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Kadmium a olovo v rybích výrobcích z obchodní sítě České republiky
Sedláčková, Lenka
The work is focused on the determination of heavy metals - lead and cadmium in smoked fish products which were bought from stores in the Czech Republic during 2014. These were samples of smoked tuna and marlin (Principesca) in which the above limit values of mercury had been found in a previous study within the SVOČ SPŠCH Brno and a bachelor thesis MENDELU (Ventrubová, 2015) . The theoretical part involves the issue of heavy metals (lead and cadmium), their forms as well as their entry into the environment and accumulation in fish organisms. The experimental part is devoted to the determination of lead and cadmium concentrations in the samples, evaluation and comparison of the results with the relevant hygienic limits. Lead concentrations in the samples did not exceed the allowed hygienic limit, however, cadmium concentrations exceeded the allowed hygienic limit in all samples and this was confirmed by SZPI.
Financing of construction investment from the aspect of investor
Sedláčková, Lenka ; Chovancová, Jitka (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to describe possible ways of financing construction investment from the investor's perspective. The theoretical part is mainly engaged in public and private contracts, including obtaining grants and loans. The practical part is devoted to the analysis of the implementation of the construction contract, it's suitable financing option through credit and subsidies, and the overall evaluation of the method of financing.
Cultural Associations in Vlašim after 1945
Sedláčková, Lenka ; Mücke, Pavel (advisor) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
The main body of this work concerns cultural as in Vlašim after the second world war from 1945 to 1989. There are four specific groups that can be categorized as cultural associations; a nature group Mr. Vlasak group, Blaník Vlašim Choir and an amateur theatre group and friends of fine arts Vlašim. The first three clubs date comfortably within our choose era and they are important to deepen our knowledge of cultural societies of that time. To understand the history of these various cultural societies in Vlašim, it is necessary to broader our perspective. When we see these cultural groups in the context of the development of federal activities, we can see how the town was guided in its development. The majority of the research has been done using archival material from Museum Podblanicka, the Prague Regional Archive and also the Benešov State Archive. Added to this were other written historical accounts of the time as well as interviews conducted with knowledgable first hand sources. Powered by TCPDF (
Optimization of Tax Burden of Individual
Holendová, Petra ; Sedláčková, Lenka (referee) ; Brychta, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis deals with the optimization of the tax burden of an individual. The main objective is to evaluate the current situation of an individual from the point of view of its tax burden and to propose steps leading to tax optimization. This thesis includes changes in that will come in effect in 2017.
Sociální podmínky pro rozvoj agrobyznysu na příkladu Ždánska
Sedláčková, Lenka
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of agribusiness, especially focusing on social conditions for its development in Ždánsko area. The main content of the thesis is the analysis, assessing conditions for the development of agribusiness and finally proposing possible future business directions in this field. Basic terms' definitions of this issue are defined in the prologue of the thesis. Secondly, the characteristics of particular communities from micro-region Ždánicko, their demographic and social structure, including long-term stability of the population, are introduced. Thirdly, site of the cadastral area communities from micro-region, method of farming on the particular land, their percentage statement and agriculture are described. Finally, the thesis mentions the family farms that are doing business in this micro-region. In conclusion, the ascertained findings are evaluated and furthermore a future vision and the suitable beneficial orientation of farming in this sector are defined. This area has a high potential for the development of agribusiness. The number of family farms could be higher and combine work with agritourism business.
Biopotraviny rostlinného původu
Sedláčková, Lenka
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the production and processing of organic foods of plant origin, which arises by respect of conditions of organic farming. Organic farming tries to be in harmony with nature and protect the environment. The substantial part of this work involves description of corporate control, certification and labeling, all is approved by the regulatory authorities. The next part is focused on the publicity of organic food and their own sale, which most often place through retail. In recent years increases popular of alternative ways of sale, which include for example farmer's markets or bio-boxes. These ways of selling of organic foods are becoming more popular.
The Use of Didactic Guiding Styles in the Teaching of Sports Games on Secondary Schools in the District of Břeclav
This diploma thesis is focused on the use of didactic guiding styles in the teaching of sports games on secondary schools in the district of Břeclav. The research was made on randomly selected secondary schools by means of a questionnaire and an observation. The questionnaire was given to the teachers of physical education personally after finishing the observations of the lessons of physical education. The results gained by the methods of the questionnaire and the observation are processed into graphs and charts which are supplemented with brief comments. The gained results are given a more detailed commentary in the discussion section.

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