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Assessment of the Impact of Planning on Land Prices
Slavík, Jan ; Šestáková, Romana (referee) ; Doležalová, Monika (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes methodology background for price evaluation of real properties. The case study presents the evaluation of selected land in cadastral area Podolí u Brna, town Podolí in different conditions of town and country planning. The administrative price and market price are obtained from evaluation in three different steps of country planning. The obtained results are interpreted and changes in prices are outlined with an effect of town and country planning changes.
Detail in architecture. Visual art aspects of modern architecture and its application to contemporary contexts of art education
Hanuš, Jiří ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Sedláková, Radomíra (referee)
Architecture is an integral part of the (not only) visual world and human existence. Its position expands between utilitarian areas and artistic functions. But what are the specific characteristics that connects it to the visual arts? Is the current architecture visually and experientially inspiring? Dissertation develops a reflection on how, by working with architectural detail to convey a modern architecture to students at schools and permanently integrate it into the education. The goal is the linking with theoretical basis of the author's individual view of the aesthetic qualities of architectural detail with intention of finding didactic bases. As a medium to approach and grasp this phenomenon is used photography, which is seen as a smooth transition between two- dimensional and three-dimensional world. At the same time, however, it works completely autonomously. The research method is based on the principle of interpretative phenomenological analysis, in which, through the interpretation of respondent's works of art and comparison of the individual artistic creation, looking for points of contact and new possibilities for art education. The architectural detail is treated as an artistic language and also as the medium, which offers a number of alternatives, but has so far not found its full...
Supervision with Visual Art Expression
Hanzlová, Andrea ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee)
Title: Supervision with Visual Art Expression Author: Bc. Andrea Hanzlová ABSTRACT Although art expression has been widely used in both art therapy and supervision in the Czech Republic, its distinctive features, added value and possible drawbacks in supervision have been researched less extensively than in art therapy. Here I explore what art expression brings into supervision, what new perspectives it can offer and what obstacles may dissuade supervisors from employing certain approaches. A qualitative content analysis of semi- structured interviews on the sample of 12 respondents revealed four thematic areas: Definition of creative art process, phases and content; Drawbacks and Benefits of working with art expression; The role of education in used methods and approaches. The results show an unexpectedly wide range of methods that Czech supervisors and supervisees employ when dealing with art expression in supervision, as well as the extent or absence of some approaches. One possible reason could be the lack of legislative anchoring compared to countries such as the UK and USA. Key words: expression, visual creative process, artefact, expressive therapy, art therapy, supervision, supervision of art therapies
Development of teachers proffesional competencies
Soukupová, Pavla ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Novotová, Jitka (referee)
1 Abstract (in English): Development of proffesional competencies The aim of the dissertation thesis is to analyze the needs of development of selected competence and to design a system of measures and methods to support its development in the undergraduate training of future teachers. The theoretical part of this thesis presents current knowledge regarding the issues of professionalisation of teachers and the development of their professional skills. Crucial for this thesis are studies on the standardization of the teaching profession and establishing a framework of professional qualities that the teacher should be equipped with at the beginning and also during his prefessional carrier. Based on empirical studies, the diagnostic competence was identified as the competence in which the trainee teachers feel the greatest handicap in his professional preparedness. Therefore, in this thesis, an extra attention is payed to this competence. The empirical part of this thesis is focused on analysis of needs of diagnostic competence of teachers in primary and secondary schools. The target of the research was made more accurate by formulation of research questions. The empirical part is based on the realization of miscellaneous research where methods of qualitative and quantitative research were combined. The...
Analysis of Expressive experience at comparison of learning and salutogenetic motives of Art Education
Komzáková, Martina ; Slavík, Jan (advisor) ; Géringová, Jitka (referee) ; Šicková, Jaroslava (referee)
This doctoral thesis deals with selected aspects of personalization level of teaching in Art Education and is divided into several units. First I discuss the current domain situation and specifics of education through expression. Further I present findings from the fields of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy and Neuroscience and their potentials for its introduction into the field of Art Education in terms of preparing the content of teaching tasks and methods. The process of implementation of these findings and its outcomes are shown on specific case studies. The next chapter focuses on description of an example of a training model of a teacher/Art-philetic Art educator, who develops the components of personalization, socialization and enculturation in the process of teaching. The point of view and the interpretation of all of the issues that I deal with in this thesis, is driven by effort to work correctly with the personalization component in teaching tasks in order to not to exceed the educational framework and not to perform pseudo - Art-Therapy. The teaching task, its putting into practice and its interpretation determine what is happening in the classroom. The focus is on cognitive motives that are accentuated and developed. Slavik, Géringová and Hajdušková offer distinction of these...
Apropriations in contemporary Czech painting
Špačková, Miroslava ; Špirk, Ivan (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Dytrtová, Kateřina (referee)
5 ABSTRACT The Thesis named Apropriations in contemporary Czech painting is based on art historical foundations. The aim is to analyze the phenomenon of quotation. The first part analyzes the scientific literature, the emphasis is on analytical branch. The topic is contextualised in Czech and international artistic environment. It represents a fundamental interpretation of artworks. The second part, the research is divided into two parts. The first presents a qualitative research based on structured interviews with open questions, which were conducted with painters stigmatized time of totalitarianism. Article in the appendix shows its use and method of processing. The second part is based on phenomenological interview. They were interviewed three painters (Gerboc, Petrbok, Stech). The aim is reconstuction experiences of these painters in relation to apropriations and classification of their creative intentions into typologies. Individual profiles are based on the interpretation of works of art. The third part - art education - examining the relationship of contemporary art and art education, presents practical examples. Describes the didactic curriculum transformation in the context of concept analysis. KEYWORDS appropriation, quotation, denotation, connotation, concept analysis, context, qualitative...
Influence of Music in Personal Development and use of music therapy elements and technics in educational practice
Počtová, Lenka ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Slavík, Jan (referee)
The thesis on "Influence of music in personal development and use of music therapy elements in educational practice" describes the music impact on human being and connection of musical and non musical realms of life of man and the world. This existing connectedness is a basis for searching for possibilities how to use the music in educational practice to support self understanding, personal and social development. The whole thesis consists of five theoretical and one empirical chapter. In the first chapter few key attributes of education that may support a young man in growing into authentic, integrated and social personality are described. One's own experience and reflective dialogue are considered the main means of this kind of educational process. Later some characteristics of art philetics and personal and social skills training are described for they bring inspiration for use of music and musical experience in educational practice. The second chapter sets forth the outlines and main characteristics of music therapy, music education and music philetics which can coincide with each other. The third chapter describes the music itself, its origin, qualities, meaning and certain effects that music brings into human life. The fourth chapter deals with impacts of music on man, his body, mental life, cognitive...
Constructivism in Czech Language Teaching at Higher-Secondary School
Štěpáník, Stanislav ; Šmejkalová, Martina (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Svobodová, Jana (referee)
The dissertation explores the opportunities and limits of implementing constructivist elements into Czech language education. While in didactics of mathematics and sciences the perspective of constructivism has been dynamically developing, in language didactics it is an area which has not been satisfactorily dealt with. The effectiveness of a designed constructivist teaching strategy in contrast with a traditional one has been tested on a selected part of content matter of Czech syntax (relations in compound sentences) in the terrain of two classes of higher-secondary school. Constructivist teaching utilizes students' conceptions; therefore before the experiment itself, students' conceptions of the content matter were researched on one selected subject. The outcomes were then taken into account when creating the experimental strategy. It is necessary for teaching Czech that it makes use of the students' preconceptions and their natural language competence, and that teaching has a semantic- functional, or communication approach to the language phenomena taught. The results of the research suggest that it is possible to implement constructivist features into Czech language teaching successfully, and that their effectiveness in certain aspects might be higher than it is with traditional strategies. In any...
Teaching Styles of ESP Higher Education Teachers
Kotlebová, Sandra ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Nečasová, Pavla (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the teaching of professional English language at non-philological faculties of universities. The theoretical part discusses its position at the lower levels of education, student-centred learning and teaching as well as ESP teaching. In the empirical part we present five case studies, which aimed to bring the image of the teaching styles of selected ESP teachers. We have found how they motivate students to learn English and what position within the courses at the selected universities the professional English has. Interviews and direct observation consisted methods of qualitative research. In order to achieve triangulation of research methods we used a standardized questionnaire. Cross-case summary gives answers to research questions, which showed that the selected teachers follow the rules of both ESP and student-centred learning and teaching. Based on the analysis of students' needs, they decide for different teaching methods. Despite the fact they all act primarily in the role of a facilitator, it is their own concept of teaching, learning styles and pedagogical thinking, which make up their unique style. Selected teachers admit that their teaching style is the result of several years of practice and is based on their inner persuasion, what is important for...
Formation, incorporation and invalidation of a business corporation
Slavík, Jan ; Horáček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Zahradníčková, Marie (referee)
The aim of my thesis titled "Formation, incorporation and invalidation of the business company" is a description of a complicated two-stage process of establishment of a business company. In connection with the recodification of civil law the thesis focuses on the changes that recodification brought, points out its weaknesses and tries to propose possible solutions. The aim of this work is not to be a guide for potential founders, but rather to discuss the different phases from the theoretical point of view and with regard to the recent changes. The work also does not deal with general issues relating to business companies and even the process of establishing a European company and European Economic Interest Grouping. The thesis is divided into five chapters, each of them dealing with different stage or question of the establishment of a business company. The chapters are further subdivided into sub-chapters that discuss the individual phases in detail. The first chapter provides a general introduction and a basic description of the discussed topic. The second chapter deals mainly with the requirements of the founder, his position and the nature of the founding legal action. In the third chapter the thesis mainly addresses the issue of legal action of the preliminary business company and other...

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