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Roma on the Czech countryside: Determinants of exclusion, potentials for inclusion
Hurrle, Jakob ; Sýkora, Luděk (advisor) ; Bernard, Josef (referee) ; Sidiropulu Janků, Kateřina (referee)
The dissertation project Roma on the Czech countryside: Determinants of exclusion, potentials for inclusion deals with the situation of Roma in Czech rural municipalities. The starting motivation for the author's exploration of this topic has been information about the growing number of segregated localities in rural areas. In the local public discourses within the peripheral areas, this phenomenon has often been explained as the consequence of poverty-driven urban-rural migration. However, as the migration of socially excluded populations into disadvantaged areas stirs a lot of fears and negative emotions that provide a fertile ground for the spread of rumours, the author's preparatory research soon revealed that it is necessary to carefully distinguish between myths and reality. The author's desire to understand the complex processes behind the emergence of new Roma localities in rural areas required a combination of working methods: The author analysed the national policy and regulatory framework and realized empirical research in five micro-regions in different parts of the Czech Republic. In addition to this, data were gained through the realization of a country-wide survey with two different sets of questionnaires, which targeted rural municipalities with socially excluded localities and urban social...
Russian speaking students (from Russia and Kazakhstan) in the Czech Republic. Educational migration and the role of the family in it
Kopecká, Liudmila ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee) ; Sidiropulu Janků, Kateřina (referee)
The PhD thesis "Russian Speaking Students (from Russia and Kazakhstan) in the Czech Republic: Educational Migration and the Role of the Family in it", examines the life of Russian speaking students, who come to the Czech Republic to obtain a university degree. It tries to answer several research questions. How is the decision taken to come to the Czech Republic? What kind of role does family play in the decision-making process and in further intentions/plans in the Czech Republic? What are the migration strategies of Russian speaking students in the Czech Republic? How do these strategies change over time? What connections exist between the life cycle of the student and the migration process? This is an anthropological, multisite field research, with participant observation being the core research method. As of 2015, 55 student research participants participated in the research (41 from Russia and 14 from Kazakhstan), with whom formal and informal interviews were made. Transnationalism and migration system theory have been used as theoretical concepts so as to better understand the student migration process.
Deserving Equality: Roma and the Social System of Social Welfare in Skala
Dvořáková, Tereza ; Sidiropulu Janků, Kateřina (referee) ; Abu Ghosh, Yasar (advisor)
Although there are analyses of Roma and their economic practices, there is no analytical interest in gaining social benefits as an economic practice. The topic is still in the hand of economic and political science and their view of claimants for social benefits that goes hand in hand with common sensual understanding of them. According to this vision the system of social welfare is just a generous technical system of distribution of money, which is misused by certain claimants. Following Howe (1990) I see welfare system as culturally mediated distribution of money that in fact, shapes the understanding of persons who enter the exchange. I analyze the ways Roma women negotiate benefits and the logic with which they enter different social arenas and struggle for recognition as humans without being recognized as Gypsy. Therefore, I analyse how notion of humanity intersects with deservingness and gypsyness.

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