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Assessment of the suitability of the site for the location of the SNF and RAW deep geological repository in terms of long-term safety - Dukovany - West site\n(EDU-Z).
Havlová, V. ; Pertoldová, J. ; Bukovská, Z. ; Hroch, T. ; Štědrá, V. ; Jankovec, J. ; Říha, J. ; Červinka, R. ; Černý, M. ; Dudková, A. ; Dušek, K. ; Franěk, J. ; Gondolli, J. ; Gvoždík, L. ; Hokr, M. ; Holeček, J. ; Hrdličková, K. ; Jelének, J. ; Jelínek, J. ; Kachlíková, R. ; Kaláb, Zdeněk ; Klajmon, M. ; Kolomá, K. ; Královcová, J. ; Kouřil, M. ; Kryštofová, E. ; Kučera, R. ; Kunceová, E. ; Maryška, J. ; Milický, M. ; Nývlt, D. ; Ondra, P. ; Pacherová, P. ; Polák, M. ; Rapprich, V. ; Rukavičková, L. ; Sedláčková, I. ; Vašíček, R. ; Vavro, Martin ; Vopálka, D. ; Uhlík, J. ; Zeman, J. ; Zeman, O.
This report summarises outline of a report for evaluation of the sites suitability for the emplacement of a deep geological repository on the basis of the archive information and the geological survey conducted from surface.\nSites are evaluated according to the following criterion categories\n1. Geological characteristics of the site\n2. Hydrogeologic characteristics of the site\n3. Transport characteristics of the the site\n4. Site stability\n5. Factors, increasing probability of human intrusion into the site\n6. Acceptability of enginnered barrier properties under site conditions
Prevention of breast cancer
Sedláčková, Ilona ; Šafář, Petr (advisor)
The topic of his thesis prevention of breast cancer , I chose because breast cancer currently represents one of the most serious epidemiological problems of the Czech Republic. In our country every year diagnosed more than 5500 new cases of the disease. The consequences breast cancer die each year approximately 2,000 Czech women and the causes deaths in the age group of 20-54 years and occupies first place breast cancer . The prognosis depends on the stage of disease at diagnosis , so it should be our efforts to identify malignancy as soon as possible . This should serve regular preventive investigations of women from high-risk groups ie women between the 45th to 69th year and individuals with a family predisposition . These preventive methods include breast self-examination that these women carry home a mammogram , whose regularity should keep an eye on general practitioner or gynecologist . The aim of my thesis is to highlight the risks associated with the tumor and create overview of methods for prevention of breast cancer
Evaluation of Chemical and Technological Properties of Grain and Milling Franctions of Hulless Barley for Bakery Use
Vaculová, Kateřina ; Jirsa, Ondřej ; Balounová, Marta ; Sedláčková, Irena
Wider use of barley with great food potential due to its high nutritional value of grain is constrained by lack of knowledge about the functionality of barley grain components in terms of processing and food products development. Selected genotypes of hulless spring barley (cv. AF Lucius, lines KM 2084, KM 2283, KM 1057 and genetic resource Nudimelanocrithon) were examined for chemical composition (crude protein, starch, β-glucans, macro-minerals) and breadmaking properties of grain and grain milling fractions (flour, semolina, bran). Differences in chemical composition of genotypes reflected in both the yield and rheological properties of individual milling fractions, measured with farinograph and extensograph. The addition of barley flour (15-30%) or barley semolina and bran (10 and 20%) to standard wheat flour reflected in different rheological properties depending on a barley genotype. The farinograph parameters largely varied in individual materials, however, the percentage of barley fractions in the mixture did not affect the values considerably. In comparison with standard wheat flour, values of extensograph parameters were low (especially for energy and extensibility) in all barley samples studied. However, they were affected by both the proportion of barley fraction and its interaction with a rest period. When the rest period was longer (90 min), even higher additions of semolina or bran (especially in cv. AF Lucius) were technologically acceptable.
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