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A Dialectic of Tameness and Wildness in Hermann Hesse's novels
Berný, Tomáš ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
Annotation: The main topic of this thesis is an analysis of tameness and wildness phenomena in particular Hermann Hesse's novels. Thesis will aim to expressions and interpenetrations of those phenomena and their position in period mind frame.Aim will be chronological analysis of those phenomena, their evolution and change in particular novels and an attempt of their synthesis. Key words: Hesse, Nietzsche, tammeness, wildness, Freud, Jung, Demian, Steppenwolf, Narcissus and Goldmund, The Glass Bead game, dialectic, dualism
The influence of family and social relationship for the goverment and the yard of Rudolf II.
Horská, Dominika ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the characterization of distinguished person of the Czech history of the emperor Rudolf II. Emphasisis placed on the individual factors, that influenced the government of Rudolf II. and his court. I focus on Rudolf's collection of art, his interest in alchemy and astronomy. I also deal with significant fraternal problems, relations with women and how was Rudolf II. influenced by his mental illness. I focus the various aspects that most influenced the personality of Rudolf II. The aim of the thesis is to point out the family and social relations of Rudolf II., which were most signed by his government. This thesis also characterize the contradictory personality of Rudolf II. and why in our nation is Rudolf II. popular and distinctive personality from the Habsburg family.
Iconography of Miracles at the Pilgrim Places of the Baroque Period
Káčerek, Roman ; Foltýn, Dušan (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals mainly with iconography of miraculous events at selected places of pilgrimage on the background of their factual history and the overall tradition of certain Marian cults. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the analysis of deliberately chosen pilgrimage sites in all cases, with an emphasis on their initial and other specific miraculous events of non-biblical nature concerning primarily the lives of ordinary people. These analyzes provide a basic insight into the general-factographic history of the relevant sites, which is necessary for the detailed examination of the relevant miraculous events. Primary attention is devoted to the analysis of the original miracles of the pilgrimage sites, especially by their depictions. Within the scope of individual pilgrimage sites, this thesis also seeks to analyze all other pictures of the mercy of the Marian. Great emphasis is also placed on written entries of the mentioned miraculous events, which in most cases very probably preceded their picture delineation. The second part of the thesis tries to systemate the results of the researches and compare them with one another. It is a comparison of the miraculous images that are being discussed, which are done mainly in terms of content and in terms of their writing. It is a...
War and love from the perspective prosaic novels of Erich Maria Remarque
Krajíčková, Kamila ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims at introducing some information about the life of writer Erich Maria Remarque. To sum up his biography - from birth to death - and to mention his inspiration and life experience to write such important works. Then the bachelor's thesis will be devoted to two particular prose works, mostly book All quiet on the western front and the Three Friends. Each work will mention the basic information, the circumstances that led to the creation, the theme of the novels, the filmography, the characteristics of the characters that appear in the works, and then a detailed description of the happening. In the last chapters of the bachelor thesis we will first point to the common characters or, on the other hand, to the differences between the two above-mentioned authors' works, then the works of the others. There will be a brief analysis of other Remarque prose and a reference to the common elements that accompany the work.
Negative depiction of Jewry in slovak literature in the 18th and 19th centuries
Pastuszek, Ján ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Čechura, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis is focused on negative stereotypes of Jews in slovak literature in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the introduction of the thesis, we deal with an ethnic condition in Hungary in the 18th and 19th century, mainly with the Jewish population in the terriroty of today's Slovakia and it's culture and history. In the core of this thesis we focuse on personalities and works of individual authors and anti-jewish elements contained in their work from the beginning of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century. Based on the historical sources, this work denotes negative depiction of the Jews in the slovak literature and analyzes its form, causes and development in the contex with social situation in Hungary.
Image of General Radola Gajda in czechoslovak communist Historiography.
Kulas, Jan ; Beneš, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
Radola Gajda, the general of the czechoslovak legions in Russia and one of the commanders of the army "supreme ruler of Russia", the siberian dictator Alexander Vasilevich Kolchak, the then general of the czechoslovak army, which in a short time reached to the highest place, after their overthrow fascist politician and leader of the main czechoslovak fascist party, Národní obec fašistická and participant of many scandals, is one of the most controversial figures in czech and czechoslovak history. On the one hand, a brilliant military leader, a born military commander, on the other hand, a person with sympathy for the authoritarian regimes and fascist parties, which president Tomáš G. Masaryk of his time considered one of the greatest threats to the czechoslovak democracy. The inconsistency of the person of general Gajda has led to the often very significant differences in the perception of this significant figure in our history during the different political regimes that took turns on the territory of the czech lands. As one of the most important commanders of the czechoslovak legions in Russia was Gajda main initiator of their military campaigns against the Bolsheviks, and in fundamental opposition to communism remained even after the rest of your life. Just as essential was the resistance of the...
The ethnography in south-western Bohemia in Český lid
Kopová, Anna ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Kupcová, Helena (referee)
This thesis is focused on folkloristic work in Domažlicko, Klatovsko and Sušicko at the end of especially in journal Český lid, published 1891- - estate of Čeněk Zíbrt, the editor of the journal. folklore, ethnographers, Domažlicko, Klatovsko, Sušicko, Český lid, Čeněk Zíbrt
Is that you God in that void?" Spirituality in I.M. Jirous's and J. Zahradníček's prison poetry
Krásenská, Klára ; Bartoň, Josef (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
First of all, the author briefly introduces some of the most fundamental moments in the lives of both poets and also the circumstances they were facing as political prisoners during the period od 50's and 80's in the communist Czechoslovakia. The main part of the thesis primarily analyses those poems of Jan Zahradníček and Ivan M. Jirous, that were written while both authors were persecuted and jailed by the regime. The aim of this thesis is to characterize and compare those motifs and topics in the prison poetry collections, that are common for both poets, due to similar circumstances, that determined their lives. Nevetherless, the main topic basically connecting all of them discusses poets' relationship with God in the context of personal crisis. The author will concentrate especially on the revealing and interpretating those spiritual moments, that can be understood as a reflection of Jirous's and Zahradníček's personal spiritual experience.
The Comparison of Songs in Šteyer's Kancionál český and Kancionál Svatojanský in the Context of Contemporary Changes of Religiousness
Boukal, Martin ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Kupcová, Helena (referee)
The goal of this work is a comparison of Šteyer's Kancionál český and Kancionál svatojanský, which declares Kancionál český as its main source. The mutual points are seeked as well as Hymnology, hymnary, religious song, religiousness, Dědictví svatojanské, Dědictví svatováclavské
Doppler - the hero or the author?
Kováříková, Markéta ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The thesis aims on life and work of contemporary Norwegian writer Erlend Loe, young generation's cult author, specifically his novel Doppler. The purpose is to describe a literary movement called new naivism and to probe into a modern northerner's soul. The thesis also describes the author's specific literary style and looks closely to his particular linguistic means. Uncovers, how important is for Scandinavians a stay in the nature and how closely bound they are to it. Enters the mind of todays northernes and encloses their lifestyle to the reader. Denotes the pitfalls that brings life in consume society. The main aim of the thesis is to insight into the soul of an individual struggling with an identity crisis. Searches the purpose of being in post-modern society, to which he was born in. Loe suggests that the way, how today's society works, might not be right and that there is another way, for instance life in harmony with nature.

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