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Pension in Beskydy
Šustek, Václav ; Spáčil, Miroslav (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes the design and elaboration of project documentation for realisation of construction of building of Guest house in municipality Ostravice. The building is situated on parcel 649/13 - arable land, in cadastral area Ostravice-1. Guest house is primarily intended for temporary accommodation of tourists in Beskydy mountains. The part of the building is restaurant as well as wellness centre with fitness gym. The building is situated in partially urbanised section of municipality. The access from the local road to parcel n. 470/20 to the main entrance into building will be enabled by newly purpose-built road with turnaround for passenger vehicles. The design respects the local plan and does not deviate from the character of the surrounding built-up area. The building has three above-ground floors and one underground floor, which is situated only under a part of the building. Project documentation is elaborated in conformity with effective laws, public notices and standards. Building of guesthouse is designed as wall system, with brick supporting walls made out of gas-silicate blocks and sand-lime bricks. The guest house is covered by two flat roofs with different inclination and with different height of ridges. The façade consists of stucco and for the third above-ground floor the façade is made out of ventilated larch-wood panelling. The building is placed in flat terrain.
Multifunctional object Domamyslice
Hráčková, Eliška ; Spáčil, Miroslav (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the design and development of project documentation for the construction of a new building of the multifunctional house Domamyslice. The object will be located in the city of Prostějov in part Domamyslice. The new building will be divided into three separate functional units – restaurant with pizzeria, offices and residential area. It is a four-storey, partially basement multifunctional house with a flat roof based on concrete foundation strips. The structural system is designed in a wall of the ceramic blocks with ceramic ceilings. The windows will be plastic with viewing aluminium profiles. The new building has 40 parking places on the investor’s land. The diploma thesis is processed with the valid standards, laws and decrees of the Czech Republic in the current version.
Hotel Corleone
Hrachový, Matěj ; Spáčil, Miroslav (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
In this proposed technical documentation for a detached mountain hotel Corleone. This hotel includes wellness, restaurant and 2 breefing rooms. The hotel is designed for a 24 guests. The proposed new building is located in the village Velke Karlovice, near Vsetin. The bulit up area is 496,70 m. The hotel Corleone has three above – grand floors and one underground floor. The object based on basic pass from plain concrete. The perimeter masonry (brickwork) in the first S is made from lost formwork and reinforced concrete. Otherwise the entire hotel is worn from building system called Porotherm. The roof is solved as a sloping hipped with inhabited attic. The diploma thesis includes study and preparatory work, situational drawings, architectural-building solutions, fire safety solutions and building physics. Part of the study and preparatory work is also a visualization of the hotel, which is called Corleone.
The Viticulture Sekt Jan Petrák,Kobylí
Minárová, Tereza ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The subject of this Bachelor thesis is a design of an operational facilities for winery Sekt Jan Petrák. Operational facilities include wine related recreational facilities with wine tasting facilities and an accommodation. The area of interest is located in the center of the cadastral territory of Kobylí village (Břeclav district), in a traditional rural countryside. The construction site copies the shape of bented rectangle and is mostly flattened. The only exeption is the southeast part of the site, which is slightly decreased. The shorter side located in the southeast adjacents to a road and creates simultaneously a border of the site. There is an existing two-story house with a close-couple roof (will be replaced with a new one), with a wine shop and an office of the owner. The second house is located in the courtyard. It is an original agricultural one-storey house (also will be replaced with a new one), with a close-couple roof. The building is currently used for a production of sparkling wine. Last but not least, there is a garden in the southeast part of the site. Newly constructed objects will be a substitute for the original two, which are in a bad technical condition. The condition doesn’t correspond to the current requirements for operating functions. The wine production will be dislocated outside of the village due to the current spatial plan of Kobylí village. The newly planned functional use of both objects is to preserve the function of the wine store and its facilities and at the same time to create additional storage spaces. Both buildings will fulfill the recreational function of accommodation for guests with wine tasting facility.
Apartment house Havlíčkův Brod
Jonáš, Filip ; Král, Jakub (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is a project of a new apartment house in Havlíčkův Brod Rozkošská street on plot no. 659/41,659/72 and 659/73. The land is sloping and its area in 2 424 square meters. The building has three overground floors and one underground floor. Vertical constructions are designed from the concrete blocks in the underground floor and Porotherm system in the overground floors. The vertical peripheral structures are provided with an insulation system with ventilated space. The horizontal bearing structures are designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The roof is designed single-layer flat. There are eight housing unit in the apartment building. In the basement there are storage spaces, boiler room and garages. The drawings were processed in a computer program ArchiCAD 18.
The Multifunctional building in Brno Zidenice
Hanousek, Ondřej ; ing.arch. Lukáš Ležatka, Ph.D (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
This thesis deals with the construction of two multifunctional houses in the district Židenice in Brno. The existing unsuitable one-story residential building will be completely replaced. The dominant feature of the place is a chapel, located right in the middle of the crossing of the streets Nezamyslova and Táborská. The proposed buildings are connected both construction-wise and functionally by an underground parking lot spanning the area below both buildings and between them. Both objects react with the height to the mean number of stories of the streets on whose ends they are located, and they increment them by one, as more intensive city density is expected in the district in the future. The northern building has four, the southern three stories. This difference is emphasized but harmonized at the same time by the skewing of both buildings under the same, but opposite angle. This creates perfectly sunlit terraces at the southern facade of the northern building, while the southern building increases the area of its floor plan with height. The twelve appartment units in the northern building all have their own balconies, with extra acces to the communal exntensive green roofs. In the southern building, there are two duplex flats with access to their respective section of the roof by their own staircase. The additional functions apart from housing are a small administrative unit, two rentable commercial spaces and a café located in the lucrative street crossing. Together with the proposed trees, the buildings create a „canvas“ for the chapel, which allows it to become the true dominant element of the street and the vicinity.
Apartment house Olympus
Filipčík, Martin ; Král, Jakub (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s work is composition of project documentation for construction of apartment building. Object is situated on the cadastral area of Třebíč, number of bulding plot is 1037/28. Building plot is situated in the location Na kopcích on the eastern part of city. Terain is mostly planar. In the apartment bulding there are three above-ground floor and one below-ground floor. In the below-ground floor there are situated storage spaces, bicycle storage, workshop, cleaning room, storage room and technical space. In the first above-ground floor there are situated two flats and four garages. In the other below-ground floor there are always situated two flats on the floor. Structural system of this building is wall system. External below-ground wall be composed of concrete blocks and thermal insulation. External above-ground wall and inside wall be composed of lime sand blocks. Object have an external thermal contact insulation. Floor structure is designed as a cast-in-place two reinforced slab. Staircase is designed as cast-in-place reinforced construction too. The roof of the bulding is flat. Floor construction are designed as floating floor.
Residence Roklinka
Cabejšek, David ; Král, Jakub (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s work is composition of project documentation for the constrution building of apartment building. Object is situated on the cadastral area of obec Valeč, number of builing plot is 487/2, 487/3. Building plot is located in the new built-up area. Terain is sloping. In the apartment building there are 4 above-ground floor and 1 belowground floor. In the below-groun floor there are situated garrage standing, storage spaces and technical spaces. In the above-ground floor there are situated flats. Structural system of this builing is wall system. External wall be composed of vertically performe block Vapis. Object have a external contact thermal insulation Etics, fasade is made of mineral fiber – insulated of stone. Floor structure is designed as a cast-in-place two way reinforced slab and one way reinforced slab. Staircase are designet as cast-in-place reinforced contstruction too. Roofing of objekt is composed of double skinned roof. Floor construction are designed as floating floor.
Administrative building
Smejkal, Petr ; Spáčilová, Jitka (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the elaboration of the project documentation of an administrative building in the south-eastern part of Brno. The building has seven above-ground floors, of which five above-ground floors will be used as office space, one above-ground floor will be used for commercial use and gastronomy. On the last floor, there will be an elevator lift range and a technical background for air conditioning. The support system is designed as a reinforced concrete skeleton based on a reinforced concrete slab and pilots. The façade is designed as lightly ventilated with facing bricks. For this object, a single-shell roof area is selected.
Zhodnocení vybraných ukazatelů mléka u ovcí plemene lacaune při aplikaci pastevního odchovu
Sedláková, Markéta
The aim of the thesis was to evaluation of the selected indicators for ewes breed la-caune in grazing rearing. On the basis of donations of milk at regular intervals and the subsequent analysis of the milk was carried out the evaluation of the individual indica-tors. Sheep's milk came from pure-bred ewes breed lacaune (LC). The ewes from which it was collected, milk, have been on the 2. lactation and an only child. The sheep, a breed of lacaune (LC) are kept at the farm top of the Areola. This farm currently has the largest number of pieces of pure-bred sheep breed lacaune in Czech Republic. Carried out with a total of 5 subscriptions from late April to early September in the intervals of 62. day, 90. day, 125. day, 153. day and 195. day of lactation. First was the evaluation of milk yield and the measurement of daily milk yield was carried out by means of mechanical milk rates. Immediately after collection the milk cooled, and transported to the analyses of individual components into specialized labo-ratories. In the stage of lactation in 2015, the average milk yield 1,68 l. Milk from these ewes contained an average of 18,00 % dry matter, fat 7,43 %, 5,16 % protein and lactose 4,67 %. It was furthen evaluated physical and chemical composition of milk, into which encompass the titratable acidy, pH. The average value was at pH 6,59 and the titratable acidy 9,96 SH. And the technological properties of the average length of rennet clotting time 113,2 seconds and rennet curd quality 1,60, holding shape.

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