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Blood, honour and horror. Representations of siege warfare in siege journals of British defenders of Bergen-op-zoom in 1747.
Wohlmuth, Petr ; Storchová, Lucie (advisor) ; Schreiberová, Zuzana (referee)
This Master's degree thesis, named Blood, honour and horror. Representations of siege warfare in journals of British defenders of Bergen-op-zoom in 1747, adheres at specific genre of historical anthropology of war and military. It poses questions regarding ana-lysis of contemporary culture of war and its individual variables, their interdependence and changing configuration during the siege of Bergen-op-zoom in 1747, during culmination point of War of Austrian Succession. Meaning of this text consists of an effort to discover alternative way of treating historical sources and to depart traditional conservative methods of analyzing the war conflict using national or confessional military stereotypes, essential features of key actors or theoretical normative of military science. The text comes to conclusion that most irregular and dramatic character of the siege of Bergen-op-zoom was primarily caused by profound misunderstanding between defenders and attackers regarding culture of war, especially acceptable definition of military honour and of legitimate combat techniques. Powered by TCPDF (
Germans at the Special People's Court in Brno: the image of German in regional newspapers from Brno between 1945 and 1947
Pechová, Iva ; Himl, Pavel (advisor) ; Schreiberová, Zuzana (referee)
THE ABSTRACT I was dealing with the image of the German in the way how it had been constructed in the articles in regional newspapers from Brno. I was interested about how, in which consequences and with which metaphors or language instruments had been this image of German created. I was working with the articles about Special People's Court in Brno and about only the German defendants. There were two groups of these defendants. The first was created by people who had been Germans also before the World War II. There were also Germans who had accepted the German Nationality during the World War II. I was interested in both groups. I chose the newspapers from the period which starts with the end of the World War II and ends with the end of July 1947 - that is also the end of the special People's Courts established by the President's Decree Nr.16/1945 Sb. Then I was trying to find the consequences between the image of the German in regional newspapers from Brno and the image of German which had been constructed in the Political Speeches of Edvard Beneš, Prokop Drtina and Ivan Herben. I was also trying to answer the question what was the role of Special Public's Courts in the Czech- German equalization and if it is possible that these Courts were one of the culmination of these equalization.
The tragedy of persecution, the romance of success. Historical narratives and politics of identity in contemplorary jewish communities of Prague
Schreiberová, Zuzana ; Storchová, Lucie (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
The submitted master's thesis deals with the topic of creating a group identity of Prague Jewish communities based on the fact how these Jewish communities perceive Czech Jewish history and their role in it. The key concept of this work is Hayden White's Narrative Theory and also authors dealing with memory, as Maurice Halbwachs, Pierre Nora or Jan Assmann. The main sources of this work are numerous articles following up historical topics, published in four magazines issued by Jewish communities (Roš Chodeš, Obecní noviny, Maskil, Židovské listy). The sources have been touched by analysis of half structured interviews with representatives of the communities. The aim of the work is to discover if the narrative form of Czech Jewish history is influenced by the fact, that the given community considers itself reform or orthodox, or if we should include any other factors. One of the factors may be politics of identities and internal conflicts. The thesis asks if the conflict that takes place within the Prague Jewish Community can be felt on the way of perception and narration of the Czech Jewish history. Keywords: Jews, jewish communities, jewish magazines, czech jewish history, memory, narativism, conflict Powered by TCPDF (
The Manifestation of Jewish Identity through the Rules of Kashrut
Schreiberová, Zuzana ; Zandlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Novotná, Hedvika (referee)
This essay deals with jewish identity and keeping rules of kashrut. It is focused on outside manifestation of identity, which means keeping jewish dietetic rules. The object of research was to explore how respondents takes rules of kashrut as they are part of themselfs and how is knowledge of these rules manifested in building community. There is separate section in this essay which deals with influence of keeping kosher on religious role of man and with role of kashrut in process of conversion.

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