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Analysis and Proposal for the Use of Brownfields in the Former Premises of Technické služby Brno
Strážnický, Radek ; Schmeidler, Karel (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of brownfields. One of the main goals of the thesis is to design the most suitable use of a particular brownfield in the city of Brno. The subject of this diploma thesis is the proposal for the use of brownfield Former technical services area, which is located in the city part Trnitá. The design solution is based on analyzes of the given locality and is processed in three variants. These options are subsequently evaluated for their actual implementation costs and expected return assumptions
Risks Connected with a Company´s Personnel Policies
Kovářová, Vlaďka ; Látalová, Jana (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
This master thesis focuses on the HR Policies of the Company, such as the recruitment of new employees and take care of present employees. The starting point of these procedures can be found in the theoretical part. The analytical part deals with the current state of the company's procedures which are targeted at high-risk fields. Recommendations concerning the progress of changes targeted at mitigation of risk are made in the last part of this thesis.
Elderly driver as a traffic risc personality
Sedlák, Emil ; Matuchová, Eva (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to determine the current risk factors for individuals who are 65 years or older and using public transportation. The theoretical portion contains comments from literary sources which deal with transportation phychology with a focus on lower the cognitive abilities and psycho-motor skills and their effect as Well as the assistance features of cars. The analytical portion describes the future development of an aging population, ratings of statistics showing the accident proneness of senior citizens, examples of accidents, and casuistry from transport psychologist workplace. An analysis of the results from measuring reaction time of seniors and to compare it with younger generations. The final portion is dedicated to solutions that may be able to contribute to lower the number of accidents involving seniors of public transportation grounds.
Analysis and Proposal for the Use of Brownfields in the Former ABB EJF Site
Klimeš, Petr ; Schmeidler, Karel (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the current issue of reuse of "brownfields" in relation to the issue of sustainable development. The primary goal of the thesis is a detailed analysis and creation of a proposal for the best possible use of a particular brownfield in Brno. It is the former area of ABB EJF, which is located in the cadastral area of Ponava. For the proposal, it was necessary to first carry out a detailed analysis of the site with regard to the land-use plan of the city of Brno. The draft of the solution itself is processed in four possible variants due to their use. Subsequently, an economic evaluation of individual proposals is carried out, which are then compared with each other.
Typical Traffic Accidents of Hazardous Frivers Focusing on the Elderly
Krchová, Zuzana ; Semela, Marek (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the issue of seniors in transportation and examines the typical causes of traffic accidents caused by the participation of persons of this age category. The theoretical part of the thesis explains the demographic development of the society with regard to the population’s mobility and describes the personality of the person in the transport environment from the traffic psychology point of view focusing on seniors. The empirical part of the thesis focuses on the analysis of traffic accidents with the participation of seniors, defining the causes. It sets out the practical tools that can be used to objectively assess the driver's ability to drive in terms of driver's age and the possibility of reducing the number of traffic accidents caused by the elderly.
Professional Drivers´Accident Characteristic
Lukáčová, Zuzana ; Motl, Jakub (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
The diploma thesis discusses characteristics of accidents of professional lorry drivers in relations to their personalities, work, health and mental conditions. The thesis is composed of three sections: theoretical, analytical, and a section on recommendations. Theoretical section introduces theory of the given line of work and presents both outer and inner influences in this respect. Theoretical section is followed by the analytical section, with both quantitative and qualitative research discussing the most common accidents of professional lorry drivers. Based on the first two sections of the thesis, innovative solutions have been offered in the last section, with the aim of contributing to lowering the number of traffic accidents of drivers maneuvering vehicles over 7.5 tons. In order to gather necessary information, analysis of literature has been conducted, with statistical measures introduced in the thesis and structured interviews and polls having been done also. This has provided results towards arguing the knowledge on the given issue so far and has additionally allowed for innovative solutions leading to elimination of traffic accidents caused by professional lorry drivers.
Impact of Narcotics and Psychoactive Drugs on Driver´s Behaviour and Possibilities od Detection During Police Road Control
Floreš, David ; Semela, Marek (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
The result of this diploma thesis is based on the collected data, to evaluate the success of the detection of narcotic and psychotropic substances by a policeman, with subsequent measuring and professional expression. The thesis is divided into three parts. In the theoretical part, this is mainly an evaluation of existing information dealing with drug issues related to road accidents. In the analytical part, the thesis deals with real methods and equipment with OPL detection. The practical part contains data obtained from qualitative research, through interviews, which are compared and evaluated with a quantitative survey of the questionnaire survey, which can help to improve expert judgment and improve transport safety.
The Traffic Accident Rate in Young Drivers
Hillebrant, Michael ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused at accident rate of young drivers in Czech Republic. First part of the thesis is dedicated to theoretical background where young people psychological behaviors are described. There are also described several specific accidents from expertise point of view. Another part dives into statistics of accidents in the Czech Republic in the last nine years. Last part of the thesis recommends some specific countermeasures for practical implementation.
Characteristics of Old-Age Drivers in Terms of Road Traffic Safety
Lukesová, Dominika ; Drahotský, Ivo (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
The aim of this work is to evaluate current procedures and to refine assessment of impact connected to the drivers' age and traffic accidents. The theoretical part describes senior drivers, traffic accident rate of seniors and decreased ability to drive influenced by age. The practical part is case report of traffic accidents caused by senior drivers, measuring reaction time and the evaluation of these measurements. I have developed some proposals for seniors to prevent the risk of the occurrence of traffic accidents.
Increasing the Safety of Pedestrians in Road Traffic
Doležalová, Lucie ; Bartuška, Ladislav (referee) ; Schmeidler, Karel (advisor)
My thesis is engaged in increasing safety of pedestrians in urban traffic. My work analyses cases of accidents in a specific area and attitudes and experiences of pedestrians as well as local inhabitants. The aim of my work is to map an accident rate – a case study and formation of applicable measures in the town Třeboň, thus in an urban area. The first part of my work is engaged in theory, which is divided in used proper terminology in accordance with the law followed by a universal view of issues of traffic and their safety. The empirical part of my work then examines analysis of dangerous places in a selected locality. These places were chosen on the base on a questionnaire survey among local residents with the goal to point out these dangerous places by actual traffic accidents in the town Třeboň. It is necessary to determine applicable measures in dangerous places from particular traffic accidents and thus to help increasing safety of pedestrians in a given place. Because of acquisition of necessary data, analysis of documents, a questionnaire survey and subsequent evaluation of results is used in my work. In conclusion I evaluated results and created a draft measure.

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