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Perception of financial risks
Horová, Kateřina ; Richter, Eva (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
The thesis is concerned with the perception of financial risks, concretely the perception of the risk of indebtedness. In the theme are used data from an online panel from Behavio Labs in order to find out whether the citizens of the Czech Republic perceive taking bank or non-bank loans , eventually more loans simultaneously, as risky or not and which socio-demographic variables are related to the perception of the risk of indebtedness. As independent variables are analysed variables gender, age, education, income, number of kids, marital status, region, or money satisfaction. The methodological framework is based on descriptive statistics, contingency tables, serial correlations, and the non- parametric Kruskall-Wallis test. The thesis reveals that citizens of the Czech Republic in general perceive taking loans as risky. Because of the very oblique distribution for all dependent variables measuring risk perception of different types of loans, not too many statistically significant relationships were revealed. The strongest relationship that was shown was the dependence between risk perception of bank loans and education, as well as income. Key words: Risk perception, indebtedness, financial risks, risk tolerance, bank loans, non-bank loans
Tax Kobra assessment
Bílková, Hana ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Vlček, Josef (referee)
The theme of my bachelor thesis is the evaluation of an investment. More specifically, the investment that I am going to evaluate is a state project of the Czech Republic called Tax Cobra, which is a little bit different in reality than in my thesis. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts: the first is theoretical, whereas the second is practical. In the first part, I explain what the Tax Cobra is, how and why this project was made, and who the members of it are. I also explain how the investment is evaluated. I summarize the individual methods of investment valuation and other necessary indicators that are important to take into account, such as the cost per capita lor risk. There is also a description of the financial plan. In the practical part, I valuate the project by using the method described in the theoretical part. There is a substantial description of the financial plan, which is crucial for the evaluation. Following this description, I assert the methods of investment evaluation. Ultimately, I would recommend this investment based on these evaluations.
Corporate environmentally significant behaviour
Tomsová, Eva ; Kyselá, Eva (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of environmental factors affecting the case company, ŠKODA AUTO plc. Škoda is the biggest player on the Czech market, reaching the top sales and production position. The first part of the thesis is description of the company itself and its environmental practices and products. The second part discusses the car demand and supply on the Czech market. The final part is analytical, looking to internal and external factors affecting the company. The conclusions are afterwards summarizing and merging all the gathered information and the analysis. There we conclude that Škoda's overall position on the market is perfect for realising new products, such as electric cars. Key words: environmentally significant behaviour, corporate strategies, manufacturing, environmentally friendly strategies, ŠKODA AUTO
Ideal Customer Experience across generation
Frolíková, Štěpánka ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
The thesis deals with differences in perception of customer experience between generations X, Y and Z. It focuses on how the representatives of generations represent the ideal course of the customer journey and how their expectations conflict with reality. The theoretical part summarizes the knowledge of generation issues and customer experience. The work deals with methods of measuring customer experience. The empirical part examines how customer experience changes based on the concept of X, Y and Z generations. The aim of this thesis is to show the differences between generations using in-depth interviews and mystery shopping. Research shows that generational differences in customer experience are not significant. However, the relationship with the bank as a financial institution manifests itself as different depending on the life stage of human life. Key words Ideal customer experience, generation, concept of generation X, Y, and Z, customer experience, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping
Complex of methods for effective entrepreneurship of SMEs in the cultural sector
Dostál, Petr ; Kislingerová, Eva ; Pešek, Ondřej ; Horný, Stanislav ; Surynek, Alois ; Jarošová, Eva ; Srpová, Jitka ; Misař, Jan ; Svobodová, Ivana ; Boukal, Petr ; Vávrová, Hana ; Scholleová, Hana ; Mullerová, Jana ; Sieber, Patrik ; Sieber, Martina ; Vondra, Zdeněk
Základním cílem předloženého souboru metodik je poskytnout sektoru kultury nástroje, které umožní zlepšit řídící činnost především malých a středních organizací, ale zároveň se zlepší i možnosti trvalého a systematického rozvoje a transparentnost v komunikaci kulturních organizací, památek, orgánů státní správy a samosprávy, donorů a dalších, které jsou cílovými skupinami metodiky.
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Quality of life in senior age
Pazderová, Natálie ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Sedláčková, Markéta (referee)
The bachalor thesis about a Quality of life in senior age is about a level and a quality of life of seniors in the Czech republic. The bachalor thesis is focused on a financial situation of czech seniors and possibilities of the quality of life with senior's financial budgets. The word "Quality of life" means a satisfaction of every person's need. The czech seniors should be able to satisfy thein primary basic needs as well as secondary needs which include culture and personal interests. The bachalor thesis will find out the financial possibilities of seniors, the government fund and the financial expenses of seniors. These informations will be complemented by the interviews with seniors. The result of this bachalor thesis will be the answer to the question about a quality of life of seniors in the Czech republic. The situation of czech seniors will be compared with another countries. Keywords: quality of life, seniors, budgets, pension, financial possibilities
How candidates choose their college? Application of Conjoint analysis
Ehrlichová, Zuzana ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
(in English): In this thesis, I investigate preferences of humanities-oriented 3rd year students of grammar schools in their choice of university they would apply for. The theoretical part provides a summary and data for a content analysis of previous research, which I use to identify key features of universities, which may affect the choices made by students. In the methodological part, I introduce and define the conjoint analysis, which is a tool best suited for capturing the decision making process. The analysis shows that the most important factors are reputation and atmosphere. Other rather influential attributes include those proposed by other authors such as distance from home, location, peer influence and communication of the university with the prospective students. In contrast to findings from other countries though, the influence of the entry exams has been found only for students with excellent grammar school study results. This is directly contrary to the effect of this attribute in previous research. Another distinct feature of my research is the inclusion of the possibility to study abroad as an attribute, which has been completely ignored in previous studies of this type. In this case, it is the fourth most important attribute. There are tendencies which suggest that future research...
A behavioral analysis of market failures
Urbanová, Aneta ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Vlček, Josef (referee)
The thesis deals with a contemporary stream of the behavioral economics at the labour market in connection with a divergence to the neoclassical theory based on explicit assumption of rationality. The existing theoretical approaches and the examples of experiments are introduced in the theoretical part. The irrational impacts on labour market is defined by the amount of wage, unemployment, education, but on the other hand also by motivation, loss aversion, prejudices and other cognitive biases in human decision making process. The practical part is based on the standardized questionnaire survey in which the respondents were given some simplified decision making dilemmas in context of the labour market. The aim of the thesis is to observe their tendency to choose not always the most effective option and to validate the impact of irrational factors on decision making according to the theoretical approaches. Key words: Behavioral economics, limited rationality, market failures, labour market, prospect theory, heuristics, biases
Financial Analysis of Company
Vojtová, Lenka ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Bílková, Stanislava (referee)
The aim of bachelor thesis is to analyze the financial situation of BOHEMIA HEALING MINERAL WATERS CZ a.s., a producer of bottled mineral water that comes from rare Bohemian spa springs. The first part describes the techniques used to analyze the financial situation of the company and its micro and macro environment. In the practical part, tools such as PEST, financial analysis, SWOT and Porters five forces analysis are used to examine the outside factors that affect the business and better understand the company itself. To conclude, the previous financial evaluation is used to create possible improvements for the company.
Financial analysis
Lišková, Nikola ; Sieber, Martina (advisor) ; Honcová, Martina (referee)
Goal of this bachelors thesis is to evaluate financial health of enterprise OLMA, a.s., find its strengths and weaknesses and in conclusion position on the market towards competitors. Theoretical part is explaining individual terms of strategic and financial analysis for understanding given problematics. Practical part of this thesis will analyze, using specific tools and methods, individual pointers. By using these pointers I will find out, whether strategy, set by chosen company, is effective and if it is competitive enough against other companies of same industry.

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