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The evolution of auxin metabolism, signalling and transport in the green lineage (Viridiplantae)
Schmidt, Vojtěch ; Petrášek, Jan (advisor) ; Fendrych, Matyáš (referee)
Phytohormone auxin is an essential coordinator of growth and development within land- plants. Mechanisms of auxin action in algae is still poorly understood, given that related research has begun recently. Current progress is derived mainly from available sequence data, which are necessary for analysis of gene homology with higher plants. In this case with the genes related to auxin action mechanisms, e.g. metabolism, signaling and transport. Auxin biosynthesis predated the split of Chlorophyta and Streptophyta, but tighter regulation of auxin levels is the matter of land-plants. First auxin responses were probably non-transcriptional. Transcription-regulating nuclear signaling pathway assembled from more ancient domains, some of them were identified in Charophyta, but whole pathway was complete after colonization of land. Auxin transport out of the cell was one of the original mechanisms of regulating its levels. More sophisticated auxin carrier system was proposed to evolve in Charophyta, where polar auxin transport was identified. Auxin as a signaling molecule was present in primitive algae groups, but its response spectrum dramatically increased after colonization of land. Future research of auxin action evolution needs more model organisms to be established, especially from Charophyta....

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1 SCHMIDT, Václav
1 Schmidt, Vladimíra
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