processed by: Aneta Dědinová Head of Bachelor Thesis: Doc. PhDr. Irena Slepičková, CSc. Aims of the work: Mapping the development and the current form of fiale football in the Czech Republic (hereinafter only the Czech Republic) in clubs and on a global scale. To find out how the situation in female football is perceived by representatives of local clubs and people working in this sector at the FAČR. Work methodology: To achieve the goals of the bachelor's thesis, a method of controlled interview were used, in which respondents answered 10 pre-processed questions. The questions were specifically designed for this research. Three coaches of different age categories and performance groups, 2 manageres from the clubs of the Prague "S" and a member of the UEFA Women's Football Commission have submitted the survey. Results of the thesis: Based on the bachelor thesis interview, I found out that woman's football in the Czech Republic is increasing popularity a lot. The membership base is growing every day, which confirms that woman's football is the most developing sport in the world. The financial budget for woman's football has increased, but all respondents agree that the funds in this...
Organizational and security aspects of International Sport Events for youth - case study of Christmas price of Prague
Ptáková, Lenka ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Popelka, Jakub (referee)
Title: Organizational and safety aspects of international sports competitions for youth - Prague Christmas prize case study Objective: The main objective of this thesis is to develop proposals for improvement of the Prague Christmas Prize organization and to create security measures for this competition and for similar competitions in the Czech Republic. Supportive goals for the main objective are: SWOT analysis of the competition, finding the funding opportunities for sporting events in the Czech Republic and evaluation of the application of proposals for improvement of the competition held in 2013. Methods: The qualitative case study method is used in this thesis. The data are obtained by document analysis and group discussion. The acquired data will result into the SWOT analysis. Results: Results of this thesis consist of proposals for improvement of the quality of the Prague Christmas Prize and of development of simple safety measures for this competition. It can serve as a simple guide for ensuring security on similar sporting events. Key words: Organization, management, budget, risk analysis, sport funding.
Grant sport policy in Prelouc town
Moravec, Michael ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Popelka, Jakub (referee)
Title: The subsidy policy applied by the city of Přelouč in sport Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to describe the policy of the city of Přelouč in the support of sport, sports funding at the local level with the description of individual funding opportunity, building sports infrastructure in the long run focusing on receiving grants for sport. Methods: In this diploma thesis the method of mixed research is used consisting of work with documents related to grants provided to selected sports facilities in the city. Further personal or written interviews and questioning with representatives of the city of Přelouč and villages in the district of the city and with sports facilities managers. Results: The result of the thesis is a text that contains information about the support given by the city into the sports infrastructure, description of the areas of financing with an emphasis on subsidies. The city of Přelouč fixed the sport as one if its policy priority and within the budget allocates to sport around 1%. Over the last ten years, the city of Přelouč realized with the help of state and Europe grants three large projects for the expansion of the sports infrastructure. The city creates sports conditions for the village inhabitants in the urban district where the situation is not at...
Possibilities and limits of events promoting children sport participation - case study of Sazka Olympic multiple event
Gabrielová, Linda ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Kolář, František (referee)
Title: Possibilities and limits of events promoting children sport participation - case study of Sazka Olympic multiple event Objectives: The aim of the study work is to evaluate the organization and success rate of the project "Sazka Olympic multiple event". The study analyses the possibilities and limits of the project, and provides recommendations how to improve the project in the following years. Methods: The study is a case study and uses mostly qualitative methods of research. Data collected from interviews and document analyses are then evaluated by the SWOT analysis. Results: The results of the study are proposals and recommendations for organization of "Sazka Olympic multiple event" which promotes children sport participation. The case study revealed both strengths and weaknesses of the project and defined its opportunities and threats. The recommendations may be used for the future realization of the project. Keywords: sport participation, children, Czech Olympic Committee, sport promotion
Current problems of sport promotion in Červený Kostelec
Jirásek, Tomáš ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Popelka, Jakub (referee)
Title: Current Issues promoting sport in Cerveny Kostelec Objectives: The aim of this document is to analyze and evaluate the current management of sport in Cerveny Kostelec. Attention is paid to the financing of sport activities and facilities. Part of this thesis is dedicated to providing an overview of sports facilities, their condition and a comparison with urban standards. Further parts are dedicated to analyzing current funding of sport in the community, analyzing the financing of sport in other towns and a new possible funding of sport in the town. Methods: This is a case study which is based on an analysis of primary and secondary data about Cerveny Kostelec and similar towns. Secondary data was collected from the information available on the Internet and internal town documents. The primary data was obtained from interviews with the people who deal with this issue. To evaluate the information obtained, descriptive, contextual and comparative analysis was used. Results: There is a complete list of sports facilities in the observed community. It was also found that the total area for sports in Cerveny Kostelec is sufficient, but the sub-area for school PE is small when compared with urban standards. Public sport facilities are neglected and little used. Hall Sokol and gyms are used...

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