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Application of Python programming language for solving the problems of surface physics related to graphene research
Špaček, Ondřej ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Bartošík, Miroslav (advisor)
This work is focused on application of Python programming language for solving of three physical problems: graphene humidity sensor, image analysis of pictures of graphene doped by gallium from scanning electron microscope and diffusion equation of charge on surface of graphene microstructure for description measurement by Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy.
Finite element simulation of stresses in plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating
Lacina, Zdeněk ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Skalka, Petr (advisor)
Bachelor‘s thesis focuses on the study of stress states in thermal barrier coatings. A two-dimensional computational model of thermal barrier coating was created using ANSYS software, on which the process of cooling of thermal barrier from working temperature to room temperature was simulated .The stress distribution in ceramic layer was studied then. The output of this thesis is a description of the influence of roughness, amplitude and TGO layer on the stresses in a ceramic layer of thermal barrier. Matlab software was used to process the results.
The fatigue life of steel specimens under axial, torsional and combined axial-torsional loading
Mička, Jan ; Horníková, Jana (referee) ; Slámečka, Karel (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the fatigue life prediction under multiaxial cyclic loading. First, the fatigue process is discussed and the methods for fatigue life prediction under uniaxial and multiaxial loading are described. In the practical part, the accuracy of selected criteria is assessed based on experimental data obtained on cylindrical samples made of 1.2210 steel that were tested under synchronous symmetric axial-torsion loading. Application of criteria requires to determine the fatigue strength under pure axial and torsional loading.
Comparison of fatigue fracture criteria for torsion
Roh, Marek ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to determine which criteria better suits the life prediction of the test sample loaded in the pulsating torsion. In the first part of this thesis fatigue failure will be examined, then fluctuating stresses will be characterized along with shear stress. Characteristics of the materials used will be specified in the second part. Lastly, the most appropriate criteria will be determined.
Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of metalic materials under cyclic loading
Vlach, Jiří ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on study mechanical characteristics of metalic materials under cyclic loading. In the first section there are summarized current facts about three fatigue stages: fatigue hardening/softening, microcrack nucleation and crack propagation. This part also contains information about fatigue life, fatigue strength and fatigue limit. The main aim of practical part was to evaluate the Wöhler´s curve, also called S-N curve.
Assesment of stress strain response during cyclic loading
Lehnert, Ondřej ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is focused on assessment of data extracted from testing machine and establishment of cyclic stress-strain curve using peaks of saturated hysteresis loops. In this thesis before data analysis itself, is written down research study about general fatigue of material, then the study is focused on change of mechanical attributes, description of hysteresis loops and cyclic curve. After that follows the procedure of data analysis extracted from testing machine aimed to compare cyclic curve with tensile curve and its mathematical description.
Criteria of Multiaxial Fatigue Life
Blaha, Jakub ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is about fatigue of materials and options of component’s lifetime determination during multiaxial cyclic loading. First it is described mechanism of initiation and grow of fatigue cracks, then the way of determination fatigue life during uniaxial loading and state of stress during multiaxial loading. Then multiaxial fatigue criteria for life time determination are presented. All criteria are based on critical plane and are divided into stress-based, strain-based and energy-based.
Recent Trends in Research and Development of Thermal Barrier Coatings
Malík, Petr ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Čelko, Ladislav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis focuses on recent trends in research and development of thermal barrier coatings which significantly contribute to increase in efficiency and service time of aircraft gas turbines. This work is a literal recherche on this topic which includes complete overwiev of surface treatment for high temperature applications, especially thermal barrier coatings. The most widely used technologies of coating processes and testing methods of thermal barrier coatings are included as well.
Calibration of the test stand MZGS-200 and the monitoring of fatigue experiments using LabVIEW
Klus, Jakub ; Doložílek, Miroslav (referee) ; Slámečka, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor work concerns with the calibration method of the fatigue test stand MZGS-200, monitoring of fatigue experiments and analyzes signal retrieved from tenzometers. Work includes theoretical derivation of the equation describing force acting on the specimen. Two programs in LabVIEW environment were developed for calibration and measurements. The functionality of those programs was veried during fatigue experiments on specimens made of nickel-based superalloy Inconel 713LC. The measurements of mechanical loading by means of tenzometres were compared with optical measurements using noncontact laser sensor optoNCDT.
Criteria of multiaxial fatigue life
Bauer, David ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on determination of lifetime of material under multiaxial cycle loading. This knowledge is important for a good design of the most machine parts. The thesis includes a short description of the proces of material fatigue, which is consequence of cyclic loading. It contains fatigue criteria for the case of uniaxial and multiaxial loading too. From a large number of multiaxial criteria are chosen energy-based and stress-based models.

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