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Permeability of sandstone surfaces and water flow in shallow zone of ruiniform sandstone landscape
Sysel, Ondřej ; Slavík, Martin (advisor) ; Tesař, Miroslav (referee)
Water in porous rocks (e.g. sandstone) plays a fundamental role in their disintegration. However, the places where water enters the sandstone rocks are somewhat overlooked. At two sites in the Český ráj region, I use Karsten tube to measure capillary water absorption (CWA) of natural sandstone exposures and, using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) method, I study movement of water in a shallow zone of ruiniform sandstone landscape. The CWA differed up to four orders of magnitude at a distance of tens of meters, mostly depending on the type of the surface. The highest CWA was measured at highly weathered surfaces, the second most absorbent were less weathered surfaces covered with a biologically-initiated rock crust. The horizontal surfaces on the tops of the rock formations were even less absorbent, probably due to clogging by fine particles from soil. Surfaces covered with iron crust were the least absorbent. The differences between those surfaces are significant. After simulated infiltration, the maximum rate of the propagation of the wet front in the sandstone was from 5,5.10-6 do 1,9.10-4 m.s-1 measured by TDR. The water propagated at this rate only to a certain depth (the first tens of cm), but then the propagation stopped or slowed down rapidly. From a long-term measurement of volumetric...
Moisture characteristics of natural sandstone exposures
Slavík, Martin ; Bruthans, Jiří (advisor) ; Tesař, Miroslav (referee) ; Sněhota, Michal (referee)
Moisture in a sandstone body plays a notable role in hydrological, weathering, biological and other processes. Knowledge about presence and movement of moisture within porous medium of natural sandstone exposures is, however, rather limited. Aim of the doctoral thesis was thus to quantify selected moisture characteristics of several natural sandstone exposures in Český ráj (Czech Republic). According to long-term logging, mean annual temperature at studied areas was between 8.5 řC to 11.5 řC, mean annual relative humidity was between 73 % to 85 %. Deforested area was found warmer and drier and amplitude of the values was higher there than at the forested areas. Values of water content (more than 400 measurements) and suction (more than 150 measurements) of the exposures including their spatial-temporal changes were obtained. Mean volumetric water content in zone from the sandstone's surface to 12 cm depth was from 3 % to 10 % and mean suction in depth 2-12 cm was from 2 kPa to more than 130 kPa. Using uranine powder coloring, spatial distribution of moisture near the sandstone's surface was visualized repeatedly for the first time. The coloring divided the surficial area of the sandstone into capillary (wet) and diffusion (dry) zone. The sharp transition between the two zones was represented by...
Analysis of the cost of housing soldiers from the profession in the Czech Republic
Slavík, Martin ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
This thesis deals with housing costs and commuting of professional soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic. It analyzes not only the cost of housing and commuting , but also the subjective perception of the burden on individual households of soldiers. The sample was analyzed for the entire Army of the Czech Republic , which were represented by soldiers from various units and garrison towns across the Czech Republic . For the final analysis were used data gathered by a questionnaire and also was used secondary data analysis . The result was , among other things , to determine what strategies are used by soldiers to provide their housing and commuting . Other findings are described in the empirical part and at the end of the thesis. Powered by TCPDF (
Philosophical Expression of Cathedrals
Slavík, Martin ; Veverková, Kamila (advisor) ; Dolista, Josef (referee)
Philosophical Expression of Cathedrals by Bc. Martin Slavík The dissertation is devoted to the topic of the sacral gothic architecture, namely the construction of medieval cathedrals, in which architecture seeks the deeper philosophical and theological context of the period spirituality, cosmology and the perception of correspondences of man and the world. The research dives in sacred geometry and architecture of the golden number that corresponds to the Pythagorean mysticism of numbers. The work is based on a broad theoretical base, which includes philosophy, theology, psychology ( especially Jung and by him affected the current archetypal psychology, further daseinpsychology and psychological sphere influenced by philosophical reference of Martin Heidegger ). The work is multidisciplinary, although its centerpiece are always cathedrals in the context of the medieval world. The work also mentions specific status of the cathedral in a broad spectrum of sacral architecture and on this basis reveals the spiritual interconnection of medieval and ancient world. Contents: Cathedral in the context of medieval society Formation of the cathedrals St. Vitus Cathedral Saints in the context of St. Vitus cathedral Medieval man in the context of his world and thinking Pilgrimages and pilgrimage in the medieval Word...
Permeability of natural surfaces of Hruba Skala sandstone in rock cities for water vapour and intensity of evaporation
Slavík, Martin ; Bruthans, Jiří (advisor) ; Pavlíková, Milena (referee)
Aim of this study was to describe capillary water and vapor transport in shallow subsurface of Hrubá Skála sandstone in the Bohemian Paradise. I have quantified permeability of Hrubá Skála sandstone for water vapor using "wet cup" method and also capillary water absorption of sandstone drill cores. I have found out general rules of evaporation and rate of evaporation from several sandstone outcrops in real microclimate. Important part of my work was to determine whether surface crust plays some role in studied parameters. Based on my results, permeability of different types of sandstones for water vapor does not vary significantly and surface crust has no effect on rate of water vapor diffusion. Rate of capillary water absorption is reduced by surface crust. Hrubá Skála sandstone is classified as medium or highly absorbing material. I have proved that evaporation from porous medium can be approximated by exponential function. Rate of evaporation is strongly controlled by climatic conditions, especially by relative humidity. Powered by TCPDF (
Origin of karst conduits and caves in Jizera Formation in Turnov.
Slavík, Martin ; Bruthans, Jiří (advisor) ; Schweigstillová, Jana (referee)
Aim of this study is to characterize the processes responsible for evolution of open conduits and caves in Jizera Formation near Turnov, in particular to distinguish if the main factor acting in enlargements of conduits is dissolution and the conduit system can be called karst, or if the process is caused by erosion of weakly cemented sandstone without contribution of dissolution. An important part of the study is to introduce the concept of self-organization. Based on results from accelerated simulation of dissolution of twenty rock samples, SEM analysis and drilling resistance, I have proved that rocks in Jizera Formation near Turnov dissolve in an acidic environment and their strength characteristics does not enable direct erosion by flowing water. Samples from localities of "Bartošova pec", "Slepé údolí Podhorčí", "Rozsedlinové ponory pod Drábovnou", "Šetřilovsko", "U Kačeny" and "Semikraska" dissolve, but behavior of samples from "Sudoměř - rybník" and "Sudoměř - Skalský potok" is in an acidic environment very similar to samples from Teplice Formation "Skalní pískovcový výchoz u Podhorčí" and "Valdštejn".

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