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Image Processing for Improved Perception and Interaction
Seeman, Michal ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
Image reproduction ought to provide subjective sensation possibly closest to the one where the original image is observed. Digital image reproduction involves image capture, image processing and rendering. Several techniques generally involved in this process are not ideal. This work proposes improvement of speed and accuracy of some state-of-the-art methods.
Optical Field and Hologram Synthesis
Šulgan, Marián ; Seeman, Michal (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The main focus of this work is to implement appropriate chosen method of optical field synthesis in several forms, compare their results and confirm its validity by reconstruction of hologram generated from calculated optical field. For its complexity and demanding calculations, various accelerations are employed - linear approximation, parallelization, using technology C++ AMP, which facilitates opportunity to use GPU for massive parallelism. The work begins with explanation of basic holography principles followed by design of application offering solutions to set problems. The final part explains the implementation of application programmed in C++, testing process, gained results and their evaluation. The text ends with final conclusions regarding completion of set tasks and possible future expanding or improving.
Water Flowing in the Landscape Visualization
Vlček, Adam ; Pečiva, Jan (referee) ; Seeman, Michal (advisor)
This work covers visualization of water flowing in the landscape with focus on displaying the results in real time. For in order to obtain data for visualization also common procedures for artificial terrain and natural looking textures are introduced, as well as simple water flow simulation algorithms. The final objective of this work is to present an interactive environment, which will offer interesting visual output in direct response to the user.
Application for Practicing Rapid Reading Techniques
Repka, Martin ; Seeman, Michal (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This work deals with design and implementation of a program for rapid reading teaching. It describes fundamental theory, especially the very process of reading, and basic methods used for training of rapid reading. Then it deals with design of application which will be using described methods - eye span widening, reduction of eye fixations number and reader's performance measuring. Afterwards it describes program implementation and interprets user testing results. It results in a integrated application for rapid reading teaching, based on methods, used especially in handbooks and courses, transformed into electronic form.
Semi-Automatic Control of RC Models
Filo, Martin ; Seeman, Michal (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis describes problems connected with automatization of RC airplane models. It solves problem with stabilization during the flight from any space orientation. It attaches a set of functions to control the model behavior. There is also a brief description of easy "Do it yourself" gyrocopic unit aimed to testing the behavior of the model on the ground. The thesis uses provided set of functions for very basic control of board with microcontroller MSP430F169.
Basic Optical Elements 2D Raytracing
Danczi, Dávid ; Havel, Jiří (referee) ; Seeman, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes analysis, design and implementation of an application, which simulates the method of ray tracing through simple optical elements. Further it examines the issue of computer graphics and description of the Windows API programming interface.
Background Reconstruction from Several Photographs
Hrebíček, Martin ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Seeman, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with background reconstruction from several photographs. It is focused on removing undesirable objects, which for example could be humans, animals or means of transport. It compares and describes different algorithms how to solve problems. The thesis also consists of the implementation of chosen algorithms and its testing.
Physical Simulation of a Cloth
Vavro, Ondrej ; Seeman, Michal (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
Thesis covers problematics of simulating cloth(textile) behaviour under different conditions. It explains basic principles used in construction of cloth computer model, describes inner and outer forces that act on cloth and shows different integration methods that forward simulation in time from the view of suitability and speed when used on cloth simulation. Work also includes description of implementation of a demo application in which is part of these problematics tested.
Artistic Use of Fractal Filters (Context-Free Grammars)
Mederly, Peter ; Seeman, Michal (referee) ; Fapšo, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is dealing with the use of context-free grammars in graphic aplications for generating images and mainly with generating context-free design grammars. It contains introduction to formal grammars, description of aplications working with context-free design grammars and concept, implementation and usage of context-free grammar generator gg_cs_cfdg.
Image Processing in FPGA
Přibyl, Bronislav ; Seeman, Michal (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
Images for scientific purposes are taken by optical devices, such as microscopes, cameras etc., which usually consist of system of lenses and optical sensor. Most lenses suffer from various distortions. Geometrical distortion may not be acceptable for example for precise distance measurement in the image. This thesis describes fast algorithm for separable image resampling capable of correcting smooth geometrical distortions caused by lenses. An FPGA implementation of this algorithm is also described.

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