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Before and Beyond Embedding: A Reference Fable from the National Library of Technology in Prague
Skenderija, Sasha ; Stehlík, Martin ; Houdek, Tomáš
Rewind the tape telling the story of reference services at the National Library of Technology (NTK) in Prague to 2009: a closed stacks specialized library with a long, complicated institutional history re-opens its arms to the public with a new “open stacks spirit” in an innovative building—an architectural jewel. Students (80% of all visitors) and the public embrace an inspiring space in the heart of a STEM campus and it rapidly fills with activities ranging from conferences to art exhibitions to concerts. But lost in this mélange are modern academic reference and information services. Despite being governed and financed directly by the Czech Ministry of Education, the narrative of value to academic stakeholders is shyly whispered. “We’re the flagship of Czech librarianship,” we gloat. Nothing, and almost no one, shouts: “We can help you succeed in your academic journey.” Fast-forward to 2017. In our paper, we will relate how we are weaving together the first fabrics of academic value narratives. Our story has not been linear; threads related to internal strategic planning, creation of intranets and reusable staff educational modules entwine with other threads (user-based online development, social media statements, “backward designed” instructional efforts) which we discuss using notable examples. Common to all narratives are themes of academic success, rigor, and individual engagement; internally in relation to ongoing staff development and externally, with intimate involvement (even bowling!) with colleagues and students. While our campus may not yet be fully ready for such approaches, we are now strongly declaring our value as essential players in the successful education of students.
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Virtual Polytechnic Library: From “Home-Grown” Document Delivery Concept to aNational Collaborative Platform for Resource Sharing
Heicl, Václav ; Krueger, Stephanie ; Skenderija, Sasha
The Czech Virtual Polytechnic Library (VPK) began in 2000 as the “virtual resource sharing alliance” by the leading Czech STM libraries as their response to the rapidly changing landscape of STM publishing and acquisitions, resource sharing, access policies, and technologies. VPK utilizes the INVIK document delivery management system developed in 1997 by a team of developers from the then-State Technical Library (now NTK), with NTK as its logistical “service center.” After its launch, the VPK alliance soon grew to also include non-STM libraries and became the Czech Republic’s most efficient and reliable national interlibrary resource sharing platform. VPK’s technological infrastructure and the logistical service center at NTK have adapted in an agile manner to changes in scholarly publishing over the past fifteen years and to the demands and needs of its participating members, who contribute data and resources to the sharing system. The VPK platform is now being considered as a resource sharing platform for the Central Portal for Czech Libraries (CPL), which would serve (starting in 2020) public libraries in addition to academic institutions and which would have more robust end-user functionality. The presenters will discuss this unique collaboration solution, which shows how a “home-grown/grassroots” initiative—developed and managed by its participating members in direct response to their changing needs and circumstances through time—can prove to be an inspirational, flexible and viable solution, even at the national level.
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Digital Library Conference 2014
Krueger, Stephanie ; Skenderija, Sasha
Témata konference byla do určité míry relevantní pro aktivity NTK, zejména prezentace zástupců vědeckých knihoven a knihoven se zaměřením na technické a přírodní vědy. Naopak některé prezentace byly přínosné pro knihovny poskytující služby pro společenské a humanitní vědy a knihovny s archivní povinností. Nejvíce relevantní informace z konference o vzorcích chování uživatelů online zdrojů a o požadavcích Horizon 2020 byly přeneseny do aktivit současných týmů pro služby a komunikaci knihovny. NTK se musí i nadále věnovat naplňování své mise směrem k rozvoji repozitářů a podpory open accessu.
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