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New selective adsorbents and sensors based on microporous polymers with releasable links
Hašková, Alena ; Sedláček, Jan (advisor) ; Feltl, Ladislav (referee)
A new concept of Porous Organic Polymers (POP) of the type of hyper-cross- linked networks was implemented, in which the main (polyacetylene) chains were cross-linked both by permanent (biphenylene-type) and releasable (N-benzylideneaniline-type) links. It has been shown that the azomethine groups of the N-benzylideneaniline links of the networks can be readily and efficiently dissociated by means of hydrolysis or transmination. The dissociation of the azomethine groups accompanied by links releasing leads to a change in the covalent structure and texture of the networks. The composition of the networks has been optimized to maintain porous texture after releasing the N-benzylideneaniline links. Two possibilities of potential use of the new POP type for analytical chemistry applications have been studied. It has been shown that newly prepared POPs have a high capacity in the selective and reversible chemisorption of primary aromatic amines and hydrazines from solutions. The networks can be used repeatedly for these purposes, the chemisorption being carried out through transimination in the first use and through condensation of the aldehyde and amine groups in the subsequent uses. Thus, prepared POPs could potentially serve to extract primary aromatic amines from more complex mixtures of analytes....
In an Apartment in a small town, Mikulov
Nekolná, Alena ; Sedláček, Jan (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The city's center is being exhausted at the expense of tourists and their earnings in Mikulov. More than residential houses build guest houses and other accommodation, classical housing is then set aside on the housing estate. Gradually, this phenomenon is signed on the quality of the city as a whole. It is also associated with gentrification, which is not always negative in the beginning, rather the opposite, but over time it can destroy the value of space. The oncept that my proposal is directed to is called Bilateral. It stems from the complexity of the non-orthogonal parcel, which is so characteristic of Mikulov. Just opening up the two streets leads to linking these two different places. Do not stack matter on one side of the street line, but use both as a functionally connected whole. Matter that does not turn back. An important motive is to fill a street break. Single-story building is out of scale. Follow the street line, lead it as a communication with the surroundings. Surroundings are also subject to a scale that divides the massive mass in the neighborhood of Comenius Street. Part of the mass descends to the lower street, the higher the mass prepares, the lower the gesture of the receding wall involved in the events. There is a street interior dedicated to a bakery and an open kitchen belonging to the restaurant with access from Husova Street. The restaurant is a bile hall accessible to all. The patio in the middle of the disposition connects the inhabitants and creates a community.
Methods of Determining the Value of Easements in Rem Arising in the Context of the Spatial Arrangement of Utility Networks, with Determinate Duration
Polák, Roman ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Sedláček, Jan (advisor)
Subject of this master’s thesis is to determinate the value of easement in rem arising in connection with engineering lines for a definite period. The value of easements for the purposes act No. 184/2006 digest, the withdrawal or restriction of ownership rights to land or to build (Expropriation) and also for the conclusion of the easement. The value will be based on analysis methods used and suggests the optimal valuation process

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