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Impact of the FTA between EU and South Korea on the Czech Republic
Maderová, Karolína ; Semerák, Vilém (advisor) ; Hayat, Arshad (referee)
In this thesis we study the effect of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between European Union and South Korea, especially on the Czech Republic. To do so, we use gravity model. We specify three different gravity equations, each with a different set of fixed effects, and apply two estimation methods on them: Fixed Effects and Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood. Apart from this, we also use traditional indicators (Herfindahl and RCA indices) to assess the changes in trade. The results of the gravity model estimations suggest that the FTA did not have a significant impact on the bilateral trade. However, trade diversification analysis using the Herfindahl index and comparative advantage analysis using the RCA index both indicate that the bilateral trade between the Czech Republic and South Korea improved with the FTA in place.
The Gravity Model and Effects of Opening the Northern Sea Route: Industry Level Trade Analysis
Jeong, Juyeong ; Semerák, Vilém (advisor) ; Paulus, Michal (referee)
The future opening of the Northern Sea Route will decrease the maritime distance between Europe and East Asia relative to currently used routes. Due to this reason, the Northern Sea Route has been researched and analyzed by various scholars. However, the development of the passage is rather slow because of the lack of attention from possible future users such as shippers or producers. Their moderate interest might be caused by the uncertainty of possible benefits in their specific industry. To diffuse their concern, this paper measures the possible direct effects on trade in industry level based on the current characteristics of the world trade. For a better estimation, various models are used and tested. This paper finds that the Poisson Pseudo Maximum Likelihood (PPML) outperforms Ordinary Least Squares (OLS); negative elasticity of maritime distance; 'primary sector' and 'sectors produce heavy or dangerous goods' from Northeastern European countries are likely to experience a higher increment in exports by using the Northern Sea Route than other European sectors. According to the findings, the continual or more attention on the Northern Sea Route is advised to lower the transport costs of usage for the maximization of welfare.
Corruption Distance and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from European Transition Economies
Yu, Bin ; Paulus, Michal (advisor) ; Bruno, Randolph Luca (referee) ; Semerák, Vilém (referee)
This dissertation builds on Cezar and Escobar's (2015) study of the relationship between institutional distance and foreign direct investment (FDI), but focuses instead on the nexus between corruption distance and FDI. Along the lines of their study, this dissertation uses a two-stage gravity model derived from the framework of heterogeneous firms to empirically estimate the impact of corruption distance on the inward and outward FDI of European transition economies. This dissertation contributes to the literature in several aspects. First, it proposes a new method for measuring corruption distance, considering the importance of firms' previous experience to the development of necessary skills for navigating a foreign business environment. Second, the empirical study distinguished the impact of corruption distance on the extensive and intensive margin by using a rich dataset with three different corruption indices, which thereby differs from most previous studies on this topic. This is also one of the few papers that specifically study this topic in the context of European transition economies. The results show that both conventional and adjusted corruption distance based on the control-of-corruption index only reduces the extensive margin of transition economies' FDI; and that the magnitude of...
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth
Hayat, Arshad ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bruno, Randolph Luca (referee) ; Semerák, Vilém (referee) ; Srholec, Martin (referee)
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Abstract This dissertation consists of three empirical research papers on FDI inflow and economic growth and the role the host country natural resources abundance and institutional quality play in altering the FDI-growth relationship. The first paper (chapter 2) investigates the FDI-growth relationship and the impact of the host country's natural resource abundance on the FDI-growth relationship. The paper uses a dataset of 117 countries over the period 1991-2016 and use system GMM estimation method and found a positive and significant impact of FDI inflows on the economic growth of the host country. However, FDI-induced growth was found to be more pronounced in the low-and middle-income countries compared to high-income countries. Further, FDI-induced economic growth is slowed down by the increase in the size of the natural resource sector both in the low-and middle-income as well as high- income countries. The direct negative impact of natural resources on growth was found to be stronger in the low-and middle-income countries compared to the high-income countries. Building on the results of the first paper (chapter 3), the second paper estimated a fixed effect threshold for the level of natural resources and found that FDI inflow has a stronger positive impact...
The Belt and Road Initiative: Effects on eastern Europe and post-soviet republics gravity analysis
Reinštein, Jakub ; Paulus, Michal (advisor) ; Semerák, Vilém (referee)
In this paper I intend to examine the impact of Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), logistical performance and corruption on bilateral trade among countries along its inland corridors. In order to do so I have used micro-founded gravity model of trade. Ordinary Least Square and Pseudo Poisson Maximum Likelihood estimations with importer, exporter and year fixed effects were applied on panel dataset including information about 150 countries between 2007 and 2015. My results indicate, that BRI has positive effect on bilateral trade between involved countries, however it has negative impact on the trade with the rest of the world. I have also found out, that logistics performance is significant factor in facilitating trade in some categories of goods. Interestingly my results have not identified corruption as negative factor in trade and in some cases, it appears that corruption might promote trade, however further research of this topic is needed. Keywords Gravity model, International trade, Belt and Road Initiative, Corruption, Logistics
Impact of Regional Differences on P2P Lending, Evidence from China
Liang, Na ; Pečená, Magda (advisor) ; Semerák, Vilém (referee)
Taking the representative P2P lending platform Renrendai as an example, this paper focuses on the impact of borrower's region on the behavior of lenders and borrowers in the market. According to the Chinese six geographical regions the borrowers are from, this paper empirically analyzes the difference of success rate of borrowing and default rate in the six regions using the binary logistic regression model and further studies the reasons behind the regional difference. The result shows that the impact of regional difference is significant and the borrower from northern China are more likely to fund successfully, but the impact of regional difference on the default rate is insignificant, and the economic, financial and education development level in regions have a significant impact on the success rate of borrowing. This paper studies the regulatory differences of P2P platforms in various regions of China, the result shows that eastern China, central and southern China, and Beijing (in northern China) have paid more attention and importance to the regulation of P2P platforms. Keywords : China; P2P lending; the success rate of borrowing; regional difference; regulation policy

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