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Using Multimedia for Supporting Listening Comprehension at Students of French Language
Mádlová, Michaela ; Bořek - Dohalská, Marie (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee) ; Suquet, Petra (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with the skill of listening comprehension and using multimedia for its support in the French language teaching process. The issue is studied within the context of Czech curricular documents. It classifies language skills from the point of view of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The process of listening comprehension is described in linguo-didactics from the historical point of view and as a process of language communication. Attention is paid especially to listening comprehension in foreign language teaching. The thesis focuses also on methodical procedures when developing and reinforcing this language skill. Integration of multimedia with respect to varied learning styles and strategies is described. Styles according to the perception preferences and listening learning strategies are focused on. The aim of the thesis is to find out what is the position of the listening comprehension skill in the French language teaching process at upper-secondary schools, what is the success rate of the students in the process of comprehension of the spoken language, whether multimedia can contribute to successful comprehension of the spoken language in a foreign language. The issue is viewed from the perspective of the students as well as the teachers....
Children as interpreters
Šindelářová, Marie ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
The master thesis deals with the dialogical communication interpreted by children. Its primary focus was to analyze situations in which the interpreter and the language brokerer is a child and not a professional adult interpreter. The thesis is devided into two parts. In the theoretical part of the study we will describe the theoretical framework of our research such as natural translation and interpreting, bilingualism and child language brokering. The empirical part of this study describes the research and presents the results of our research. Our aim was to analyze dialogical interpreting and mode of addressing other participants in situations in which the mediator of the communication is a child. Moreover, the research wanted to answer the question about what strategies a child language brokerer uses when interpreting negative criticism about himself. We discovered that dialogical interpreting with a child language brokerer has its specific features and children use some strategies to mitigate or to totally avoid criticism that concerns them directly and they do not interpret as a neutral interpreter should do.
Linguistic Elements of Expressivity in French to Czech Simultaneous
Herák, Jakub ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
The central focus of this Master's thesis is to describe the ways the elements of linguistic expressivity used in political speeches are transformed in French-to-Czech simultaneous interpreting. In the introductory part of the present thesis, we provide a summary of previous research on the means of expressivity in political speeches, which is completed by a description of the process of simultaneous interpreting. In this way, we intend to define possibilities of transfer of expressive elements in the French-to-Czech language combination. The second part consists of an in-depth contrastive analysis of original French and Czech political speeches followed by a comparison of the former with their interpreted versions. In the third step, we compared the original Czech speeches with interpretations. Using our own methodology, we assessed collected data and came to the conclusion that in French-to- Czech simultaneous interpreting, expressivity rate decreases. Powered by TCPDF (
The Issue of Connectors in Contemporary French
Burešová, Tereza ; Loucká, Hana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of connectors in contemporary French. The first part offers an outline of different approaches to the term connector/connecteur within Czech and Francophone linguistics. Based on the description and comparison of individual authors' approaches classified by the theoretical aspects applied, this part explains functioning of connectors not only within the logical semantic coherence relations, but also within the hierarchisation of utterance content considering the pragmatic dimension of the text. The second part of the thesis defines the term "connector" with respect to the approaches introduced above. The third part of the work deals with the characteristics and function of concessive connectors. It is based on defining the concessive relations, it describes their different aspects of meaning conditioning the relations classification within logical semantic relations in Czech and French and offers a list of linguistic means to express them and at the same time, it stresses the complex functional character of the connectors.
Differences in evaluation of the quality of interpretation
Pospíšilová, Lenka ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
Our theoretical-empirical thesis is dedicated to differences in the evaluation of the quality of interpreting. In the theoretical part of our thesis we describe representative studies in aforementioned field and their conclusions. We use them as a basis for the hypothesis of our own research in which we suppose that the formal aspect of an intepreter's delivery will influence the overall evaluation of the quality of his rendering and will be perceived by the respondents as a more important criterion than the logical cohesion of the speech. In the empirical part of our thesis we describe the design and development of our experiment. In this experiment different groups of respondents evaluated nine videos of an interpreter's rendering conducted under specific parameters defined beforehand. Subsequently we evaluate conclusions of our basic and test research. We conclude our work with a partial confirmation of our initial hypothesis.
Semiotics of note-taking in consecutive interpreting
Hrušovská, Petra ; Nekvapil, Jiří (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
The present thesis focuses on semiotic aspects of note-taking in consecutive interpreting, in particular with respect to the process of semiosis and factors influencing the interpreters' conception of their notes. Chapter 1 mentions the basic features of note-taking in order to trace its semiotic characteristics in the following parts of the thesis. In Chapter 2, the notes as a specific semiotic system are briefly discussed within the framework of the second Peircean trichotomy of signs (cases of iconicity, indexicality and symbolicity are demonstrated) and in terms of their function, productivity and spatial settings. After these general considerations, Chapter 3 introduces the main theoretical approaches to the technique of note-taking (principally those of the Geneva and Heidelberg schools) including the issues of the languages involved in interpreting or the nature of signs. As the accent is on the process of semiosis (apprehension of signs by interpreters, generating signs according to the meaning of the speech and searching for the motivation for the interpreters' concrete choices of signs and their form), the chapter lists some basic signs and methods well- tested by practitioners. The signs are also analysed in terms of their origin and possibilities of expansion (composition, derivation...
Explicitness and explicitationin Translation
Keclíková, Andrea ; Sládková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Duběda, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with explicitness and semantic explicitations in translation. Its goal is to confirm or disprove the explicitation hypothesis of S. Blum-Kulka, according to which translated texts are more explicit than their originals, regardless of the language of translation. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of explicitness and explicitation, presents explicitation from the point of view of terminology, translation universals, the cognitive process of translating and the contribution of corpus linguistics to the research of different forms of explicitation. The theoretical part also contains division of explicitation into different types and its classification among other translation procedures. The empirical part is based on a detailed analysis of excerpts obtained from French and Czech belletristic originals and their translations through which the semantic explicitations are researched. The analysis is concluded by a summary of all obtained results and by their confrontation with the explicitation hypothesis.
Virtual on-line resources for conference interpreter training
Žilková, Anna ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
The aim of this study is to describe the influence of modern technologies on interpreting and interpreter training. It focuses on the content of a good interpreting course and summarizes the main features of remote interpreting, telephone interpreting, videoconference interpreting and interpreting over the internet. It contains an overview of eLearning tools used in interpreter training with the last chapter dedicated to a brand new tool - the ORCIT project. The main outcomes of this work are recommendations for project partners regarding functionality and efficiency of this educational platform.
Interpreter's strategy for simultaneous interpreting into the mother tongue and into the B language
Malkovská, Alžběta ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
Malkovská, Alžběta: Interpreter's strategy for simultaneous interpreting into the mother tongue and into the B language, ÚTRL FF UK 2012, p. 149, supervisor: Prof. PhDr. Ivana Čeňková, Csc. This thesis focuses on the topic of the KISS strategy ("Keep it short and simple") as a hypothetical ideal solution for simultaneous interpreting into the active language. The purpose of this theoretical and empirical study is to describe the issue of interpreting into the active language (B language) and the strategies used in simultaneous interpreting, with emphasis on the KISS strategy. The paper is divided into two parts: theoretical part and empirical part. In the theoretical part, we set up the working hypothesis that we will confirm or disprove in the empirical part. We suppose that the KISS strategy is the ideal and predominant mechanism used for interpreting into the B language. The first chapter is devoted to interpreting into the B language focused from different perspectives. In the next two chapters we dealt with the strategies used in simultaneous interpreting, with a particular focus on all the mechanisms and methods included in the KISS strategy. At the end of this part we set up a working hypothesis supposing that the KISS strategy is the ideal and predominant strategy for interpreting into the B...
The Interpreter's and Listener's Perception of Speed in the Process of Simultaneous Interpretation: an Analysis of Theory and Practice Pertaining to French-Czech and Czech-French Material
Tite, Barbora ; Čeňková, Ivana (advisor) ; Sládková, Miroslava (referee)
This thesis addresses the issue of the subjective perception of the speaker's speed during simultaneous interpretation. The theoretical grounding of the thesis is based on Karla Déjean Le Féal's doctoral thesis (1978), which first introduced the notion of subjective speed, whereby two speeches of equal objective speed (as measured in syllables/min.) are perceived as having different speeds. The conclusions of Déjean Le Féal's thesis demonstrate that interpreters usually experience a faster subjective speed when interpreting speeches which were prewritten and then read aloud by the speaker. Impromptu speeches are usually perceived as being slower than read speeches. Aside from the above-mentioned theory of subjective speed, the theoretical section of this thesis analyzes various approaches to measuring speech speed, the relation between objective speed and simultaneous interpreting, the determinants of speech speed and prosodic features influencing the subjective perception of speed. The empirical section of this thesis consists of an experiment which aims to verify Déjean Le Féal's conclusions using French-Czech material. The methodology of the experiment partially replicates the method used by Aneta Mandysová in her master's thesis (2011), which is focused on German-Czech material. The method used...

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